Finding a new book is better than anything else in the whole universe. As the benefits of reading are countless. It can make you travel around the world just in a few minutes. They can meet new people whom we have never met. It improves us a lot by helping us to gain more experience in our life.

 It also helps to make choices between things that we do and do not do.

When I was 2 years old, my mom used to read books to me. Until I finished kindergarten, she used to read books before I was going to sleep. With my growth, the habit of reading gradually disappeared.

But the loneliness, the boring lifestyle, and the stressful heavy workload I had with my growth brought back the habit of reading.

It makes me find the person I am. When I miss myself, the happy me, reading books impress to find myself. It develops my life, my skills, my personality and so many things I have today.

This is what I experience daily as a reader. Hope if you want to know the benefits of reading and how It influences our life, here will be a better choice you make.

 What is the importance of reading?

Reading can heal your mind and empowers your brainpower
Reading can heal your mind and empowers your brainpower

If somebody asked; what is the importance of reading? That means reading is something that is probably very important. According to experts and successful persons, if you want to become a successful person, make the habit of reading and add it to your daily routines.

Reading books is very important no matter which age group you belong to. It improves us a lot to become a complete person.

Here are some reasons for those who are looking for answers to:

1. Reading is the best stress reliever.

Engaging in reading is like doing weight gain exercise for your body. Physical exercise makes the physical health, while It can improve the mental health. When we wanted to distract our minds from something more stressful, reading something that is not related to that thing will make us relaxed. Because it has the power to heal the mind.

Reading book before your bed is a greater habit than playing with social media at all. If you read something that can calm your mind

2. Reading makes you an intelligent / knowledgeable person

Reading is the best way to become a knowledgeable person.

The world’s number one billionaire, Mr. Elon Musk once mentioned in one of his interviews that he learned to build rockets by reading books, and further he mentioned that when he was young, he used to read Science fiction novels for up to 10 hours a day. And also, he said that he finished reading the whole encyclopedia when he was ten years old.

“I was raised by books”

Elon Musk

Try to add this habit of reading to yourself and be a more knowledgeable and successful person.

3. It is a great hobby

Among those leisure time activities, engaging in reading books take place at the top of the list. It has so many useful effects for people. We can read wherever we go like waiting for our meal at the restaurant, spending the time in the toilet, while traveling on the bus.

If you love to know more about the art of having a hobby and how importance will it be hoping this article will be helpful for you 10 Reasons that why Hobbies are Important

4. Increase critical thinking skills

 benefits of Reading
12 Best benefits of Reading – How Reading improves you

Through reading, it can construct new ways which help to solve and face your problems wisely and perfectly.

5. Reading improves vocabulary

Powerful human connection can be built up through having a great also can easily impress any grown-up or another person whoever we met when we have it.  It helps you to become a perfect person.

Reading can make you a perfect person
The Magic of Reading

6. Reading can develop our thoughts and perceptions too

      It can be known as the best way to increase the wide range of your imagination, thinking patterns, the perceptions and leads you to a successful person.

7. Develop personalities

Through reading, we began to learn about negative and positive things. So, at the same time, we can compare our negative and positive thoughts to correct the mistakes we have with each other. Having the opportunity to add positive thinking to our lives is one of the greatest achievements we can make in life. When thoughts in the Negative Mind are generated into positives, those thoughts can help us develop our personality. And to turn into you a more mature and humbler person.

8. Reading improves the focus

                   Have you ever experienced the feeling of getting lost in between books? Even if I experienced it, I haven’t any idea about the way to describe that feeling. It can improve the ability to focus on things.

I can assure you about these benefits because I have had an unforgettable experience in my life; how do I lose my mind while reading a book.

I still remember that day, I was in the living room reading an e-book. My surrounding suddenly became so calm. I do not focus on the things that happened around me. And I just continuously read the book. After a couple of minutes, I finished it and take off my eyes from my mobile. I was shocked by the sight when I raised my head. The first thing that came into my mind was, why there is anything special today?  I was like a person who lost his mind.

 Everyone in the house sat around me and looked at me like a ghost. Most importantly, our neighbors were watching me from the doorway. As soon as I met my mother’s face, I felt that I was done today. In the midst of it all, my stupid brother filmed me with a stupid laugh on his face. But I forgot to fight with him when they show me that clip.

Firstly there was a tiny smile, but gradually it becomes a louder laugh. I laugh like crazy. After that, I started to learn about how to control emotions without stopping reading books.

9. It can make us more inspirational / motivational

     When reading biographies, we can inculcate the habits about how they faced whenever they had problems. And add them little by little to our lives. Don’t you think that it will help us to make our lives so easy to live?

If you search for inspirational or motivational stories, there are countless articles we can find on the internet.

I have a collection of books written about inspiration and motivation. They helped me a lot with the problems I have to face in the real world. 

10. Reading makes you a great communicator

       At the moment, I started to write this article, my friend made a sudden visit. During our talk, he told me about a book he had read recently. Our conversation, which began there, ended just moments before he was about to leave. I think during our talk we spent about 1 hour talking about that.

When you become a reader, you always have something new or something that interesting with you.

If you did not believe me, just find someone who is addicted to reading books. Even if they do not want to talk much, when they start to talk they never ended the conversation so easily.  

11. Ability to understand a person / emotions

            What if you only know about smiling means a happy mood and crying means a sad mood? Can you understand another person even if they cry for happiness or make a smile while they are in a sad mood or express any other emotion?

The habit of reading opens your mind to understand about emotions and also people. As it provides you a great opportunity to learn about emotions and characteristics of people.

12. Can make fun / fix the mood

Try to read something fun when you are sad or try to distract your mood from a bad feeling you had. It probably fixes your mood.

Sometimes I wanted to be a bookmark.

It seems like it’s out of the title. But the bookworm in our gang always repeated to herself whenever we visited a library for our research.

Why do I want to be a bookmark?

“Bookmarks” are stories mined from our secret lives as readers

Wisconsin Public Radio

The first thing is because of the bond between reading and keeping bookmarks. Sometimes, even if I am so busy reading, sudden things come up to make it a stop. In the beginning, I used to remember the last page, and it read before leaving.

 It is very struggling to remember a page number if you have not had time to read it for a long period. Sometimes the number is in the mind but not the correct one. Stop being so struggling when wanted to hold the book for a while because of sudden things or due to anything. Made a new habit of keeping bookmarks.

Even though you are also a bookmark lover, keep it in your mind, ‘Bookmarks won’t valuable until we make the books more valuable.

The more you read, the more you’re addicted to it. The more you
The more you read, the more you’re addicted to it.


The books do not want to be kept like caged animals nor something that should be kept as a display item without gaining benefits. Try to read books and become a knowledgeable and perfect person. Reading improves varieties of skills. Not only for children; its skilled vocabulary, fluency, understanding, comprehension.

Welcome you to take the key (reading) to open a new knowledgeable era by being a perfect person.

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