Make Yourself More Valuable by Spending Your Spare Time on A Valuable Thing.

There is one thing we can do. Sometimes we do it without knowing how important that is to ourselves. If you’re interested to know the art of having hobbies and why having hobbies are important for yourself, let’s go.

We love to be happy. We love to live without being stressed. What do you think if you find some things that can help you improve yourself in multiple ways? Make yourself more fun, and knowledgeable, improve your skills, and there are many more valuable offers.

Happiness comes from doing the things you like. So, inculcate a hobby that you have always thought of doing. It can cause you to frequently enjoy the company of others. It helps relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy. Hobbies give you a way to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life. They let you relax and seek pleasure in activities that aren’t associated with work, chores or other responsibilities.

What are hobbies?

Hobbies can be formed from anything we are interested to do when we have free time. We usually named hobbies as reading books, listening to music, gardening and stamp collecting, cycling, and swimming.

With this competitive lifestyle, it’s barely possible to find free time to engage with something interesting, time for a family gathering, or something that can distract our minds from this stressful lifestyle. So, engaging in a leisure time activity whenever we have the time, can be helpful to balance our life and the work and it is a way to simplify our lives.

How to choose a hobby?

Choosing a hobby to pursue in one’s spare time is determined by one’s interests and age. Kids prefer to engage in entertainment activities like watching cartoons, drawing their favorite characters, or playing games.

While the younger generation prefers to spend time with friends, go job hunting if they are looking for work, participate in outdoor activities such as camping and mountaineering, play sports such as cricket and basketball, or occasionally photography, cooking, and baking, or join gym workout classes,

The adults also have different views as they try to make themselves more relaxed. Usually, adults try to stay calm by reading a book, listening to their favorite songs, or watching a movie. If they are grandparents, they would prefer to spend the time with their grandkids.

Though both mental and physical well-being is very important to us, let’s talk about;

Sometimes we must find a way to fix our boring life
Sometimes we must find a way to fix our boring life

The importance of engaging in hobbies

Living is like an art. It is like doing a stage play. We met a variety of people and had to adapt to different situations. Sometimes we can say that life is like a journey. In this journey, we passed through different kinds of stages.

That may be due to our life patterns or age, or maybe it can happen due to destiny. No matter what brings us, what would if life is so boring. Nothing to do nor friends, neither happy, not single freedom.

Engaging in a hobby is the best way to help you achieve inner peace. Hobbies can be different because choosing a hobby is depending on the personal appearance of a person

Some people don’t like to have a hobby. But I think when we haven’t any, life will be more boring. As I mentioned earlier, a hobby can be defined as a multi-functional tool that can make oneself more valuable. There are so many benefits we can gain from engaging in hobbies.

Why hobbies are important?

Here are 10 benefits of engaging in a hobby

  1. Hobbies are good stress relievers
  2. They can improve skills like creativity, productivity, and critical thinking
  3. Hobbies help to get rid of negative mental and time-consuming activities
  4. They can enhance your lifestyle
  5. Make you more knowledgeable
  6. They can make you more patient and improve your self-esteem and make a good person.
  7. Help to develop the bond between social 
  8. Hobbies make yourselves more valuable
  9. Sometimes hobbies can help you with your income.
  10. Hobbies Can help to practice mindfulness

How the hobbies help to reduce stress

When we are working or studying continuously for a long time, it makes us more stressed. Hobbies have the power to distract people from stressful things and make us live in the current moment. The studies show that people who are engaging in hobbies are less stressed than people who are not.

Ultimately, hobbies are both physically and mentally important to our lives. Another fact to remember is that everything depends on the way you choose and engage in those activities. Always feel free to find something compatible and which is helpful to express your true self, rather than you will be more anxious by doing those.

It is a better reminder to make us take a break

While continuously the following something makes us the feeling to take a break but if you are engaged in a very responsible job and are too busy to take a break even if this becomes your reminder you may be unable to work on it.

So just try to do something that won’t be disturbed to your work, like listening to relaxing music.

Hobbies can make fun, relax and also break up boring schedules, so we can name it the best recharging method for ourselves those who are exhausted from the work.

The hobbies which are good for improving mental health

From all those hobbies, here we discuss a few hobbies that are good for improving mental health.

Take a minute and let’s turn back to take a look at yourself. How do you feel about yourself? Is it so stressful? You are finding a way to get rid of it? Let me help you find a way to reduce it.

Here are some of them which are good for mental health.

Engaging in Sports

benefits of sports
Engaging in Sports

    Not everyone in the world is the same. Each person’s thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and even wishes are different from each other. If you are a sports lover, make it a hobby. That will make you eliminate your stress.

Sports like basketball, football, volleyball and also indoor sports like badminton, tennis, and golf are very suitable for everyone. Even though you do not know the rules and regulations or about the techniques, try ignoring them for a moment. You will probably feel better.

Playing sports are very important to everyone. even though you are passing your adulthood or a teenage or a student engaging in sports will help you to keep and balanced the fitness and a great life. want to know more about Top 10 Best benefits of sports



    There are so many hobbies, but of all of those, my number one is reading. Because it can enhance my life. Make my life more valuable. Make me a knowledgeable and mature person. Reading books is very important to us as it can turn the messy mind into a more relaxed one.

The habit of reading books whenever I have free time makes me a person with an active, strong, and healthy mind. I never feel bored reading books as I know the value of reading. Reading different kinds of things can also fix your mood because reading can make us express our emotions.

Let’s make reading a part of our lives and let it enlighten us 12 Best benefits of Reading – How Reading improves you

Cooking and baking

       When engaging with baking or cooking, we engage with it using our all sensors (taste, touch, smell… etc.). That means it is very useful when we wanted to be distracted from some stressful thing.

Trying to do something can make you feel satisfied with yourself. This hobby also helps you improve your creativity and can make you money. Nowadays, cooking isn’t something that only interests girls; there are so many boys too. So, try to enjoy every moment you have with something new.

My mom is an expert in cooking because all the time whenever she had free time, she makes something new. That made our bond between the family members stronger as we enjoyed it like a gathering. that’s why hobbies became a multi-functional equipment. it can a lot of things to make us change our lifestyles into a great one.


If you are a person who loves to be with plants, and who can be satisfied by watching the growth of a plant, that means you may be a gardener. According to studies, people who garden are more motivated and have more self-confidence.

As gardening is a very beneficial activity that improves mental health. It can reduce the stress level, make people more active, boost self-esteem, and be a good method that helps you be more relaxed.

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting great ways to express emotions. People with anxiety/depression or stress used to express their emotions using drawing, so when you feel bad feelings, you can express them using art. But here I wanted to let you know that art is the best way which can make you more relaxed.

Drawing is a popular hobby among kids. Still, I remember when my brother was a kid, he never cries or express his emotions easily. One day I accidentally looked at his drawing book. The book was full of so many paintings. Some are smiley faces, and some pages are full of only colors, of various kinds, so I don’t know how to describe those.

But it made me realize that something was wrong with those. Finally, I found out, from drawing beautiful and colorful pictures to those undescribed drawings means that he always tried to express himself.

At the current moment also, his room was full of his drawings with different themes. Whenever he feels so depressed, he draws only black and white or gray mixed pictures.

According to him,

how drawing helps to relax our minds

Drawing is a good communication method. When he was full of thoughts or emotions that cannot be expressed, he expressed them using paintings. Even if he feels alone or stressed, he used the same method.  Therefore, when the mind is out of those it will automatically relax


benefits of writing

“Writing, the art of communicating thoughts to the mind through the eye, is the great invention of the world…enabling us to converse with the dead, the absent, and the unborn, at all distances of time and space.”

Abraham Lincoln
Speeches And Letters Of Abraham Lincoln, 1832 1865

You do not need to be a successful writer. Not all the people who are using diaries are not the best writers in the world. They used that method sometimes to express their feelings and inner thoughts.

Writing is one of the best ways to be more relaxed because it is also a small technique that can be used when become more stressed. This hobby can make you more creative, can help to collaborate with others, and make you happier, and self-satisfied.

Listening to music

listening to music
Listening to music

**Music has the power to heal the soul**

  It is another powerful weapon that can be used against stress.  I am a person who is addicted to music. The worst habit I ever had is whenever I want to take a shower or use the washroom I bring my phone with me, just to listen to music.

Music can make me more relaxed, it has the power to fix my mood, it can help me to express my emotions, and it can take away my loneliness, and make me more energetic.

 Researches also prove that music can heal people and get them more relaxed. So if you wanted to try something, then try to listen to music. It has more beneficial effects than we expected.


We choose a hobby according to our personal perspectives, desires or on our interests. IF you are seeking to find your happiness spending years, give it a try engaging in a hobby. Happiness is everywhere when you engage in something that makes you happy. it is not something you could find but something you can build hope you can find the hobby to fill your life full of joy.

Why Hobbies are Important? They can cultivate the happiness in our lives. It is also a good stress reliever. Engaging hobbies affect in many other ways; improve knowledge, it also affects our sleep. Hobbies are good for your mind and your body. They help you become more patient. It increases your confidence and self-esteem.

it makes you more knowledgeable while helping you to reduce your stress level. And also enhance your skills. The research proof that people who are engaging in hobbies are healthier and less stressful than the people are not.

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