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How to be yourself: best 5 ways to do it.

Sanju Pradeepa

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be yourself

Why do you hesitate to accept the way you are; The person inside you?

You have to learn to be yourself and love yourself. It is normal to adapt to a world that changes your life. But we do not need to change ourselves into another society out of fear. Try to be satisfied with everything you do. It will lead you to being yourself. Love yourself and live happily.

People can survive on their abilities. So, why are people reluctant to accept things as they are? The person inside them?

I was depressed while researching this article, which was one of my biggest problems. The people around me tried to bring me to a place where I never wanted to be. But I fought against them to win my freedom. I never wanted to be somebody who changed his life because someone wanted to change me according to their perspective.

In that incident, I realize how important it is to be ourselves, for one’s life. Never be hesitant to accept the way you are, the person inside you. Prove the world, and to the people who are trying to change you, ignoring your peaceful mind or the feelings.

It’s not time to make a change
Just relax, take it easy.
You are still young, that’s your fault.
There’s so much you have to know.“

Father and son by Cat Stevens

Do not change yourself doesn’t mean you would never change yourself no matter what happens. It only takes the meaning, sometimes we tried to change for others because we are afraid to lose our loved ones, and sometimes we tried so hard to maintain an image we built. Even though you changed, If you still feel uncomfortable and feel so depressed, never try to change or let them change you.

Make changes in your life, but do not forget to be who you are
Make changes in your life, but do not forget to be who you are

Being yourself express the true person hide inside you. It grows the sense about acknowledging every single detail about your own self and make your life so easier to live.

Hey, can I ask you something? If I asked you to mark 10 points for how well you know about yourself, out of 10 how much do you get? Does my question make you doubt your mind? Do not worry, keep reading will help you to vanish it.

Have you ever felt so negative about yourself like this?

Sometimes, no matter how much we have self-awareness or self-esteem or, how straightforward we are, we may feel so down about ourselves. Be unhappy and sometimes feel unsatisfied with different situations. That’s common among most people in society.

‘I was full of stress, and fear, all my mind generates are negative thoughts’.

‘Everyone told me to change, why did not they tell me to be who am I?’

‘That’s right, I have to change/ they are right.’

‘I have no other way than changing,’

‘I was helpless, trapped, and scared, nobody will accept me’

‘I feel like I have a different level from others, so I cannot be around others’

Then let’s put the first step to learn how to be yourself.

What are the things we can do to be ourselves? Without changing for others

How to be Yourself
How to be Yourself

Appreciate yourself

Try to appreciate yourself for getting you through everything you’ve met since your birth. If you can complement and thank yourself, you will be able to understand how much you have improved and how much you have grown. The way you face challenges or situations whenever it’s so hard to survive. If people can appreciate themselves and find who they are inside, there is no need for the concept “be yourself” to be included as a hot topic.

Be conscious and be present

Being conscious means, you are living in the present moment. It is all about living with mindfulness. When you try to live a normal life, what do you think the outcome will be? You will express your true self. You will be who you are, no matter what happens. Not only that, but you are aware of the people about whom you are talking, what you are talking about, and the things you are doing.

You can make every decision according to your true inner feelings. Because you can feel: “I know who I am.”

You will miss out on important experiences and wisdom if you do not live your life in the present moment. So, living in the present can help you be yourself. When we talk about living in the present moment, mindfulness is very helpful when learning to live in the present.

Love and learn about yourself

Just fall in love with yourself. What do you do when you fall in love with someone else? You will be aware of them, love them with all of your heart, take care of their feelings, and try to do your best to make them happy. You will always be willing to do anything for them. 

No more complex steps. Just try to fall in love with yourself and treat yourself the way you do when you fall for someone else. When the moment we started to love ourselves, we would probably learn about it.

  • First thing is how to find yourself.
  • how can you grow your inner peace

Love and learn about yourself, it will bring you to a new chapter in your life.

Avoid Fear to be disappointed

     Think of a time when you got a chance to attend a royal party. You prepared a simple, charming dress which makes you more comfortable with the dress. It is so beautiful when you are dressed, but your partner wants you to dress in an expensive dress differently and also a pair of shoes too.

When you do them for the first time, you think they are beautiful but not as comfortable as the one you already have. But the fear of being disappointed forces you to wear it even though you know you must act in accordance with them. The dress may make you look stunning, but what is your inner thought? If you are constantly exhausted and uncomfortable when you attend the party. It makes a false representation of who you are.

I know how hurtful it is when we have to act according to others’ orders in a simple thing like this. I also had so many arguments with my family members when it comes to this kind of stuff. Furthermore, I admire the people around me, but never tried to change myself because of the fear to be disappointed.

 If you feel something will create a falsehood in your personality or who you are in the reality, do not let to lead the fear hold you backward. Be brave enough to be yourself and appropriately express your true feelings.

Do not try to change yourself in order to fit in with other people. Because some people will only be with you until you are along with their script. When you act beyond the script, it will show your true self. So be never afraid to be disappointed.

Do not Change – be yourself

Do not change doesn’t mean you should act, as much as how rude you are or how negative you are.

It does not mean that if you cannot find someone like you, you won’t be able to be with others. Change does not imply that you will not understand the feelings of others or that you will compromise others. It does not mean that you are unable to understand the meaning behind their thoughts or actions.

Remember, it is also never advised to be yourself by continuing every bad attitude, behavior, and negative thought inside you.

But it does mean one thing. That is, you know who you are, wholeheartedly staying as much as the way you are.

Then, how do we stay without being changed?

how do we stay without being changed
how do we stay without being changed

Try to find who is always with you

The people who are always been by your side in both your worst and your happiness. They never make you feel down because they will appreciate your differences, and they won’t make any restrictions to destroy your wisdom. When we are with the people who get us, who can accept us no matter what happens or in what situation, our world is less of heartbreaks.

Be as much as unique

Everybody is unique. Nobody proves that all the people in the world are the same. Then why do you still hesitate to accept who you are and not try to be yourself? You cannot be like others in the world because everyone has their way of doing things. Even if it is achieving the goal, you have to find your way to achieve it. Try to always make it remind in your mind that You are more valuable than a billionaire in the world to yourself if you can live as long as you can express yourself.

Reframe your thinking

How will it work for you to stay without being changed? Whenever you feel so down and so sad or heartbroken, try to figure out the negative thinking pattern on your mind. If it wasn’t still changed when you tried, try taking time to reflect on them. Then continue to reframe your thinking, it will give you the best results. And also help you to overcome problems. when you are begun to reframe your thinking patterns unknowingly it will show the love you hide inside for yourself.

Be a great person

When we start to be a good person, we will eventually build the person who we want to be inside our minds. So, try to cultivate the great qualities which we want to become a better version of ourselves. We cannot change the people around us, and the whole world revolved around us. But when we can find the best match, we can go for it and become the best of our selves being our lives.


As Meenal karemore if you really want to be yourself, do what you like most. find what’s your passion .and start your journey towards it. Be with the people who lifts you up. And with whom you feel happy. Give yourself enough time to analyze yourself. Find your strengths and weaknesses. explore yourself. find happiness in little thing …the key of being yourself is to be happy

Learn to love and learn about yourself, value yourself, and believe in yourself while respecting, taking care of, and knowing yourself. This is how you can easily make yourself important.

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