The Concept of learning to let go is like emptying a vessel full of unwanted things to make it very useful. The concept is overall talk about to free your mind to fill it from the joy, love rather than sadness, or repent.

Sometimes we used to wait for a long time just because of trauma we cannot get rid of. Or we do not want to get away from it. We will do sort of things like overthinking about a mistake done, a person who left you.

When the moment you cannot accept who you are, you won’t be able to control your mind. There is nothing harder to do than accept the hardships you met while travelling in your journey.

Are you still struggling to leave the past behind you? You still miss the surrounding opportunities just because of the trauma that took them away from you.

Finding a solution, beginning a recovery process by reclaiming you are everything is the best decision. Why people always punish themselves just because the mistakes done by living in between those memories? even though you could find thousands of methods about learning to let go, you won’t be able to deal with it, until you are not ready to change.

What is letting go?

What is letting go
What is letting go

Some people afraid a lot when they advised to let go to find the inner peace. Do you know why? Because of people are believing that letting go means forgetting everything happened in the past. It is impossible to detach something entirely from your mind about something influence in your life.

Remembering memories does not fill your mind with bitter feelings until accept the moments you have to face. However, no matter how hard you try to do a transformation, if you still hug the past from your full power, the effort of learning to let go become useless.

Sometimes, due to misunderstanding or ignorance, we are unable to distinguish between letting go and giving up. It is very important to understand it before learning to let go, even though it is your fear or the past or any other thing you try to let go.

There is a huge difference between letting go and giving up. For this Daniel Koepke gave a great answer.

Giving up means selling yourself short. It means allowing fear and struggle to limit your opportunities and keep you stuck. It reduces your life. It is imprisoning. Giving up is self- defeat. While

Letting go means freeing yourself from something that is no longer serving you. It expands your life. It is liberation. And letting go is self-care.

Tips to learn to let go.

1. Accept who you are

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”

Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

You should accept who you are currently. If you still try to maintain a different character than accepting who you are, learning your mistakes, your needs, your abilities, which you wish to fulfill by the importance of learning to let go, never will be helpful for you

2. Get away from the chain

Do you know what are your abilities? What are your strengths, weaknesses? Sometimes we try to limit our abilities, because of not have enough courage to believe them. The limitations, the chains we use to maintain, can block us from being faith in ourselves. Having an open mind and becoming a person who trust in your abilities can make you a become free. To get away from that chain to discover your abilities.

3. Learn the power of forgiveness

Want to stay with your bitter past or enjoy every precious moment you meet in the present. Without the forgiveness, letting go is not possible. Try as to never forget, forgive yourself.

Despite people’s perceptions that forgiveness means to forget, its motive is preserved in self-forgiveness and the role you played in co-creating the circumstances. To forgive, avoid ruminating on thoughts of being wronged. Rather, trust the power of forgiveness to heal the hurt and pain.

Tony Fahkry

4. Never worry what others think about you

People love to make judgment by just looking at the outside. Just free to be yourself from others judgment, ideas or opinions. Make sure you know about yourself and by not letting the other beat yourself.

5. Do not wait time to heal your scar

Sometimes, depending on the type of situation, it is better to let time heal your scars. But can you predict how long it will take to heal them? Life is too short to wait for another chance. It is too short to wait to heal your scars. It is better if you can try or learn to let go instead of waiting for time to heal them.

6. Live in the moment

Indeed, living in the moment is an art of life that needs to be practiced, not knowledge that can be understood by reading. Mindfulness is one of the best exercises to get closer to this moment and think about it freely.

After working all your life, you will sometimes think before you die, what did I really own while I was alive? We don’t really own anything in this world. We don’t even own ourselves. The only thing that really belongs to you in this world is, this moment. It’s a practical truth that’s really hard to accept.

Do not try to own 24 hours in practical life. Make a small effort to have at least five minutes a day for yourself. Instead of struggling with past memories or future dreams, live in the present. Then you will definitely know the importance of learning to let go.

The joy of letting go Vs the Pain of holding tight

The joy of letting go Vs the Pain of holding tight
The joy of letting go Vs the Pain of holding tight

Things in life come into being, disappear, and if you stop looking for things that are similar to things that have been lost, and build your life from what you have, there will be no problem. If analyzed carefully, some seemingly unfortunate things in life have later produced fortunate results. Because of that, think of misfortune as luck. How much is it worth if you can look at 1% of luck in bad luck and create an unimaginable 1000% luck result?

Then why do people still prefer to suffer from the pain of holding tight instead of enjoying the joy of letting go. This is an inspirational story adopted from a book; Life-changing stories. Reading this will make you realize, how the life will change after you know the importance of learning to let go.

The river of life does not flow along a straight line. Along that river, a lot of problem committees are coming together with the happy water. It is not easy to erase both happiness and sadness from life. That’s why some simple past events still hurt the heart even now. It’s like a pain that never heals.

However, stress and depression can be said to be two common mental illnesses seen in the current human generation. Nowadays, money has become a very important factor, so everyone is always looking for ways and means to earn money. While chasing after money, many other problems arise like mushrooms in life.

Some of the problems that arise like this become a great burden throughout life because those problems are so complicated, or because we give unnecessary space and place to those problems in life.

Let’s pay attention to a little story to know about it. One day, a university lecturer entered the lecture hall to deliver her lecture. As the exam approaches, most of the children become pigeons. The happiness on their faces fades away, and the discomfort in their minds begins to show in the young eyes. She felt that many children are suffering from anxiety due to various problems like exams, love, breakup, money and struggles.

She decided to give the lecture one day later and talk freely with the children. She was half-filled the glass of water on the table. After that, the half-full glass of water was shown to the children. Is the glass half full or half empty? Saying positive thoughts

The children thought the lecturer was about to explain the concept, but she presented a completely different new idea. “You come here for a while * She was in a long thought, spoke to a student. Then she gave the half-full glass of water to the student. She told the student to hold the glass with two extended right fingers. The student did as she said.

” Does your hand hurt?” the lecturer asked.” Not at all.” The student said with a small smile. Why is Maya saying that? This is a small glass half full of water. The student said that it is not heavy at all. The lecturer asked the student to stay like that for a while and started giving a scientific explanation to the other students about stress.

The lecturer was talking to the other children for about 5 minutes. Does your hand hurt?” The lecturer asked the student again, asked Now it hurts a little. But the student said he could hold on longer. With the student’s response, the lecturer continued her explanation to the students. After some more time, she held the glass and asked the student again if his hand hurt.” Yes, miss, now my hand hurts a lot. The student said very hard. She took the glass from the student’s hand and started talking again. Most of life’s problems are the glass half flulike Not that heavy. But even this weightless glass

After holding, it continuously for five minutes, the hand starts to hurt a little. Also, if you hold it for 30 minutes, your hand hurts more. If you hold it for a day, the hand starts to hurt a lot more. She said do not keep small incidents or painful memories which can hold you back or make you depressed with such love to everyone.

In Conclusion

So don’t keep small problems in your mind for a long time. Then they hurt the mind and the heart that carries them. A lot of diseases like mental stress and depression are caused when you keep such small problems in your mind. Do not hold the questions in your mind for a long time. Solve them quickly or forget them. Or tell a trusted person near you and get a lot of relief. Learn to look at life’s problems simply. And don’t hold on to the questions,”

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