Do you really love yourself

Do you really love yourself? If somebody asks do you love your family life partner, that’s friends for the people around you? You will probably answer with a yes always. but if you would ask whether do you love? do you? How do you answer?

You will try to love people all from your heart. Always try to do your best to be there with them whenever they want you. Try as much as you can to impress them by fulfilling their needs. But have you ever been there for your own self? Have you ever tried to understand yourself? That’s why you need to know, why does love yourself important.

“Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you, despite their faults.”

Les Brown

Loving yourself or loving another one, is there any difference you could find? Even though there is not, falling in love with yourself is the best way to find the better version of yourself. unfortunately, people do not care about the importance of loving themselves.

Why is self-love important?

What is self-love?

Self-love encompasses being kind to yourself—so forgiving yourself, refraining from self-judgment, trusting yourself and understanding and valuing your worth are some ways we can demonstrate self-love

Jocelyn Solis-Moreira

The foundation which creates to assertive with accepting the person inside yourself. It makes you a great person. Self-love leads you to find the better version of yourself by allowing to learn the lessons from mistakes you have done.

Why it is important to love yourself?

Everything is depending on our perspective, if you truly love and respect yourself, you are a lovable and a respectable person to others. If you are a person who is kind enough to please yourself, you will be a kind person to others, too.

Loving yourself make you find who you are, what you are and what you have .it makes always find a reason to be happy. There are so many people suffer looks so down because they never try to have a happy life with all the blessings and things they have.

If someone cannot love him/herself, they are incapable of loving others. If you are not capable of it: you cannot respect others. 
Sometimes your happiness limited to a person, for a temporary moment. The worst thing is self-hatred can be developed. Even though it is tough, try to truly love yourself.

When you start to love, there is no need to find new things to be happy. Because you can be the happiest person in the world through what you have. It will teach you at the moment, when you begin to understand why do loving yourself is important.

What does it mean to truly love yourself

Love who you are, embrace who you are. When you love, people can kind of pickup on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.

Lilly Singh

Loving yourself is the meaning as you have to accept yourself. When you truly love, you are capable of embracing yourself.
Sometimes we are dwelling about our awkward feelings we made during our first impression. We can embrace ourselves with a laugh about those things instead of worry too much about them.

Sometimes we are very insecure about ourselves. Embrace Yourself by realizing you are unique, that’s why you are different from others.
You will stop criticizing yourself mistakes. Mistakes are the best lessons to find a new way to learn, to find a new way to fulfill the requirements of our lives.

Loving yourself Accepting yourself
Loving yourself Accepting yourself

When we made a mistake, is first reply is criticizing you are for your mistakes? If you ever do this, stop criticizing yourself for making a mistake. Instead of criticizing, you must find a way by learning from that mistakes because mistakes are the better encouragement you to grow.

We should always find ways to learn from the flaws we have. Instead of accepting them blindly. When you find the way to grow yourself from the place where you are, after a while you can feel that you are growing. You are living like a new person.

You are accepting yourself. When you truly love yourself, that means you’re truly accepting who you are. more on properly. Even if you are consistent with some things that you cannot change, when you are capable of solving every single problem that make yourself a miserable one, you can find the clear path to be the better version of yourself.

Why is it difficult to love yourself?

  • Loving yourself is difficult when you drop your self-worth. 
  • Lack of trust in yourself.
  • Dozens of doubtful thoughts arise in your mind. 
  • When you tend to pay attention to negative experiences rather than positive ones.
  • Maintaining the habits of comparing yourself with others.

That’s what it means to truly love and be aware of it. Make sure to secure from the hurt. Source.

How to learn to love yourself

How to learn to love yourself
How to learn to love yourself

01. Learn to Forgive yourself

We may take risks, believing that they will make us proud about ourselves. But if the outcome was a failure? The best feedback you should try, forgive yourself by trying a new way to achieve it.

If you cannot easily forgive yourself, just keep this in your mind. Everyone in the world is not perfect. So, we can make mistakes. Even it was Mr. Elon Musk, President Barack Obama, or even it was me.

Mistakes make us learn a new lesson when we did it for the first time. But if you do the same thing for the second time with same way that will not anymore a mistake , it is your decision .

We all make mistakes, don’t we? But if you can’t forgive yourself, you’ll always be an exile in your own life.

 Curtis Sittenfeld

So remember when you made a mistake ,never blamed yourself . Try to forgive yourself for that mistake you done , the wrong decision you made , and for yourself.

Never blamed for yourself, saying it will always bring you the mistakes. How hard you try, the life will bad luck. Sometimes you will keep blaming yourself for the burden of some decisions you made decades ago. Is there any advantage happened, even though you try to blame as much as you can?

Nothing will be changed. Because the past is gone forever. Nobody will be able to bring it back. Just let them go and free yourself to love yourself by learning to forgiving.

02. Find the secrets of your happiness.

Loving yourself is the key to create a happy yourself. If you want to reflect a lovely and a happy life, you need to love it unconditionally. When you learn it, you can make a loving environment to live.
It will relax yourself by bringing the inner peace to your soul. The Secrets of Being Happy-HERE

03. The power of valuing yourself

The importance of valuing oneself takes a huge place in one’s life. To value yourself is the consequence of appreciation in yourself, loving yourself, and trusting yourself. These are the foundations of self-worth and self-esteem. And also, the only way by which you become able to love another person, that why the valuing yourself is very important 

Trying to know the value of yourself or want to value it, you should always love yourself self unconditionally. That means you should love it regardless of achievement the level of your success, the way your performance, the way you react. The value of a one’s life cannot be measured. It is unique to the person.

04. Get to know yourself

Knowing yourself is the key to self-love. When you know: who you are, what are you capable of and not, your flaws and insecurities and how much you have the believe in yourself it is very easy to fall in love with yourself.

When you stand in front of a mirror, you will see yourself (your physical appearance) from that mirror. But do you know when you begin to know yourself, you will see the person inside yourself. It may be hard to find yourself or spend time to find what is in your mind. But when you learn the power of knowing yourself, you will surely be able to lighten your life. 

05. Let the past go

Stuck in a place where you feel like , you cannot make a step forward . Cannot forget those memories . No matter how hard they hurt you , cannot get rid of them. So you cannot love yourself . You hate yourself the more. The appearance , the attitudes , gestures , postures you made even the people around . You hate everything . This is a natural incident for a person to in this way.

Find the reasons for your stickiness. Let it go by putting a new step to get back to the present world. Keep it going because you are a worthy person than the number one billionaire in the world.

06. Embrace yourself by accepting it.

When people are so exhausted because of the negative feedback, hate what they have. Gain through after the hard work. When nothing goes right . People usually give up. Even though they are engaging in what they love most. Try as much as you to fulfill them by letting go the bad luck. When in the moment, you can accept yourself. You won’t be bothered by another block.

07. Get to be yourself

You have to get to be yourself and love yourself. It is normal to adapt to the world that changes your life. But do not need to change ourselves to another society because of fear. Try to be self-satisfied with everything you do. It will lead you to be yourself. Love and live happily.

Realize how important it is to be yourself, for one’s life. Never be hesitant to accept the way you are, the person inside you, and be yourself.


Loving yourself means you’re knowing yourself; you’re understanding yourself and also you know about your journey better. 

It is very important for every individual as day-by-day criticism shows up in different ways. The outer world judges you by the way you dress, talk, walk, by your appearance, even by the vehicle you drive. It’s very easy to approach them to your own business by the mistake you have made, the number of times you have failed.

At the moment, loving yourself can stopped you from worrying to be judged by others. As you know who you are, what mistakes you have done and how to face them properly.

You should love yourself because when you begin to love, you are begun to glow different.

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