Ever wonder what makes someone truly trustworthy? You know, the kind of person you can count on no matter what? The kind of friend who has your back and keeps your secrets safe. The kind of partner or colleague you can rely on when times get tough Trustworthiness is one of the most important qualities in any relationship, but it’s not always easy to determine who has it and who doesn’t.

Lucky for you, there are some key characteristics that the most trustworthy people share. Read on to discover the eight traits that matter most when it comes to trustworthiness. By understanding these, you’ll be able to determine who really deserves your trust and confidence. The truth is, trustworthiness is a two-way street, so you’ll also pick up some tips to become the kind of person others know they can depend on.

What Does It Mean to Be Trustworthy?

What Does It Mean to Be Trustworthy
What Does It Mean to Be Trustworthy

To be trustworthy means to be reliable, honest, and dependable. People who exhibit these qualities:

  1. Do what they say they will do. They follow through on promises and commitments, big or small. If something comes up to prevent them from delivering, they let you know right away.
  2. are transparent in their actions and words. They don’t hide anything or operate in secret. You’ll never be left wondering what’s really going on or what their hidden agenda might be.
  3. Keep your confidence confidential. If you share private information with them, they guard it closely and never reveal it to others without your permission. Your secrets are safe with them.
  4. admit when they’re wrong and make amends. No one is perfect, and they’re willing to take responsibility for their mistakes, say they’re sorry, and work to remedy the situation.
  1. Provide an honest and accurate view of reality. They call things as they see them and don’t exaggerate or make misleading claims just to make themselves look good. The truth is more important.

To sum up, being trustworthy means conducting yourself with integrity, sincerity, and candor in all of your interactions and relationships. It’s a character trait that is invaluable and the foundation of successful long-term partnerships, both personal and professional.

Characteristics of Trustworthiness

characteristics of trustworthiness
characteristics of trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is a quality that makes people reliable, honest, and dependable. It means that they keep their promises, tell the truth, and act with integrity. Trustworthy people are also respectful of others and themselves, and they show compassion and empathy. Trustworthiness is essential for building strong relationships, whether in personal or professional settings. People who are trustworthy can earn the trust and confidence of others, and they can also enjoy the benefits of trusting themselves.

1. Honesty: They Tell the Truth

Honesty is the foundation of trust. Without it, relationships crumble. When someone is truthful, it shows they respect you enough to be upfront.

Look for people who:

  1. admit their mistakes. Everyone makes them, so look for those who own up to theirs. They’ll tell you the truth rather than make excuses.
  2. Share the good and the bad. An honest person tells you the full story, not just what makes them look good. They share their struggles and shortcomings along with their wins.
  3. Follow through on commitments. If they say they’ll do something, they do it. Their word means something.
  4. Accept hard truths. It’s easy to be honest when things are good. But when times are tough, look for people who deliver difficult messages with care, compassion, and sincerity.
  5. admit what they don’t know. No one knows everything, so an honest person will say when they’re unsure or uninformed rather than pretending to be an expert.

The truth may not always be easy, but with honest people in your life, you’ll never have to question where you stand. You’ll know you’re getting the real deal—flaws, failures, and all. And that is the foundation of trust.

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2. Reliability: You Can Count on Them

A trustworthy person follows through on their word. If they say they’ll do something, they do it. You can count on them to be there when you need them.

Reliability is demonstrated through consistency and dependability. Trustworthy people do what they say they’ll do. They don’t make empty promises or excuses. You know that if they commit to a task or help you out in some way, they’ll make it happen.

Dependable people are punctual and meet deadlines. They value your time as much as their own. You never have to wonder if they’ll be late or not show up at all. When they say they’ll call or respond to an email, you can trust that they will do so in a timely manner.

In short, reliable individuals are steadfast and responsible. Their actions and words align. They recognize the importance of following through and the security it provides for relationships. You can rest assured knowing a trustworthy person has your back and will be there when you need them.

Overall, dependability and consistency are foundations for building trust. Look for people in your life who demonstrate these qualities through their actions and words. They are the ones you know you can truly count on.

3. Loyalty: They Have Your Back

Loyal people have your back. They stand up for you when you’re not around and support you through challenges. Loyalty is one of the most valued characteristics in any relationship.

A trustworthy person shows loyalty in several key ways:

  • They keep your confidence and secrets safe. Whatever you share in private stays between the two of you. They don’t spread gossip or share sensitive details with others.
  • They defend you from unfair criticism. When someone says something untrue or unjustified about you, a loyal friend will stand up for you and set the record straight.
  • They make time for you when you need them. Whether you’re going through a difficult life event or just want to grab coffee, loyal friends and partners show up for you. They make your needs and priorities a priority in their family as well.
  • They celebrate your wins and successes. When good things happen for you, loyal people are there to congratulate you and share in your joy. They genuinely want the best for you and will support you in achieving your goals and dreams.
  • They offer constructive feedback to help you grow. True loyalty means helping someone become a better person. Trustworthy friends and partners will kindly and sensitively share feedback to help you improve, all while maintaining their support and belief in you.

In short, trustworthy individuals demonstrate loyalty through their words, actions, and commitment to the relationship. They help foster an environment where you feel secure being fully yourself.

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4. Integrity: They Do the Right Thing

A trustworthy person shows integrity in their words and actions. They do what they say they’ll do and follow through on their promises and commitments.

You can count on someone with integrity to be honest, transparent, and do the right thing—even when no one is watching. They take responsibility for their mistakes and work to make things right. People with integrity have strong moral principles that guide their behavior and choices.

Integrity builds trust. When a person’s words and actions align, you know you can rely on them. You have confidence that they’ll keep your secrets confidential and maintain appropriate boundaries. They won’t spread rumors or gossip about you behind your back.

In the end, integrity comes down to this: trustworthy people value honesty, truthfulness, and fairness. They live by strong ethical values and moral codes of conduct. If they make a mistake, they own up to it, make amends, and work to do better next time. Their consistency and commitment to doing the right thing are what make them so dependable.

5. Responsible: They Take Responsibility

To be considered trustworthy, you must demonstrate responsibility. Responsible people:

  • Follow through on commitments and promises. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t make excuses or blame others if you fail to deliver. Take ownership of your actions and make things right if needed.
  • Accept consequences for their actions. Responsible people own their mistakes and failures instead of blaming external factors. They face the results of their decisions head-on and work to remedy situations rather than avoid or deny them.
  • are accountable for their performance and results. They don’t make excuses or point fingers when things go wrong. Responsible individuals hold themselves accountable for their outcomes and work to continuously improve.
  • Complete tasks and assignments on time. They don’t procrastinate or leave things until the last minute. Responsible people plan ahead, prioritize important work, and ensure obligations are fulfilled in a timely manner without needing reminders or micromanagement.
  • Respond promptly. Responsible individuals reply to requests, questions, and issues in a timely fashion. They don’t leave people waiting or uninformed. Responding quickly builds trust and dependability.
  • Go above and beyond when needed. Responsible people do what is required and sometimes a bit extra. They don’t cut corners or do the bare minimum. Going above expectations at times shows your dedication and willingness to put in effort when it really matters.

Overall, responsibility comes down to doing what you say you’ll do and being accountable for your actions and performance. Trustworthy individuals embody these traits, which is why responsibility is so important. People know they can count on responsible people.

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6. Commitment: They value others.

To be truly trustworthy, a person must show commitment to the people and make promises in their life. Someone who is committed:

  • follows through on their word. If they say they’ll do something, they make sure it gets done. They don’t make empty promises or leave things unfinished.
  • is loyal to friends and family. They stand by the people who are important to them through good and bad times. They don’t abandon relationships when times get tough.
  • finish what they start. Whether it’s a work project, hobby, or personal goal, a committed person sees things through to the end instead of quitting partway. They have the dedication and determination to achieve their objectives.
  • stays dedicated to their values and priorities. Their commitment to things like honesty, ethics, and personal growth remains steadfast. They don’t compromise their principles for convenience or short-term gains.
  • Takes their responsibilities seriously. Big or small, a committed person can be counted on to handle the duties and obligations in their life with care and consistency. They don’t make excuses or pass the buck.

In short, trustworthy individuals prove their commitment through their actions and follow-through. They understand that trust is hard to build but easy to break, so they do what they say they will do. Their loyalty, determination, and reliability demonstrate a commitment to integrity that makes them worthy of trust.

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7. Openness: They Are Open and Genuine

An open and transparent person is someone you know you can trust. They share information freely and honestly, without hiding anything or being secretive.

Open and trusting individuals communicate openly about all topics, even difficult ones. They share their thoughts, feelings, and any relevant information with others in a constructive way. If there are issues to discuss, they bring them up respectfully and work to resolve them.

Speak honestly but tactfully. Share the full truth, not partial information.

Willing to answer questions fully and truthfully. They don’t evade queries or provide vague responses.

Share both positive and negative feedback to facilitate open dialog and improvement.

Admits when they’re wrong and works to correct mistakes and misunderstandings.

Openness fosters understanding and brings people together. The more open and truthful we are with each other, the closer our relationships become.

When communication is transparent, honesty builds trust, and secrecy is avoided
When communication is transparent, honesty builds trust, and secrecy is avoided.

Their honesty and integrity are unwavering. They don’t bend the truth or only tell part of the story to suit their needs. You know they will give you an accurate and truthful account of any situation. They have strong moral principles that guide their choices and decision-making.

8. Consistency

They behave consistently, and their reactions are predictable. Their moods and behaviors don’t frequently swing from one extreme to another. You know what to expect from them, regardless of the circumstances. They remain calm, composed, and stable.

A trustworthy person’s consistency, reliability, and honesty provide a steady foundation for building strong, long-lasting relationships. Their admirable qualities make them respected, valued, and sought-after.

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9. Discretion: They don’t gossip or spread rumors.

To be truly trustworthy, discretion is key. A trustworthy person knows how to keep sensitive information private and confidential.

Gossiping or spreading rumors about others is a surefire way to damage trust and hurt relationships. Trustworthy individuals avoid participating in gossip and rumor-mongering. Instead, they keep private conversations private and confidential information confidential. If someone shares sensitive details with them, they do not spread that information to others or repeat it where it could get back to the person. They know that keeping one’s word and maintaining confidence are the foundations of trust.

Discretion also means they think before speaking and are careful with what they share on social media. They do not post or share anything that could damage relationships or trust if seen by the wrong people. Keeping information private and avoiding gossip are hallmarks of a trustworthy, discreet individual.

In summary, trustworthy people value privacy, confidentiality, and discretion. They keep their word, maintain confidence, avoid gossip and rumor-spreading, and are careful with what they share publicly. Their discretion and ability to keep sensitive matters private inspire confidence and build trust.

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10. Competency: They Know Their Stuff

To be considered trustworthy, a person needs to demonstrate competence in key areas of their life and work. A trustworthy person develops expertise and skills through continuous learning and practice. They stay up-to-date with advancements in their field and expand their knowledge over time. People who are competent inspire confidence in others because they know what they’re doing.

You can count on a competent person to get the job done and meet their responsibilities. They do what they say they will do and avoid overpromising by only committing to things they can actually accomplish. Their reliability and follow-through built a solid reputation over time.

11. Sound judgment

Competent individuals show good judgment and decision-making skills. They consider all options and angles before determining the best course of action. Their choices are well-reasoned, practical, and lead to effective solutions and outcomes. Poor judgment, on the other hand, can call someone’s competence and trustworthiness into question.

Competency is a key signal that a person can be trusted to handle responsibilities, solve complex problems, and navigate challenges or crises effectively. Developing expertise, reliability, and judgment are lifelong pursuits that trustworthy individuals continually work to strengthen. Competence builds credibility, and credibility builds trust.

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12. Sincerity: Builds Authentic Relationships

To build authentic relationships, sincerity is key. People can spot insincerity from a mile away, and it undermines trust. Some signs of a sincere person include:

They say what they mean.

Sincere individuals are straightforward and honest. They don’t play games or hint at things. If there’s an issue, they address it respectfully and directly. You never have to guess where you stand with a sincere person.

Their words and actions align.

What sincere people say matches what they do. They walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. There are no mixed messages or empty promises from someone who is sincere. They follow through and can be counted on.

They listen to and validate others.

Sincerity involves empathy and caring about others and their experiences. Sincere people make eye contact, give you their full attention, and validate what you’re saying through follow-up questions and comments. They seek to understand rather than just reply.

They admit when they’re wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes, but sincere individuals own up to theirs. They apologize when needed and acknowledge if they were wrong about something. Their desire for honesty and authenticity outweighs their ego or image. Humility and sincerity go hand in hand.

They share openly about themselves too.

A sincere person is willing to be vulnerable by opening up about their own experiences, struggles, and perspectives. Conversation is a two-way street, not just an opportunity for them to gain information from you or make demands. They reciprocate by sharing and cultivating closeness.

Building trust always starts with sincerity. Look for these qualities in yourself and in the people you welcome into your life. Authentic relationships where you can be fully known are life’s greatest gift.

13. Fairness and Justice

Familiarity and justice are essential qualities that build trust in relationships and society. Trustworthy people treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated. They make impartial decisions and judgments, regardless of personal biases.


Trustworthy individuals evaluate ideas and situations objectively, based on facts and evidence rather than emotions or self-interest. Their decision-making isn’t swayed by personal prejudices or preferences. They give equal consideration to all sides and perspectives before determining what they believe is the fairest and most just course of action.

Equal Treatment

Upright people apply the same standards and rules to everyone, regardless of characteristics such as age, gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. They don’t show favoritism or make exceptions for certain groups. Trustworthy people advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all.

14. Reasonableness

Fair-minded people make prudent judgments that reasonable individuals would consider acceptable and justified. Their positions are grounded in practicality, and they avoid extremes. You can count on their determinations being fair, balanced, and well-thought out.

In summary, trustworthy individuals endeavor to be unbiased, equitable, and judicious. They work to overcome personal prejudices and make choices that are reasonable, fair-minded, and morally upright. By cultivating these qualities of fairness and justice in themselves, they build trust in their relationships and community.

15. Dependability

Dependability is one of the most important characteristics of a trustworthy person. When someone is dependable, you know you can count on them.

  • They do what they say they will do. Dependable people follow through on commitments and don’t make empty promises. If they agree to help you with a task or project, you can expect them to deliver.
  • They are consistent and reliable. You can count on a dependable person to respond, show up, and come through over and over again. Their behavior, mood, and attitude are steady and predictable.
  • They don’t make excuses. Dependable people take responsibility for their actions and don’t blame external factors when they fail to meet expectations. They own up to mistakes and shortcomings rather than making excuses.
  • They go the extra mile. Dependable individuals are willing to do more than the bare minimum to get the job done right. They care about the quality of their work and relationships, not just checking tasks off a list.
  • They plan ahead. Dependable people anticipate obstacles and needs before they arise. They think ahead about what is required to fulfill commitments and set realistic expectations. Lack of planning is one of the biggest reasons people fail to follow through.

In short, dependability means you can have faith in someone and feel secure relying on them. Trustworthy people build dependability through consistency, accountability, and going above and beyond when it really counts. Their actions speak as loudly as their words.


So there you have it: the eight core characteristics that make a person truly trustworthy. Develop these qualities in yourself, and you’ll build meaningful relationships and become someone that others know they can count on. Work to embody integrity, honesty, reliability, competence, loyalty, confidentiality, transparency, and consistency.

Make the commitment each day to strengthen your character and be the kind of person who inspires trust in all of your interactions and relationships. When you have these traits, people will know your word means something and that you care about their wellbeing as much as your own. Become the kind of person you yourself would trust unconditionally—that is the mark of solid character and the key to being trustworthy.


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