Humans have the habit of believing that they are very smart and clever. The thought of you being a perfectionist blocks your ways to avoid procrastination. Why? Because you overthink that you are capable of everything, so you have a lot of time. You begin to make quick decisions to delay your work. How to avoid procrastination starts with believing you can overcome procrastination.

“How often do you find yourself saying, “In a minute”, “I’ll get to it” or “Tomorrow’s good enough” and every other possible excuse in the book? Compare it with how often you decide it’s got to be done, so let’s get on and do it! That should tell you just how serious your procrastinating problem really is.”

 Stephen Richards, The Secret of Getting Started: Strategies to Triumph over Procrastination

We should avoid procrastination because :

The more you choose not to procrastinate, the more it will come naturally to you. People procrastinate due to a sense of developed when you have no interest in what you are doing or what you have to do. Nothing is perfect in this world but if you think you are a perfectionist that’s another way of developing procrastination.

It’s all too easy to create a life where you have done nothing but waste time. At a certain point, we must all weigh the difference between the pain of taking action now, getting out of our comfort zones, and securing a better future for ourselves, and the pain of not taking action and inevitably, languishing in pain, discomfort, and shame at some point in future.

01. Start to forgive yourself

Most of the time, we think that we are so lazy that we can’t do anything. That we do not have any value as expected. Thinking that I can’t do anything right. Similarly, always thinking about oneself with distrust is one of the main reasons for failing at work.

First of all, you should learn to forgive yourself for the events that happened in your past and think of yourself as a lazy person. As long as you think of yourself as a lazy person, you will never be able to forgive yourself. Foremost, practice forgiving yourself.

Sometimes we tend to miss work for two reasons. One is that either the work is very difficult, or you are too lazy to do that work. Remember, the things that are neglected because they are difficult or boring can sometimes be the most valuable opportunities we can get in our life. So, try to forgive yourself as much as possible and avoid missing work.

02. Focus for the beginning .

Try to always focus for the beginning, not for the long path to ending. When we start doing something, we first think about how to finish it. Also, it is useful to think about how long it will take.

No matter how easy what we are trying to do, when we start worrying about how far we have to go before the start and how we will finish, we automatically feel bored. No matter what we have to do, when we start doing it for a while, we automatically get the strength to continue the work.

Then, due to the courage that comes, we will avoid laziness and skip work. So always remember to pay attention to the beginning.

03. Think about why you are doing it

That is the best way to avoid the thought of missing out (avoid Procrastination)

Why are you studying so hard? Why are you exercising so hard? Think about why you train so hard

Here in this way, no matter how boring or difficult it is when we start asking, the question of why, it is easy to get motivated when we get the answer to the question of why. Therefore, before putting off something, always think about why you are doing it and do it. Once you get used to it, the habit will help you get rid of boredom and to avoid procrastination.

04. Plan ahead

Plan every day in advance, according to the importance of the things you have to do. You need to plan your goals with you hope to achieve them in a year, a month, a week or within 24 hours.

05. Make to-do list

“Doing things at the last minute reminds us of the importance of doing things at the first minute.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

It is the same as planning your day here: try to decide exactly what you want to accomplish and write them down properly. Create a plan for your day using those to-do lists.

06. Quit multitasking

Some people are capable of multitasking. Not every person in the world Can do it. Sometimes we try to do multitask because of the lack of time

The habit of multitasking won’t always be helpful. It is a habit which we need to quit. Try as much as you can, just focus on one most important thing you have to do at the time.

07. Motivate yourself

Never wait for somebody to motivate you. Some people always Aspire to inspire others. But if you wait for anyone to push you, you may miss a great opportunity. Be your own motivator and push yourself ahead, you can motivate yourself by making deadlines /for time period to complete your own tasks.

08. Do not let your Phone control you.

Do not let your Phone control you
Do not let your Phone control you

Do you know how wealthy you are to have an internet connection? From people all over the world, some cannot be online. They never use the internet. But you do. Every day, every minute if you are wasting your precious time to scroll social media, as you are absolutely a procrastinator.

Having Technologies wonderful it is a powerful weapon, find the knowledge but never be controlled control over Technology. Try to switch off your distraction and focus on your work. It will help you to overcome procrastination from your life.

Would you like to enjoy a life without social media. Not only it helps to avoid procrastination but also very beneficial for your self-growth in many ways. – Life without social media – 14 incredible advantages

09. Take a break

You are a student worker, try to find at least 10-minute break every two hours or 3 hours during your work

When you are working for a long time without taking a break, your body and your brain cannot accept that capacity. You will get more exhausted, so try to take a little break to relax your mind. It will help you to work and find ways to avoid procrastination.

Try to lessen the chance of getting tired soon by taking a break .

10. Divide your task in pieces

Dividing your task into pieces is very effective to avoid Procrastination Nation, and also it helps improve your memory . Divide your work properly into small pieces. Then try to develop a sense of urgency to complete those small portions of work properly and quickly.

Chunk in technique

Chunking Memory Techniques
Chunking Memory Techniques

Divide the work according to the time you have. When the blue parts are completed, the work is completed without realizing it. Remember, the chunking technique is very helpful.

It is a headache for us to think that we have research. How do I finish this? How to do this properly, first you need to file the information related to your search and separate it into parts.

If you are going to do everything at once, then you will not have to do anything properly. Therefore, when doing work every day, if something is big, no matter how small, separate it into parts and do the work properly. Then you will be able to do your work in the right way by avoiding more repetition easily.

11. Avoid time wasters

When you have to complete a task, there is a lot to do in your list. You are supposed to complete that work with time-wasting like scrolling social media ,watching TV or gossiping , sleeping while you are supposed to complete a lot of work.

12. Find the distractions

One of the common problem most of the people had with progress station is that they will always be distracted by some things even though you are the queen of England, or the president of United States extractions can make grow the habit of procrastination in yourself.

Try to find these reactions around you before you are studying to complete your work. It shows that if you have been distracted while you are working, it will take an average of 25 minutes to get your focus and back to your work .

13. Stop over thinking, and do not try to be the perfectionist.

Are you spending your valuable time just thinking and brainstorming ideas for endless hours? Do you know how precious time is, before you waste it on that kind of thing? The time you spend to find other things, before that the time you spend coming up with the perfect choice can be invested to take action to do your work.

Making mistakes is perfectly normal. Accept your Mistakes. Accept your flaws. Nobody is perfect in the world. Every decision, you made, won’t be the perfect one. When you are finished making decisions, you may find another perfect one than which you already chose. Try to use those flaws, mistakes to make a better decision than wasting your precious time on endless hours of overthinking.

When it is the time, you must stop overthinking you’re thinking and start working on your goals, will you start and give your ideas to develop how you can find whether they are possible for a perfect idea?

14. Enjoy every little victory

Even though you were weight loss very close, you can celebrate your 2 Pounds u loss. It will motivate you: you can do it. There is nothing like reduced seen the points in your to-do list to make you feel accomplished and victorious.

15. Get inspired

Has someone already accomplished the very thing you’re trying to achieve? Look to them for inspiration and find out exactly how they stay motivated. You may feel you’re the only one struggling with procrastination, but the fact is that everyone procrastinates from time to time. The difference is that some people push through and get things done no matter what. Use these people’s stories and be your own success story.

16. Do exercise daily

Doing exercise as a daily habit is very effective to open up your energy. Also, beneficial for both mental and physical well-being. Even if you exercise for 15 minutes daily. If you have a habit of going to the gym, then make a gym buddy to work with you every day. It will be effective to motivate yourself to cure laziness.

17. Identify your constraints

When you begin your procedure, you will find that there are some factors which make you limit your gain in higher results.

If you cannot identify them, they will limit your performances .so try to eliminate them by recognizing those around you.


We procrastinate when we are…? Do you know where? If you do not know where but if you have feeling that you a procrastinator and you should beat it: First find how do you procrastinate. When do you procrastinate?

Procrastinate is not a dangerous illness but a symptom showing that you are wasting your precious time, or you do it due to boredom. There is no single answer for this problem as everybody face it.

But: If you want overcome procrastination for real you need to find the best ways according to your lifestyles. Having a motivator, keeping reasonable deadlines for your tasks, avoid time wasters and also quit multi-tasking and dividing your huge task into small pieces can help you to beat procrastination.

Source – Why should we avoid procrastination? Flavian Mwasi

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