Usually, we called an interpersonal relationship a good relationship between two or more people. With the growth of a person, they have to associate with varieties of people.  At the moment the relationship can be built in between people from society, at home, neighbors, friends, or school. Or we may behave to interact with people we have never met before. 

The relationship may be like a distance relationship or a close relationship. It depends on the situation or the person.

  In childhood, children associate with their families or with close friends. But with the growth, people have the freedom to meet new people, so at the time they met different people.  Building up a good relationship with others can be known as a great opportunity we found to improve our mental health as well as physical health

Importance of Maintaining a Good Relationship

  • Helps to maintain and balance stress and the emotions
  • Helps to develop our ability to understand the emotions of others.
  • Improves the ability to communicate and understand the society surrounding us.
  • Improve our social, mental as well as physical skills
  • Develop self-improvement
  • Develop interpersonal skills (team spirit, communication skills cooperation self-confidence)
  • Building a good relationship helps to relax our mind.

  As mentioned above, building up a great relationship is very important as through it, we can improve so many skills such as problem-solving, cooperation, sympathy, empathy, decision-making, and also critical thinking too.

With whom do we build up relationships? With anybody, you love to be. Then let’s discuss with whom people refer to build up to it.

The relationship isn’t only for two people. We can make relationships with kinds of people or groups. But in childhood, children only used to be in relationship with family and also with their close friends or school. Sometimes people love to be with peer groups, while some prefer to live a lonely lifestyle.

Interacting With Peer Groups Makes Us More Valuable
Interacting With Peer Groups Makes Us More Valuable

By interacting with peer groups or with others, we can learn lots of good skills to be a better people. We can learn how to be a leader and a follower. It is very important when it becomes to a relationship between employee and employer or to follow another person.

So many people love to be a leader than to be a follower. But sometimes we have to play both roles. At that time, we have to act the way we have to be.

Improve physical and mental skills. It develops our team spirit, communication skills, and respective, and also provides an opportunity to learn about others’ ideas. We can learn to share love, happiness, kindness, and our great attitudes towards others too.

Things We Needed to Maintain a Good Relationship

  As mentioned before, when it comes to the moment making an interrelationship, the number of persons included in it isn’t a necessary factor. The important thing is both parties in the relationship must have the skills to maintain it very well.

Here we are going to talk about some important things that we needed to maintain a good relationship.

1. Communication skills

“Making decisions and talking things through with partners is important,”

Galena K. Rhoades,

Normally, communication is talking with others. But sometimes we used some emotions to communicate too. These takes place a huge part of importance in a relationship. By correcting when the mistakes we made while communicating with others, it will lead us to make good interactions with others.

Misconceptions may take place between at any time when in a relationship. The wrong communication or not communication at all would create individual judgment which would negatively impact on the relationships. So, speak up is a necessary thing when starting a relationship.

2. Understand others

One of the most important parts when talking about building up a relationship with others is the ability to understand the other. When we were able to do it, it’s like we made the foundation of that relationship.

Let’s take an example, a relationship between lovers.  According to my personal experience, it does not always depend on gender, race, nationality, or something. Even if the two people understand them more. They can live a better life.

Many people think when we are in a relationship, we have to walk together. Sometimes it is not true because there is no way that people walk together due to sort of reasons like different professions or sometimes there maybe you meet some kind of situations that you have to walk beyond your boundaries in your relationships.

But sometimes we cannot say it because we used to walk together. One may walk faster while another one may walk slower.

The most important thing is we have always been reminded that we have known each other very well no matter what profession or work we have to do, I think we must understand others’ feelings as well as if we can understand them thoroughly and always faith on them, we can build up a good relationship.

3. Be adaptable

Sometimes the situations aren’t as same as we usually face. When you can adapt to the situation, and it can make you more powerful to fulfill your achievements. When we can be flexible, it will improve our decision skills and problem-solving skills. As we always try to act according to the situation, not the way usually does.

4. Be bold

If we are not enough bold when we have a problem, which curses a problem in that relationship. So we have to act boldly to overcome the obstacles that come through this journey of life.

5. Care for the other party

When in a relationship (no matter what the type), caring is an important part. People love it if someone cares for them. The part, caring does not mean always buying what they needed. It is something we can do just by asking how they are doing. Sometimes just a single word can express our care and concern about others

6. Be acceptable

Before making a relationship, try to understand the other person and accept the way are they. If we try to be with someone but find the things they haven’t .what will be the outcome in the end?

7. Be a better partner to the other

It’s like you will only get what you will grow. It’s very different between being alone and being with another person. We make expectations and demands among the others without giving them what they want

If your goal is to find a better partner, then try to become a better partner
be a better partner

When you become a great person, you know how well you should be act with the others.

8.Learn about each other

Sometimes one person may be an introvert while the other is not. When you are beginning to build a good relationship at the moment like this, it is very important to learn about the other person very well. When people begin to learn it, they will know what the other likes and dislikes.

9.Respect and treasure each other.

Even between lovers or partners, we love to be respected. Talking about this key point, it turns into the concept of generation gap. Being Respect is highly talked in there.

The generation gap sometimes can be the reason for an end of a relationship. But when considering the generation gap, it is a very important factor in this subject. Whenever people work or build up relationship with people older than them, they can learn a lot about life and also add valuable things.

The generation gap helps to improve one’s skills like self-confidence, self-improvement, problem-solving, and decision-making skills and also improves the ability to communicate and understand the surrounding society. If we build a great relationship with others, it will be a great opportunity to be loved and to be respected.

* * * * * *

Same as any other relationships, any romantic relationships might have upside downs over the time. A love lasting relationship would not be created within seconds. It necessarily takes a period of time to create such a bond in life.

* * * * * *

10. Be a giver not always takers.

We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.

John Lennon

In relationships we tend to give more what we appreciate, may be the quality time, valuable gifts which impliedly we are giving a thing to our happiness rather than focusing on what other person love.


Simply a relationship is a close connection between two people or more which may be based on a romantic sexual or any other feelings of the personal involved. As it says feelings of both parties are more values within a relationship than anything else.

How we create a great long-lasting relationship with others/our partner? It depends on the way you act. So be aware of the behavior like angrily reacting, criticism, disrespecting partner’s privacy, bringing yourself down and the bad behaviors which you keep killing the peace in your relationship. Best of Luck!

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