The Surprising Power of People Around You

Do you know what causes us to make a decision in life? Is the answer being obvious? You know what’s good for them. Even though you weigh your options and make rational decisions at those moments. But there is still hesitant to make decisions due to the hesitant you have about How do others influence you?

Imagine you are in a restaurant with your colleagues. When you just finished your meal at the restaurant with your collages, if a waiter asked ‘ if you would you like dessert after your meal, the answer is very easy. As it is, yes or no. If you prefer a dessert after your meal, or you want something to fill your belly. Of course, you will answer yes to it. Just looking at your own reasons, you will make your own decision.

But what if there are another five or four people sitting with your table? If each of them already refuses for a dessert, when they asked for a dessert after their meal. How do you react? You are the only person who want it in your table. Willing to stay with your answer or do you change your answer?

If you suddenly change your answer just because of every person refuse for it, that means their answers influence you. That’s how others influence your life.

“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power”

Wael Ghonim

From the birth until today we are surrounding with different kinds of people. Some are very positive minded. They have willingness to work hard to become success, to achieve their dreams. Even though how many times failed, they intend to win challenges and overcome obstacles until they fulfill their goals.

While some are total negative minded. The people who trust about the impossibility rather than 1% of possibility to achieve the goal. They never wanted to try, no matter the results were.

From all those, there are some who always try to encourage and raise us to more than we hope. They are very supportive and act as the strength whenever we feel down. There are good people with great personalities and people who have so many bad behaviors.

How do others influence you; Power of People Around You

How do others influence you
How do others influence you

Even a coin has two sides.  It’s the same for people you surround yourself with, they impact you mainly in two ways.  One way is negative impact, while the other is positive impact. 

Sometimes the people we choose to surround ourselves with according to our personalities, status, wealthiness, or by matching to our routines. 


If we are going to categorize them there are numerous categories; people who love to read, love to encourage/ inspire others, treat others, help others, people who dream big, who like to enjoy discussing interesting things, always be happy, make others happy. 

While there is some love to be alone, always negative minded, lack of self-esteem, time wasters, people with bad habits.

They differ from one to another from appearance, thinking patterns, personalities or behaviors.

You may be wondering why I mention something ordinary like this. How can we categorize people? We don’t need to categorize them but need to understand when we are living in a society which is focused on more negativity rather than positivity. 

Everybody is born in a unique way.  But do you know? Since the day you come to your mom’s belly until date of your death, as Brad Stulberg said, 

The people with whom you surround yourself have an enormous impact on your life in many ways. They shape it. 

When you surrounded with positive minded people

Let’s see what happens when you surround yourself with positive minded people?

No matter how hard we try to catch up with positivity, it is very challenging when we have to act out with society which focuses on negativity more. Even the news, social media and everywhere is filled with complaining, terrible incidents or events.

If you get on an office staff in the morning, you will hear plenty of talks to fill your eardrums. But out of 100% of those talks, there won’t be any place for praising a person. Because a lot of people loved to, gossip about the latest murder, not about the latest innovation. Nobody is there to read or listen to something to relax their mind before starting their work. 

The truth is positive Vibes for yourself. The need to surround yourself with positive minded people or successful, genius, smart is necessary. How do they influence you? Will they help you shape up your life? 

1.You will be happy 

Positive thinking is a key to your happiness.  Our minds are created in a way to exist with things we frequently expose ourselves to. If you frequently stay more time with negative minded people who always keep complaining; after a while, unknowingly, your mind starts to react according to their way. you will start to keep complaining. It is truth because it happened to me.

I used to stay with some kind of people who always praise themselves and compare themselves to others to praise themselves. Normally I am a silent person, but gradually I noticed I was complaining, comparing myself, and I talked too much about the same thing. That’s how I realize the power of people around us is more powerful   

Therefore, it’s very important to explore yourself with positive minded people frequently. It leads to cultivating Seeds of Happiness in your mind.

The possibility of being happy is high among the people who are positive minded
The possibility of being happy is high among the people who are positive minded

2.You won’t be afraid about yourself 

Most of the people who are the loudest on the Internet who try to generate others’ affection, are introverts in their real life. They just make big splash to maintain their popularity in the social media 

it is a cause of the doubtless about their own selves. Therefore, they try to maintain an image to cover up their lives. But interacting with positive minded people will allow you to get out of your circle and see the world with confidence. 

3. You will inspired/motivated more 

Most of the time, what happens is non-appreciation or unappreciated appreciation and flattery for meaningless things.  Many people are waiting to give a little courage to those who want to do impossible things.  But we don’t know that we are really with such people.

 The surrounding person does not have to be the best, the most expert.  But don’t stop, you can, you’re great, if someone tells you from the bottom of their heart, they’re definitely encouraging you.

 Life is very easy to win when we gather around us a group of people who always encourage us to go higher.

4.You will be more focused 

Have you ever heard the phrase “ you are the average of some of the five people you are surrounded with” said by John

The people who are positive minded always work hard and focus on their tasks. When you are surrounded with that kind of person, it is very hard to not be focused, as your mind doesn’t want you to be responsible for destroying someone’s concentration on their work. 

Because of the influence, your mind generates thoughts to get you focused on your work, ‘you need to focus on your work as there is no one there to waste the time with you’. 

5.You will shape up yourself

Surrounding yourself with them gives you perspectives. They teach you to reframe your thinking patterns to view the world from different angles. Being surrounding with someone who loves to dream bigger shape your mindset to not to lose hope once you failed.

The most beautiful thing about being influenced by positive minded people is they guided you to find yourself with the capabilities you have or according to your passions.

Surround yourself with a bunch of like-minded people, and you’ll soak up their habits like a starved sponge. Fat people with fat friends care less about their weight.

Vir Das

Source: What are the types of people you should try to surround yourself with? by Brett Tyler


Negativity spreads quicker than positivity does. But to be successful we need to be positive minded. Therefore, it’s time to take a look at yourself whether there is any good person, or a positive person left in the whole bunch of people you used to surround yourself with.

Surround yourself with people who are blessed with intelligence and knowledge, the people who are highly successful and always willing to work hard, the type which gives you perspectives, the type which motivates you is like you are winning a free ticket for the next level of your successful life.

 As they influence us in many ways, they motivate us, guide us to find the best version of ourselves, help to reinvented ourselves, find passion and yourself and also climb up from the failures to achieve our dreams. Find a mentor for you today.

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