Too often, our minds are accustomed to creating thoughts that can cause us mental breakdowns within our minds. Self-doubt is one of the worst thoughts in our minds. If you also become accustomed to doubting yourself, you will never reach your goals. Because of this reason, we continue to have negative thoughts in our minds.

Low self-confidence drives self-doubt, but the more room you surrender to it, the more it will hurt your self-confidence. Avoid becoming the prey of this vicious cycle. Tackle the real motives that are holding you back.

Gustavo Razzetti

Do you know according to the research, they said most of the people failed to achieve their goals because of self-doubt?

So no matter how much we like things, we can’t get them. (If explain with an example, we love so much to try a new thing it may be a new invention or anything else but always our negative mind stand against us, whenever we are going to do It. therefore we cannot fulfill our goal)

Because of the only thing that always works in our minds is the idea that we cannot, should we allow our minds to control us? The answer is definitely no. We need to control our minds properly using small little tricks.

Then, no matter how much our mind tells us we can’t, we must be confident to say no, we can do it and become successful people.

People used to think Celebrities, top-level people, billionaires or millionaires, or those in high positions have no self-doubt, and they live with full confidence. It may be sometimes because we are talking about the things we can see, but self-doubt is something that’s inside every person. Some face self-doubt properly and get rid of it, while others face self-doubt in everyday life. Because there are always failures in life.

*Have you ever imagined yourself as a loser, or imagined yourself as a winner?*

How this self-doubt arises and how to get rid of self-doubt

Sometimes self-esteem so low because you are obsessing on others’ expectations over how you will do, how you will look and what others may think. you keep on thinking about your problems, failures, brooding over your past, and worrying about the uncertainty of the future. Your self-esteem probably become low when your mind is filled with self-defeating thoughts.

What causes self-doubt?

What causes self-doubt
What causes self-doubt

As I said before, we may think that self-doubt is the worst thought we can have.

1. You have no faith in yourself

 Getting rid of it is the easiest way for us to make our work easier. Sometimes we wonder why this is happening to us. Or I think I cannot do this, I do not know if I can do it, I cannot, a lot of negative thoughts like that. Let’s think like this.

Imagine a moment, We got to sing a song at a huge concert with a large crowd. But no matter how much ability we have, it’s very difficult to do if we do not have faith in ourselves. So first we must build ourselves up and have faith in ourselves.

2. The people around you

One of the main ways in which self-doubt can occur is from the people around us.

When we were little, when someone asked us who we wanted to be when we grew up, we often said different things like a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, or a high profession. Some even dream of going to the moon and becoming president. Gradually, as we grow older, we become more and more interested in the dreams we had in our childhood.

Sometimes it may be different because of maturity, people began to learn themselves and decided to find other great goals to achieve. But the path, sometimes those around us do not allow it.

Then, if we cannot face a challenging situation like that, self–doubt automatically grows up, and we become negatively-minded people. In this situation, we must fight with the people who try to make obstacles in our path, no matter how close they are to us.

 Unfortunately, sometimes even our parents and teachers can be the cause of this.

Here as the author, I would like to express this in my realizing my real life, and I am sharing this to help the people who face the same problem as me. I wish my story will be helpful to those people too.

I have had a similar experience in my life. Furthermore, I also suffered a lot from the self-doubt I had because of those around me that day. I, too, have loved being an English teacher since I was a child. Some people would help me go through that dream until I finished my elementary education.

 The surrounding teachers, then my parents, helped me a lot. However, when I went to higher education after finishing my final exams at school, I had to face a big problem. That was at the last time I could have dreamed of becoming a teacher for years and a lot of people around encouraged me but unfortunately, everyone started saying I could not do that.

They tried to stop my journey by saying that I could not do it, I am not good-looking enough to be a teacher and there were so many things that I was mentally falling for. It affected me so much that finally, I beg that to think that I was ugly, that I could not do it, that I could not teach, I was too young, and that children would not like me.

But luckily, I was able to get rid of self-doubt and move forward as someone with a good personality. Meditation helped me a lot. I did always think I can do it. So finally, today I am a professional teacher of English.

There are still people around me who have discouraged me from going to my dreams. But I associate them at arm’s length because they made me learn a lot to win in my life. This is my story. How I went to my dream through those obstacles.

For this reason, we continue to have negative thoughts in our minds. The following are some of the situations that can have a devastating effect on us.

3. Being negative minded

If we can think positively about everything and manage the work of life and move forward, then it is the best opportunity we have to move forward in our life without self-doubt.

See more about Positive Thinking 8 facts about Why is Positive thinking important

4. You never Love or be yourself

Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Lucille Ball

Some may think that practicing self-care or self-love and trying to be yourself is an act of selfishness. Even one of the greatest people, Lord Buddha, said when we truly love ourselves, we will never hurt others. Read more about being yourself. How to be yourself – best 5 ways to do it

5. Huge Expectations

“Everyone has expectations, and others may have expectations of you as well. By not having any expectations, there will be no disappointment,”


Exam Phobia

Have you ever heard this: “if you cannot pass this exam, you cannot do anything”/ if you cannot do it, your life is over”/” exam is the most important thing among others”. When I was in high school, the most hated word in my dictionary is an exam. I do not know why. But I did great in my exams with my other activities too.

Always Do Your Best At Whatever You Do.

Charles F. Bolden

When it comes to self-doubt, the next big topic to talk about is exam phobia. This is a problem that many school-going children suddenly get sick as soon as they are notified that there is an exam. For others, it may be the day before the exam or the day of the exam, they suddenly felt ill.

There is another group who forget to eat and drink when they are told to take an exam. Some are very busy if they heard a small notice about an exam no eating, no time for a bath, sometimes they are brushing their teeth with focusing on notes. Some haven’t the freedom to use the washroom without books.

Having an exam is like being forced to eat something we do not want to eat. Those are some symptoms that come with exam phobia.

Many people say that the reason for the increase in self-doubt is the exam is the thoughts that have been stored in our minds since childhood. We always think that something is not as important as the exam. So sometimes parents and teachers even try to keep their children away from sports. But you know, if we make the exam a normal thing, we can get rid of the fear of exams in our minds.

We, too, can face the exam with full confidence if we manage our time on time, study well every day, without delay, and do our homework according to a schedule.

Not everyone who has won in the world has passed the exams. Some did not even go to school.

So even it for an exam or any other thing, never let anyone make useless or stressful expectations in yourself.


Overthinking is a natural thing. But when you overthink repeating the same thought  instead of taking actions , it consumes your energy , disables your abilities to make decisions because it creates self-doubt unknowingly. 

It is some kind of action which puts you on a loop of overthinking again and again. The worst result of overthink is it become a reason to lead depression and stress.

How do I stop overthinking?

  • Stop worrying about others’ perceptions or expectations about you. 
  • Learn from the past, do not dwell there.
  • Be willing to learn from everything.
  • Explore yourself.
  • Understand About yourself.
  • Try to accept yourself, as who you are
  • Be Nice to yourself

Adverse effects of self-doubt

Adverse effects of self-doubt
Adverse effects of self-doubt
  1. Suicide or acts to hurt her/himself
  2. Drug addiction
  3. Instant anger
  4. Sleep problems
  5. Social problems
  6. Inability to interact with others

Sometimes self-doubting is very useful

When self-doubt creeps in, don’t ignore it – address it. Respond to harsh self-criticism with something more compassionate. Talk to yourself like a trusted friend and refuse to believe your unrealistic, negative inner monologue.

Amy Morin

As Rich Karlgaard said, Self-doubt can actually help you bloom, and it all starts with how you talk to yourself. Many people in the society try to deal with, self-doubt in a opposite manner. They often advice if you have self-doubt, you need to overcome it.

Self-doubt it normal for everyone. whether you can overcome or not depend on the ability you have. Therefore, as a beginner or person a who cannot overcome self-doubt no matter how hard you try, Let’s try once using another technique. Embrace the self-doubt as a naturally occurring opportunity for growth and improvement.

 It motivates you to enhance your skills and prepares you to face the trials and tribulations of life boldly.

Source – Why is my self-esteem so low? by Gharima Jharotiya

Final thought:

Self-doubt arises through fear of failure, lack of understanding about yourself. If you can think it as a common thing, it will be easy to overcome.

Gain confidence in yourself by Believing that you will overcome challenges. Discovering your strengths and abilities. Stop overthinking about yourself. Inspiring yourself.

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