How positive thinking is act? It always being the act of thinking positively, planning the daily lifestyle according to the situation, and giving ‘yes” comes first. It makes us worry less and avoid negative thinking in our lives.

In some people’s memory cards or galleries, they are full of posts or quotes related to positive thinking. While some always try to share things related to positive thinking. Many always try to talk and advise other people about how positive thinking helps us.

Positive thinking, or an optimistic attitude, is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation

Alison Sherwood

It’s the act of seeing the world in a brighter light, and from a simply different point of view. It is the ability to find the “silver lining” in the bad, the golden nugget in the pile of poop, or the red thread that connects even the worst events to a greater, better cause

But do you know no matter how many shares or advice they give when the time to talk with them in real life, are they really positive minded? The doubt begins to grow in our minds. We can find so many people who are always trying to be a negative person.

Positive thinking is both physically and mentally beneficial to our healthy lives. Because it means we will respond to the problems we have, even if it was an uncomfortable or unpleasant situation, optimistically.

Whenever you got the time try to expertise your way of thinking patterns and make your life a successful one.

Benefits we can gain through positive thinking

What are the benefits of positive thinking? It helps you cope with a stressful situation. It helpful for your both physical and mental wellbeing, encourages self-confidence. it is also playing a major role in both replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts and resilience.

Here are some of the benefits you can earn by changing your ways of thinking into positive thinking.

1. You can engage with your loved ones, colleagues, and with people who you met in your day-to-day life.
2. You will be able to engage in your day-to-day incidents very easily.
3. Not only that, but you will be more creative and productive.
4. Furthermore, you will see your successes and your achievements.
5. Likewise, you may have become an icon, which means you may be a role model who has a great attitude with positive thinking
6. You will feel free to make good decision makings
7. You will be able to improve your skills
8. You can be a person who can inspire others

I mentioned some benefits we can gain through adding positive thinking to ourselves. But if you still think you cannot do it, you are not a knowledgeable person, and always think doubly about yourselves and also if you didn’t try to make a single step forward and think about the things you haven’t and cannot. You will never be able to fulfill anything better in your life.

Try to believe in yourself , believe in your mind as the first step. Making a plan to understand why you have a negative mind or the reasons to underestimate yourselves.

You won’t be able to undo years of pessimism and negative thoughts overnight, but with some practice, you can learn how to approach things with a more positive outlook.


Can I? Or cannot? I have no time ‘I do not know’, what is on your mind?

There is a popular thought:
“You are a sum of the attitudes and behaviors of the five people you used to stay with your time the most.
What does this mean? I know it’s curious, though. First lets how it bonds with positive thinking and what is it?

I will briefly explain this thought, this means we live with different kinds of people and met a lot of people in our day-to-day life. So, if we choose the five people who we stay with the most and consider their behaviors and attitudes, we have all types of attitudes and behaviors they have. I think that’s why elders always asked children to stay with well-educated and well-mannered people.

Positive thinking can grow in our minds through the people with whom we interact the most. That’s how that phrase and positive thinking connect with each other.

Read more about – How do others influence you; 5 surprising affectation

So, when choosing to build up with people, try to stay with positive-minded people. Therefore, you will have a chance to be positive minded too.

When people are facing uncomfortable or unpleasant situations or have to make a huge decision like choosing a profession, performing on a huge stage, or making a speech in front of people, they used to end up the situation with a negative reply.

No, I cannot”
“I don’t know”
“I never do it”
“Can I do it “
“I will do next / or in next day”

A negative mind never gives you a positive life
positive life quotes

Here are some instant negative excuses that negative-minded people come up with in the end whenever they had opportunities to do things.

Lack of self-confidence, self-doubtless, based on another true or false excuse or due to another person, people used to be instantly negative. And ended up saying “I CAN NOT”.

‘Let’s get rid of fear through fear’

You may sometimes think, ‘I cannot’ brings up a next chance to do. But if you allowed your mind to elaborate on the situation thoroughly, you will no longer want to be negative minded.

People quickly come up with negative excuses that may be due to their experiences. Maybe they fail when trying to do a new thing, or maybe are afraid because at the time the outcome was not what they expected.

It doesn’t mean that every time the outcome will be the same. Sometimes we needed to find a second chance, but we haven’t any. What will happen if you get a second chance but refuse it with another bad excuse, like often do?

You be never a successful person. So, try to always be positive-minded and use the change in the better way you can. If you never wanted repentance, then try to get the opportunity.

How to practice positive thinking?

Being positive-minded is not a very complex task. If we can start from an easy step, will automatically become, positive-minded people. Positive thinking doesn’t exist, that you will live in a fantasy. It says just try to make yourself bring forward and also use the opportunities you have to make your life a successful one.

To Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You See

Adam Brandenburger

Here are some tips we can use to practice positive thinking.

1. Read or listen to inspirational stories/quotes/ music

Read or listen to inspirational stories/quotes/ music
Read or listen to inspirational stories/quotes/ music

On YouTube or social media, there is a lot of inspirational music, and you can download and listen to them. Learn more about 9 Best Benefits that How listening to music affects our lives?

Try to read quotes about how to be positive-minded, when you are starting your morning routine. It will inspire you to be positive-minded and at the end of the day will feel better.

Or you can stick some notes with inspirational quotes, wherever you can always stay. So when you entered that premises if the first sight is about a positive thinking/minding thought it will help to set the rest of your life.

2. Try to surround yourself with positive-minded people.

Try to surround yourself with positive-minded people
Try to surround yourself with positive-minded people

As I mentioned earlier, we will be negative if we are surrounded by negative minded. So try to keep a distance from that type of person.

3. Self-esteem


Self-esteem is a very important factor in personal growth. When we have low self-esteem, our minds begin to question our abilities. and tries to always become the right word. Therefore, try to build up your self-esteem. That will automatically make you a better person.

4. Mindfulness practice

Mindfulness practice
Mindfulness practice

It helps to make a relief from mental problems like stress, anxiety depression. And when you start mindfulness, it helps you to be more focused and in the present movement. We can practice Mindfulness to solve a lot of our day-to-day life incidents, whether they are good or bad.

5. Self-Doubt


Self-doubt also a way of making you away from becoming a person with positive thinking. Trying to overcome it will make you a better person too. See more about How to Overcome self-doubt – 5 Easy Ways for Beginners

6.Time management and stop procrastination

Time management and stop procrastination
Time management and stop procrastination

How to manage your day? And it connects with positive thinking.

Time management is a very important factor in a person’s success. If I ask you, have you ever planned your day before starting to work? Is it enough to complete every task you have? The truth is not sometimes the time is not enough. Maybe you already planned your day according to a schedule. But we have only 24 hours, no matter how much we have to do. We need to fulfill our daily needs like eating, showering, sleeping, rest, and other important things.

Do you know the secret of successful people is time management? So first, try to manage your day. Keep some hours for sleep, rest, and eat (some essential needs for a person).

Let’s do it in this way. A little example to manage your 24 hours. If we think you sleep about six hours a day, then you have another eighteen hours left. Note down the things you are going to complete during your day.

Then categorize them according to the time you are trying to spend to complete those tasks. Whenever you are planning your day or completing your task, try always to be positive-minded. Try to think, yes, I will complete it within this time. I will find the time for this too. And also remember to add little break times during those tasks too.

Then you will automatically be able to find the time for yourself. And also, will be able to sweep the word “No, I haven’t time’ as an instant negative excuse who used to hide their habit of procrastination.

Source- What is positive thinking? by Lukas Schwekendiek

In conclusion

Stop wasting your time thinking about what you can do to become positive minded person, cultivate positive thinking in your head. It won’t be easy if you are addicting to a certain pattern. But if you want to become one try practically to become a positive minded person.

It has numerous of powers. positive thinking has the power to motivate you. Inspire you. The positive mindset generates success, it makes you passionate & open minded. It energizes you

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