Happiness is an important part of our lives It is common to all, and it does not depend on whether one is rich or poor, nor does it depend on the vehicle or the appearance. It comes through the things that make you happier.

We all want to be happy. But how to be happy? Do you know how to be happier? Have you ever tried to find the simple ways to be happy by the things with you?

Everyone has something that makes them worried or unhappy. Or maybe there is something in their life that makes them feel so bad. Sometimes you might feel like ‘Why is this happening to me?” Why do I always feel so badly? Can I not be happy? Whenever we cannot find a way that makes us satisfied with it that is the time, we needed to think about the ways the things which make us happy.

Sometimes we think that people who have a lot of money are very happy and have everything. but happiness is not money. We needed to keep it in our minds.

How to be happy As Marcus Aurelius said, very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. Happiness doesn’t depend on the luxury car you used to travel in, how wealthy you are, or how handsome or pretty you are. But it exists in the place where you accept yourself, live in the moment, enjoy it, helps others, work hard to achieve your goals, find your passion and chase it. Finally, the place where you feel relaxed.

If you need to be happy, then let’s see what we need to do. Here are some tips you can use to be happy.

What are the simple ways to be happy?

1. Self-satisfaction

Sometimes it’s easy, but sometimes it isn’t. If we can always be happy with what we have, we can easily find happiness. Self-satisfaction is number one.

 There are sorts of people among us who are used to being happy with the things they have. There some always keep talking about the things they haven’t, the moment they missed. Is there happiness here?

2. Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the moment
Enjoy the moment

The best things that make us happy are always around us. But we never try to look around. So just look for the tiny little moment which makes you blow your happiness and feel the moment without skipping it. This is different from one to another. The reason is that sometimes finding an opportunity to be happy depends on the way you think or the way you react to the moment.

When you begin to live in the moment you will be automatically be able to enjoy the moment. Mindfulness is the best way to learn how to live in the moment/present by enjoying it.

3. Be enthusiastic

Getting used to being enthusiastic can be very beneficial not only for us but also for those around us. People love to stay with this kind of person. Enthusiastic people are very positive-minded. They always try to encourage others and do what they have to do as much as better they can

4. Be yourself and love yourself

Releasing your stagnant expectations for yourself will lead to you being a happier person

Mew Supasit

Have you ever thought about being yourself? Since our childhood, we are dreaming of becoming the person we wanted to be in the future. And we made choices about our fashion, passion for the profession. When we can act according to the way we want, we can easily find our happiness. We know the things which make us satisfied.

We would like to recommend you an easy guide to how to be yourself. If you like. Here – How to be yourself

5. Be positively minded

When we become accustomed to thinking positively all the time, our minds will not allow us to control ourselves. When we are enslaved, he always tries to remind us of things that are not right and to destroy our happiness.

 Because the mind always wants to create negative thoughts in us that we do not have those things, that it cannot be done.

When we do not allow ourselves to be controlled by the mind and always work with positive thoughts, we automatically have SELF CONFIDENCE. So, then we have self-improvement so that we can continue our journey happily. Always try to be positively minded. Here is a little guide for you about the importance of positive thinking.

6. Plan ahead

When you work according to a plan, the path to success becomes clear and productive. We are also pleased to be able to complete the required tasks on time. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Because over time, our lives are like a steppingstone to a higher level. Missing one can cause us to fall.

To take full advantage of the opportunity and be able to work in a planned way through time management.

7. Be happy every time

There are people among us who are always happy. They do not need special reasons to be happy. It is the way of these people to find a real reason or something.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.

Marcus Aurelius

 Be truthful in everything you can. It just needs to change our thinking. You can enjoy reading a book, watching a favorite movie, or even playing a favorite sport. It not only makes us happy, but also enhances our knowledge and skills.

8. Set goals

Goal setting is another way of being happy. Have you ever had that feeling after finishing or completing your work? I do not know how to explain that feeling. So, make a list of goals you hope to achieve. Then step by step make the path to fulfill your goals.

The happiness builds through achieving a goal cannot be compared to anything.

9. Avoid people with negative minds

There is a famous statement, our mind is similar to the sum of the qualities of the five people we used to stay with us the most. Therefore, there are some people we have to avoid while others have to keep

10. Do what you love 

Happiness needed not to be a thing that does not make another one unhappy to make you happy
Be Happy

Here it has the same meaning as “be yourself” we talk about before.  Can you see the difference between when you do something you don’t like and what you love? Doing what you love most will make you happy. It may be something like cooking, swimming, walking or whatever makes you happy.

 When we wanted to be happy, we do whatever makes us happy. We will buy the things we need. We spend our money on traveling. Spend the time with our friends. But remember to find your happiness without making someone unhappy.

11. Engage in a hobby.

Whenever we have a free time, we make it the moment to make our happiness. There are so many hobbies to engage in whenever it’s the free time like Reading books, listening to music, engaging in sports, writing or drawing ad many more.

Hobbies make you happy by distracting your mind from unwanted situations or unpleasant incidents. It opens the room to spend a quality time, freeing up your mind from heavy stress.

(Would you like to know more about hobbies-10 Reasons that why Hobbies are Important)

12.Raise a pet

Happiness is not a gift. It is a hard earned thing. Becoming an animal companion is not easy as it is another responsibility. But having a creature who can provide unconditional love, attention , care and relaxation can make it easier to be happy .

Pets can make you happy in a lot of ways. According to the research: interaction with pets brings you the joy, cure your loneliness, reduce your stress level, while providing great physical and mental benefits.


What do you mean by happiness?

Stop imagining and look inside yourself, what did you find? Find something you love. Do what you are passionate of and love what you are doing.

As mentioned, the Life is beautiful Author: Why do you try to fight what cannot be changed? when Life is something to be experienced every bit of it was meant to be experienced you cannot have one without the other. When you accept this, you begin to live and this my friend is where happiness comes from, it comes from learning to accept defeat, death, pain, suffering, loss. From there you can grow into a person you never thought possible.

Life is about learning and experience, life is the teacher you are the student. Happiness comes from living

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