How can I make my life simpler?

Life has many more simple ways for you. They are many ways to simplify your life and easy things you do every day.

You need to just add some impact to make big changes in life. For that, you need to understand the power of your daily habits. Make your day full of simple habits.

Simplicity means getting rid of many of the things you do so you can spend time with people you love and do the things you love. It means getting rid of the clutter, so you are left with only that which gives you value.

However, getting to simplicity isn’t always a simple process. It’s a journey, not a destination, and it can often be a journey of two steps forward, and one backward.

You have a choice. You can focus on many reasons why you should be dissatisfied, angry, sad or exhausted. Or you can choose wisely on the reasons why you should be happy or grateful. Sometimes you will get what you want. Or other times you may get lessons in mistakes, resilience, empathy, and also about your life.

There are many more ways to simplify your life rather than moving from your hometown, getting a new job, or making complex decisions.

Happiness can be simple. So, how do you simplify your life.

Ways to simplify your life

1. Do what you love

If you want to live a simple and happy life, we must do what we love. Even if you have a lot of money (forget about the money for a moment), focus on whether you do what you really love.

When you do things which make you love life, you will become simpler. When you do what you dislike the life will be completed and exhausted .so try to always find something that can be more effective for you are life with something which will you with enjoy.

Life is too short to live for someone else’s life. So, dedicate your time to simplify your life by things which make you happy.

2. Spend time with nature

Nature is the greatest gift we have. we are here for any reason. But for whatever reason you came to this world, you are lucky enough to enjoy the precious moments of the universe. Free Your Mind, feel the nature for a bit, get out of the program and should create all the people around you. Get into the natural world. It will help to find out how to simplify yourself.

3. Do one thing at a time

Multitasking is the shortcut to wind back to the old routine
Multitasking is the shortcut to wind back to the old routine

It’s very essential to get away from may sound so hard. But when you quit the habit of multitasking, you will be less stressed. Then life will be more simple and joyful.

4. Know thyself ( knowing yourself)

The best way to understand yourself. Who are you? What are your thoughts and emotions? How should you change your habits? What do you optimize your work? How to recognize your fears flows and the things you should eliminate before you organize.

Knowing yourself is very effective to simplify your life.

5. Be present in the moment

You will have thousands of things to do. What if there is not tomorrow? So, try to live and be in the present.

Live, Laugh, Smile, as who know there might be not tomorrow
enjoy your life.

6. Learn to say no

When you are deciding or others try to make the decision over you, if you feel like it wasn’t fit, you learn to say No. Saying No is better than 100 of fake yeses. Then your life become so simple

7. Learn to let go and move on

You cannot change the past. What already happened. The past is gone, cannot bring it back no matter how hard you try to hold it.

If you think you cannot move on because of something, let it go. It’s time to let go of the blocks and move on to a new chapter.

8. Don’t overthink or overanalyze

Are you thinking too much or over analyzing things on your own? Why we waste our precious time to just analyze and overthink. Even it was a tiny thing, most of us has the habit of think a lot about them. Overthinking can make your life complicated.

9. Stop procrastinating

Human has the habit of highly believing that they are smarter. They are perfectionists. Therefore, they make those beliefs as excuses to procrastinate your task. Remember. Whether if you are a student an employee or even if you are a parent, procrastination can ruin everything of yours. Because Procrastination is like a credit card, it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.

So, Stop procrastinating as much as you can. – Ways to avoid Procrastination

10. Do not compare yourself with others

Comparisons sometimes kills your happiness. Try as much as to be yourself without being a copycat. Comparison is very effective when we are trying for some inspiration to level love our own game.

But if you are comparing why looking for a simple life, keep your mind to focus only on the effect of others for your life. even though comparing with others to develop Yourself, do not forget to mind your own business. the simplest of your life is depending on your behavior.

11. Don’t just set goals track them

Life becomes so simple when we can track the goals according to the way we set them. If you cannot chase after your goals, never make an attempt to set a list of goals to add to your to do list. 

Life become so complex when your bag is full of so many goals to be completed. 

12. Embrace minimalism

Becoming minimalistic is a trending topic among people. When you give up on the things that make your life complicated, your life will be a simple and joyful one.

13. Make daily task schedules.

Create a to-do list to your plan. It is a very simple to do. As before, you are going to your bed or at the first moment you wake up, scheduled your day according to the things you have to do.

As the first step, make your bed. It is very beneficial, never than you thought. AS the first task, if you can make your bed before you leave your room, you can get a simple motivation as you have already been completing your first task of your day properly.

14. Get rid of what no longer serves you

Cut off toxic people from your will make your life so simple, if you think that people around you are toxic, why don’t you cut them off. If you cannot cut them off completely, try to lessen the time you spend with them.

15. Smile every day

Smile to strangers is very amazing. Sometimes you may think they look at you like looking at a weird person. But do you know when you can grow the joy, when you can share your simple smile with others, the life become so simple.

16. Do exercise

Doing exercise is a great way to boost your mood easily.

It’s very beneficial in many ways. Improving your self-esteem and well-being in both physical and mental health. Reducing illnesses. Make you away from Procrastination. Relax your mind and there are many more. It helps to keep a balanced emotional life.

17. Journal writing

It helps you deal with difficult emotions and situations. Journaling helps you remember happy memories, and also it helps you to visualize and plan your goals properly. It has the power to reduce our stress.

The habit of keeping a journal writing helps you to let go off those bad vibes by fixing your mood.

Here is a little guide about the importance of journal writing. – best benefits of journal writing

18. Reading

Reading has long-lasting benefits. The benefits of reading are incredible. Research also shown that those who are reading than those who are not, have better analytic abilities. If it was just to make fun or to make knowledge read without stopping. Reading will guide you to find so many simple ways to simplify your life easily.

19. Enjoy the little things

Enjoy every tiny little moment which can fill your life with joy happiness, and love. When you are a person who can enjoy the little things around you, the joy will make your life so simple.

20. Do something outside your comfort zone

Why do not we try to make another step from what we already have and where we are now. There is a famous phrase, it is better to know something about everything than knowing everything about something.

Draw a circle and write those things down outside the circle. This process will not only allow you to clearly identify your discomforts but, your comforts. Write identified comforts inside the circle.

Cylon George

Want to do something out of your comfort zone? Let’s try – 9 Simple Ways to Get Out from Your Comfort Zone

21. Turn do not disturb mode on your phone

It is very helpful when you switch on the do not disturb mode in your mobile phone.

Do not let your mobile phone eat your energy and precious time. Just let it empower you. Even though you want to use social media to remember they are not your lifeline.

One more simple thing while using your mobile phone is we used to check it every 5 minute no matter if there is any notification or not. So do not check your mobile phone every 5 minute or try to scroll social media wasting your time. If you are addicted to your phone, it will kill your whole future.

22. Do not try to be everything to everyone

Most of the time, our lives become more complicated because we try to copy other’s achievements, passions and copying their ambitions. While we think we are responsible to fulfill every expectation other made for us. When you are not being truly the person inside you, but try to be everything to everyone, the hardest part is the pressure you feel inside.

Do not let others control yourself.

That pressure comes through the fear to be disappointed, try to be responsible for everyone’s expectations.

23. Be yourself

Never be ashamed to be yourself. Being yourself is one of the best ways to simplify your life.

It is very easy to live a simple life when you have the freedom to live the way you desire to live. Be yourself is a concept comes with lessening the complex life to a simple life inside you. Here a place to how be yourself important to your life – How to be yourself – best 5 ways to do it


Simple living is a way of life. Minimalism is a worldwide trending concept in today. It allows you to be reduces your stress level and to live a happy life. The greedy to earn money make people have a structured lifestyle like a robot.

But simple living opens the opportunity to brings back your optimistic outlook on your life.

To break the complex, miserable and the exhausted lifestyle you have: start from today to simplify your life. keep going, good luck.

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