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self-deprecation example

Self-Deprecation Example: 30 Examples of Deprecation Humor

In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 different examples of self-deprecation. Self-deprecating humor or behavior ...

self-deprivation vs self-deprecation

Self-Deprivation vs Self-Deprecation: 2 Harmful Behaviors

You know that little voice inside your head that likes to remind you of all ...


Self-Effacing : Why You Should Stop The Self-Effacing Humor

Have you ever caught yourself making a joke at your own expense to ease tension ...

how to stop self-deprecating

How to Stop Self-Deprecating: 13 Ways for Beginners

Self-deprecation is a type of humor that involves making fun of yourself. It’s not meant ...

Self-Deprecating Narcissist

The Self-Deprecating Narcissist: A Contradiction in Terms?

Ever met someone who constantly puts themselves down yet never seems to tire of talking ...

self-deprecating vs self-effacing

Self-Deprecating vs Self-Effacing:The Pros ,Cons and Impact

So you think you’ve got a great sense of humor, huh? You’re always ready with ...

is self-deprecating humor attractive

Is Self-Deprecating Humor Attractive:The Psychology Behind It

You think poking fun at yourself will make you more likable and relatable. After all, ...

self-deprecation manipulation

Self-Deprecation Manipulation: How It Undermines Self-Worth

You know that friend who constantly puts themselves down with self-deprecating humor? At first, you ...

Is Self-Deprecation Bad

Is Self-Deprecation Bad: Why Putting Yourself Down Is So Bad

You know that little voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough? ...