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Believeinmind.com is developed as a partnership website by two individuals 

Ganindu Ravihara

Founder/Site editor – Ganindu Athapaththu

Hi, I’m Ganindu, a Freelancing Web developer, and a graduate of Industrial mechatronics from the department of Industrial mechatronics at CGTTI.
I partially work as a graphic designer. I also have skills in CAD designing and troubleshooting. I do Roboticist, Video game development, and 3D printing, and love to play video games which helps me to keep up with technological changes. I also run another website about Mechatronics as Easy Mechatronics.

Even though I’ve skilled in the IT field, my interest in Psychology Education and self-development made me create this blog. Therefore, I became the founder and the designer of Believe In Mind Blog which is about self-development, personal growth, and mind hacks.

Co-Founder/Content creator – Sanju Danthanarayana

Hello there, I’m Sanju, a local consultant who lives in a peaceful city in Sri Lanka. I am currently studying psychology education to develop my career as a consultant while working as the content creator for the blog Believe In Mind. It is about self-development, personal growth, and mind hacks. And also, a trainee teacher of English language, and a graduate student in the English language from the Esoft metro campus.

I would like to express myself as a young ambitious girl who is eager to learn and explore. Because I’m always looking for new ways to connect with people and make an impact in the world.

www.believeinmind.com exists to offer a hand for the people who are seeking a hand to change and grow their thinking patterns for a better life. We strongly believe that the thinking pattern can change and outline the lives in many ways. Our diversified team intends to help the readers to grow, transform and glow in their lives.

Our site is mainly publishing articles under three categories |self-growth| Know Thyself |Calm Your Mind| , under each category you can reach to various articles about Self Love, how to find yourself, Happiness, Personal Growth, ways to relax your mind & also secrets for Success.

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Ganindu Athapaththu- Founder

Sanju Pradeepa – Co-Founder,