The journey to self-growth did not always have the easiest methods. The victory of self-growth was often hard won. It consists of battles between your thoughts, actions and also emotions. Self-growth does not improve just because you are born as a human, nor your parents take care of you.  You need to overcome self-doubt, need to face challenges, and also divert your mind to a positive mindset. However, at least we need to be thankful for yourselves for everything that happens in your life from the beginning to the present moment. Need to Thankful for being with you every time.

Is Low Self-Esteem a Weakness?

When I asked this question (Is Low Self-Esteem a Weakness?), some people told me that low self-esteem is not a weakness. They said it is just an issue that needs to be addressed and worked on because it will affect your personal life and professional career. So, if you have...

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