Are you a failure? No, you are not. You are a winner. But the thing you did not understand is, you easily choose to give up just because you are afraid of failure.

Do you know that rather than afraid to fail, a lot of us are just afraid of the word fail. Because we used to define the word failure for negativity. 

Failure is like the bitterness or soreness of lemons. If somebody asks if you want to taste a lemon, the answer is absolutely not. We do not like it because it is so bitter. Then you’re somebody else. Do you want some lemonade? Don’t you like it? You will surely like it because it is no longer bitter. 

So, failure is like a lemon. If you see it as something bitter you won’t understand if we add some ingredients, it will become delicious.

Every moment when you feel failure, if you are scared of failure, that means you still didn’t see the delicious part of it. 

You only see the failure as a negativity, a permanent loss.

But if you build up your mind to consider the word of failures as stepping-stones on your road to success, you will no longer be afraid of failure.

Nobody asked you to fail; they asked you to defeat it. Overcome it as much as you can because if you are stuck somewhere because of failure, nobody will be able to give you a hand.

The way of overcoming the fear of failure is always in your palm.

How to overcome failure 

Find the sources of your failures

Failures come into our lives in many ways. It is very easy to overcome your fear of failure when you are able to identify the sources of your failures.

Some sources are beyond your control, while there are also sources of fear under your control. Determining those fears can help you free yourself from this terrible fear and step forward to overcome the fear of failure.

How failure comes to your life?

  • Having a negative mindset 
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Have no faith in yourself 
  • Habit of giving up easily 
  • No goal setting

Create a resume of your failure

It feels depressing and exhausting at the beginning. It reminds you of unpleasant memories that you faced due to those failures. Even though it is painful at first sight, it shows you where you need to improve. How do you make decisions? What made you fail at those moments?  

Creating a resume about your failures helps to identify your mistakes. Find the things you are passionate about. It gives you the chance to try new things. 

Finally, it makes you realize the difference between failing a task and failing as a person.

There is a difference between failing at a task and being a failure as a person
There is a difference between failing at a task and being a failure as a person

Enjoy the failure

In order to enjoy every tiny little victory or a joy of winning in your life, you must at least once taste the bitterness of failure.

Accept and embrace failure as if it were a component of your victory. If you never tasted failure, where can you celebrate this victory with the same person who tasted failure? 

We used to think that failure was something we must avoid, but it is not. It is something that provides us with the first opportunity to realize our full potential.

 Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success

James Dyson.

When you begin to embrace failure, you can easily find your victories by making fun of your failures.

Reduce Expectations

At the moment, your expectations exceed the capacity of your work. It brings you self-doubt. It makes you overthink. Make you spend more time on it than you would like to. When you have huge expectations, you unknowingly open the door to fear of failure and disappointment.

Even though you have huge expectations, you need to understand that you can’t change reality. If you lack the confidence to accept failure or loss after making a wrong decision, the best solution is to reduce your expectations. and change the way you expect things. 

Changing your behavior or having huge expectations will make you relieved and happy. while helping you overcome the fear of failure in another way.

Don’t give up 

Don’t give up
Don’t give up

I am not failing. I am a winner not because I did not experience failure, but because I chose not to give up.

It’s OK to be scared; it’s OK to cry. Everything is fine, but giving up should not be an option. Failure is an option. But it must not be an option just because you are afraid of failure.

Never let the inability to dictate yourself get in your way. If you have the ability, try as hard as you can to overcome fear without giving up easily. 

It’s OK to fail because we only learn new lessons if we fail. You will never be a winner if you choose to give up every moment when you experience failure. 

Can you remember when you were a kid? You have the willingness to try to walk. No matter how many times you fail, even if your parents try to stop you, if you think you want to learn to walk, you will. If you wanted to step up the staircase, you would, and if you failed the first time, you would try another hundred times in different ways. 

That’s how a difficult person reacts to failure when he or she was a child. You never hesitate to do what you want, even if you tried so hard to cry that you hurt yourself as a result of your efforts. That’s why kids became the best example for people who wanted to overcome their fear of failure.

But when you grow up and become a big person, you will give so easily wherever you fail. 

Remember giving up never Cross Your Mind when you are a kid. So don’t be afraid to face it because you are a grown up. Try it the way you tried when you were a kid. 

Face the failure 

Failure makes you upset. It brings you pain. If you want to cry because you keep failing, do so without holding back. If you want to express your inner thoughts in any other way, let them come outside. Let your mind soak up the pain.

Don’t try to hide the pain we feel anymore.  It makes us afraid to lose even more.  So, face it without fear.  Don’t think the childish way, you will never be able to win because you made one mistake in your life.  Because of failure, we will not lose everything, so face it without fear.

As Patrik Edblad said, the only way to become good at something is to be willing to fail at it. Success demands failure. so, we need to take action despite our fear of failure.

Learn from your Mistakes

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

Albert Einstein

Even though because of the Pride Or the need to continue the image, sometimes people do not accept their mistakes. But they learn to do their best and succeed, and at the end they embrace the success with joy.  

Then why do people not embrace the power of learning from their own mistakes? That’s how fear of failure affects us. Mistakes may be painful and unpleasant, as mentioned earlier under some points. But the lessons they teach cannot be learned from reading or anything else. 

So, remember, none of us are perfectly created human beings. We do succeed as well as make a lot of mistakes. Therefore, as Adam Osborne said, a mistake is one of the most valuable things you can make because you cannot learn anything from being a perfect person. 


People seek their happiness to follow flaws to find the success in their lives. Even though they embrace success, they never understand the power of failure. 

Failure happens every time. Every successful person has a lot of failures behind their success. If they are stuck where they fail, we will never be able to see any of the amazing creations we enjoy every day. 

Keep your thoughts, behaviors, and even habits positive. Value yourself and lead it on the right path to success by learning from where you fail, embracing and enjoying failure. Even if you fail 100 times at one thing, there are still opportunities around you. 

You are not going to fail in everything just because you failed once or twice. The important thing is that at least you have tried. You gain experience. Keep going, keep trying; a wonderful future is waiting for you. Never be afraid of failure.

Always believe in yourself. If you don’t, who will? 


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