How do you know if someone likes you? It’s an age-old question that can be tricky to figure out. While some people are straightforward in expressing their affection, many are more subtle. They show they care in small ways that you may not even pick up on at first.

Have you noticed them laughing at all your jokes recently, even the ones that aren’t that funny? Do they find excuses to touch your arm when you’re talking or playfully punch you on the shoulder? These little gestures could be signs that this person is into you in a major way. Before you know it, you’ve become the highlight of their day, and they’re going out of their way to make you smile.

Pay attention; these quirky signs are how shy folks flirt. The person in front of you may be head over heels, even if they haven’t said the words yet.

Unusual Signs Someone Likes You

Unusual Signs Someone Likes You
Unusual Signs Someone Likes You

When someone likes you, they may show it in unusual ways. Here are a few quirky signs to look out for:

1. They get nervous around you.

If they get tongue-tied, stumble over their words, or seem anxious in your presence, it could be because they have a crush on you. The excitement and adrenaline rush of being around you make them feel out of sorts in an endearing, awkward way.

2. They tease or pick on you.

Like little kids on the playground, people often express affection through playful teasing or ribbing. If someone gives you a hard time in a good-natured, funny way, it could be their way of flirting and trying to get your attention.

3. They find excuses to touch you.

Whether it’s a playful push, touching your arm when speaking, or giving you a quick hug, physical contact is a sign of attraction and intimacy. If they go out of their way to make physical contact with you, it’s a sign they’re interested in being more than just friends.

4. They do small favors for you.

If they usually offer you help, bring you coffee or little gifts, hold the door, or carry things for you, it shows they want to do things to make you happy and win your affection. Those little acts of kindness are a sign they care about you more than a friend.

5. They maintain eye contact.

If they gaze into your eyes, make frequent eye contact, or have trouble looking away from you, it indicates they find you fascinating and captivating. Eye contact triggers arousal and excitement, so they may be revealing hidden feelings through their lingering looks.

6. They stumble over their words.

The nerves of liking someone can temporarily disrupt their verbal skills. Stammering, pausing a lot, or rambling are all signs they have a crush on you.

7. They laugh at all your jokes.

Whether you’re funny or not, their overeager laughter is a symptom of those fluttering feelings in their stomachs whenever you speak. They just want to please you.

8. They make extra eye contact.

Do they gaze at you for longer than normal? Making frequent eye contact is a way to connect with someone they like romantically. Of course, in some cultures, extended eye contact can be seen as rude or disrespectful, so consider the context.

Next time you interact, watch for these signs of attraction. Nervous excitement is often an indicator that this person’s interest in you is becoming more than just friendly. Their anxiety and enthusiasm will show through in these charming ways.

9. They mirror your actions.

When someone likes you, they may start mirroring your actions without even realizing it. This unconscious behavior shows they’re focused on you and trying to build a connection. Here are some signs to look for:

10. They copy your body language.

Do they cross their legs when you do or rest their chin on their hand in the same way? Mirroring your posture and gestures is a sign they’re interested in what you’re saying and trying to bond with you.

11. Their speech patterns match yours.

Listen to them repeat some of your unique words, phrases, or expressions. Or, notice if they start talking at the same quick or slow pace and with a similar inflection and accent as you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

12. They follow your lead in conversations.

If you bring up a new topic, do they go along with it enthusiastically? Or do they wait to see if you laugh before chuckling at a joke? Looking to you to set the tone shows they value your opinion and mood.

13. They want the same snacks or drinks as you.

It may seem like a small thing, but paying close attention to your preferences and tastes is telling. Your craving for pizza or coffee just got contagious! Offering to get the same treat for you both strengthens your connection through sharing an experience.

With a little extra attention, mirroring clues can reveal if someone’s interest in you goes deeper than a casual acquaintanceship. Their chameleon-like adoption of your subtle behaviors is an instinctual way of signaling, “We have a lot in common. I like you and want to be on the same page.” Use these signs as a cue to start an open conversation about what you both want.

14. They find excuses to touch you.

When someone likes you, they often can’t keep their hands off you. No, not in a creepy way—more like playful touches on your arm when you make them laugh or a quick squeeze of your shoulder to get your attention. These small touches are one of the surest signs that they’re attracted to you.

Maybe they offer a high five that lingers just a little too long or a friendly hug that feels closer and tighter than normal. They might playfully punch you in the arm when joking around or brush an eyelash off your cheek. When you’re close together, do they put their hand on your knee or the small part of your back?

These types of touches are a dead giveaway that they’re into you. They simply can’t resist making physical contact, even in small, subtle ways. Next time you’re together, pay close attention to how often they find excuses to touch you. If it seems more frequent or lasts just a bit longer than normal friend behavior, there’s a good chance they have feelings for you.

The key is that the touching seems natural and unforced. If it feels awkward or makes you uncomfortable, that could be a sign that the attraction isn’t mutual or that they lack proper social skills. But when the touching is warm, genuine, and makes you feel good, take it as a clear sign they’re romantically interested in you.

15. They ask lots of questions about you.

When someone likes you, they’ll want to get to know you better. One of the clearest signs is that they ask you lots of questions about yourself. Not just superficial questions, but deeper questions that show genuine interest in who you are—your experiences, perspectives, values, and dreams.

16. They Laugh More Around You

When someone laughs more in your presence, it’s a sign they feel comfortable around you and enjoy your company. Their guard is down, and they feel free to be playful and silly.

  • They make more eye contact and smile wider. When they laugh, notice if they’re looking right at you. And check if their smile reaches their eyes, causing crow’s feet. It shows that their joy is genuine. t
  • They laugh at things that aren’t that funny. If they seem to laugh at everything you say, even things that aren’t meant to be jokes, it means they’re eager to share in your enjoyment and bond over the interaction.
  • They touch you more when you’re laughing. A quick touch on the arm or playful push shows they feel comfortable engaging with you physically in a casual, fun way.
  • They laugh longer and louder. Big, uninhibited belly laughs, especially in response to your comments or stories, mean they feel free to be fully expressive around you without judgment.
  • Their laughter is contagious. You find yourself laughing more and louder, feeding off their energy. This shared sense of joy and silliness creates intimacy and connection.

The next time you make them laugh, pay close attention. Look for these clues: their laughter signifies comfort, joy, and a desire to deepen your bond. Let loose and join in their laughter; it will bring you closer together and open the door for more playful interactions and quality time together.

17. They try to remember details about you.

When someone genuinely likes you, they’ll go out of their way to remember even the smallest details about you. Not just your birthday or middle name, but the little things that make you you.

  • They remember your coffee or drink order and have it ready for you. Whether it’s a caramel macchiato, a matcha green tea latte, or just a plain drip coffee, they make a note of how you like it and surprise you with your favorite pick-me-up.
  • They recall the names of your friends and family members and ask how they’re doing. They know your best friend’s name is Katie. Your brother just started a new job, and your dog Rufus had a vet checkup last week. The fact that they contain these details shows they’re paying close attention.
  • They refer to past conversations you’ve had, recalling little stories or tidbits you mentioned in passing. Like how you used to have a hilarious teacher named Mr. Thompson in 3rd grade or your obsession with the boy band of the 90s, *NSYNC. The ability to recall these types of specifics means your words have resonated with them.
  • They notice subtle shifts in your mood or behavior, even from a text message. They can tell when you’re having an off day or need extra support just from the tone of your messages. Their emotional intelligence and empathy towards you reveal a level of care and affection that goes deeper than the surface level.

When someone makes the effort to become a student of you—learning your quirks, preferences, backstory, and mannerisms—it’s a sign they have genuine feelings. Their desire to know you fully, even in small ways, says more than any grand overture or profession of love ever could. Pay attention to these quiet clues; they speak volumes about how much you mean to them.

18. They get protective or territorial of you.

Have you noticed your crush acting protective or territorial around you lately? That’s a sign they’re really into you! When someone likes you romantically, they can get possessive. They want to shield you from potential threats and make sure no one else tries to win your affection.

  • They hover close by or put an arm around you when you’re talking to attractive acquaintances or strangers. This displays to others that you’re “taken” and reinforces their claim on you.
  • They ask probing questions about anyone you mention being of a different sex. They want to gauge if this person could be a potential rival for your feelings.
  • They make pointed eye contact with anyone who checks you out or flirts with you. Just a quick stare is enough to convey the message “Back off, they’re mine!”.
  • They find excuses to steer you away from anyone who seems overly friendly or touchy with you. Whether it’s suggesting you grab another drink or go dance in a different area, they’ll maneuver you out of that interaction.
  • They talk about the future using “we” and “us”, demonstrating they see you as a unit. Statements like “We should try that new restaurant next week” or “Where should we go for our next vacation?” Hint: they’re in it for the long haul.

While some jealousy and protectiveness are normal and even flattering, too much can cross into possessive territory. But if their actions seem genuinely caring and they give you independence, too, their territorial behavior is probably just a sign they like you! The more they claim you, the more they want to make you their own.

19. They fix their hair or clothes in your presence.

When someone likes you, they may do little things to make themselves more attractive around you without even realizing it. One sign is that they fix their hair or clothes when you’re present.

Have you noticed them casually tidying up their outfit or styling their hair when talking with you? Do they usually straighten their collars or smooth down a flyaway? These small acts of primping are an unconscious way of wanting to look their best in front of someone they’re attracted to.

People are aware of how they appear to those they want to impress. Your presence motivates them to make minor adjustments to their looks to win your favor or admiration. They’re also signaling that they care what you think of their appearance and want to present their best selves to gain your approval.

While grooming behaviors alone don’t definitively prove romantic interest, they can be combined with other signs like frequent eye contact, leaning in close, or finding small ways to touch you. It’s a good indication that this person sees you as more than just a friend. Don’t be surprised if you also catch them checking their reflection or staring at you when they think you’re not looking. Their attraction is revealed by these instinctual actions.

Though these preening habits may seem insignificant, they reveal what’s going on beneath the surface. Pay close attention, as these clues often expose someone’s true feelings for you, even if they’re not yet ready to say so in words. Their subconscious mind is constantly trying to persuade you in every possible way.

20. They Lean Toward You When Talking

When someone likes you, they’ll often subconsciously lean in closer to you when engaged in a conversation. This shows they’re interested in what you have to say and want to give you their full attention.

Lean in and make eye contact. If they mirror your body language, that’s a sign they feel a connection. Notice if they seem to hang on to your every word or ask follow-up questions. This indicates your chat is meaningful to them and they want to keep the discussion going.

Pay attention to their feet as well. If their feet are pointed at you, even if the rest of their body is not, this usually means they find you interesting or appealing. Crossed legs can also signal that they’re comfortable and relaxed around you.

Watch out for gentle teasing or playful banter. Some light ribbing or joking can be a way for them to engage with you in a casual, friendly way without being too serious. See if they laugh easily around you or seem amused by the little things you say or do. Making someone laugh can be an effective way to create a connection since it can cause the release of endorphins that make people feel good.

Don’t be afraid to test the waters with some casual touches like a quick hug, a playful shove, or briefly placing your hand on their arm. Gauge their reaction to see if they seem receptive or pull away. Lingering, affectionate touches are usually a clear sign that their interest in you is more than just friendly.

The next time you’re chatting with someone you like, check for these clues. One or two signs on their own may not mean much, but several of these behaviors together likely indicate this person is leaning into you for a reason. Take a chance and lean right back—you never know where it might lead!

  • Likes on your selfies or posts about your day may show they enjoy seeing what you’re up to and how you’re doing. Pay attention if they like most or all of your posts.
  • Thoughtful comments, especially on more personal posts, suggest they want to engage with you and support you. Look for comments that show they’ve read what you wrote.
  • Private messages or tagging you in posts are even better indicators that they want one-on-one interaction. If they message you out of the blue or share things that remind them of you, that’s a promising sign.

The importance of understanding unusual signs of attraction

The importance of understanding unusual signs of attraction
The importance of understanding unusual signs of attraction

Has that cutie been acting a little strange around you lately? Before you chalk it up to wishful thinking, look for these signs that they may be head over heels.

  • Lingering eye contact: If they seem to gaze at you for a few seconds longer than normal, that’s usually a good sign. Extended eye contact releases oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’, and signals they find fascinating.
  • Playful teasing. :Some lighthearted ribbing or jokes at your expense could mean they’re flirting. Teasing in a fun, friendly way shows they’re comfortable with you and trying to make you laugh. But beware if the ‘jokes’ cross the line into hurtful territory.
  • Finding excuses to touch you.:A quick hug, a playful push on the arm, or grabbing your hand could all be excuses to get some physical contact. Any type of touch causes a dopamine rush in the brain that makes us feel good and associate those feelings with the other person.
  • Mirror your body language. If they copy the way you sit, stand, or gesture, it could be an unconscious attempt to bond with you. Mirroring someone else’s behavior is a sign you’re engaged and interested in connecting with them.
  • Going out of their way for you.:Doing random favors or offering you help when you need it are ways of showing they care. Pay attention if they usually go out of their way to make you happy or make your day a little easier. Thoughtful gestures, no matter how small, are a sign of genuine affection.

The Power of Perception

The Power of Perception
The Power of Perception

Perception is everything regarding noticing the subtle signs someone secretly likes you. The way you view the world and yourself directly impacts what you notice and what you miss.

Develop a perceptive mindset.

To pick up on those quirky clues, adopt an open and curious mindset. Tell yourself you’re interested in learning more about others’ behaviors and motivations. Pay close attention to body language, tone of voice, and word choice. Look for patterns and connections. The more you practice perceptive thinking, the more intuitive it will become.

Of course, your self-awareness plays a role too. If you tend to be self-critical or doubtful about your appeal to others, you probably dismiss any signals as wishful thinking. Work on building your confidence from the inside. As you start to believe you’re someone worth liking, you’ll be more receptive to the signs.

Look for the little things.

The clues that matter are usually subtle. Things like leaning in close when you talk, frequent touches on the arm, playful teasing, or remembering little details you mentioned in passing Don’t ignore repeated invitations to hang out alone or to make you laugh. These little acts of affection and intimacy, especially when combined, are sure signs someone’s more into you than meets the eye.

With an open and confident mindset, along with an eye for the little details, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on understanding who’s interested in you. The signs are there—you just have to be willing and able to see them.

What are the ways to express unusual signs?

What are the ways to express unusual signs
What are the ways to express unusual signs?

This is a question that many people may have, especially if they feel different from others or have a unique personality. There is no right answer to this question, but some possible ways to express yourself include using your creativity, communication skills, and actions. You can use your creativity to show your interests, passions, and talents by creating something that reflects who you are and what you enjoy.

You can use your communication skills to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions by writing or speaking about topics that relate to your views and experiences. You can use your actions to demonstrate your values, beliefs, and goals by getting involved in activities that support your cause, club, project, or dream.

1. Unconventional body language

Their body language says it all. Even if they don’t come right out and tell you how they feel, these quirky signs show this person is head over heels for you:

Frequent eye contact

Do they gaze at you often from across the room? When talking, do they maintain eye contact for longer than is typical? Lingering eye contact is a sign they want to connect with you on a deeper level.

Standing tall

Someone interested in you will subconsciously try to appear more confident by standing up straight with their shoulders back to impress you. They want to look their best in your presence.

Mirroring your movements

If they mirror your body language, like crossing their legs when you cross your legs or leaning in when you lean in, it means they feel connected to you. Your gestures and stances are in sync, just like your blossoming relationship.

Facing you

Their chest, feet, and knees will be pointed in your direction, showing you have their full attention. If they pivot their whole body to engage with you whenever you speak, that’s a sign you’re their priority at that moment. Take notice of how much focus they give to others in comparison.

The next time you interact, pay close attention. These quirky cues, as unconventional as they are, can reveal what this person is feeling for you beneath the surface. Their body language doesn’t lie!

2. Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication can reveal how someone feels about you in subtle ways. Pay attention to the little details—they may show this person is into you more than you realize.

Facial expressions are a window into their emotions. Do they light up when they see you? Flash a lot of smiles and laughs and make frequent eye contact. This shows they’re engaged and enjoying your company. Are their pupils often dilated? This can indicate attraction and excitement.

Touch is telling. Friendly touches like playful pushes, pats on the back, or lingering hugs can signal interest. Are high-fives or handshakes lingering a bit longer? Do your legs or feet touch under the table? These small points of contact create intimacy and connection.

How closely do they stand or sit next to you? If someone keeps cozying up next to you or stands closer than normal social distance, they’re likely craving more proximity and intimacy. They want to be near you—a sign you’re on their mind.

Pay attention to these subtle clues to decode how they feel. A person’s interest can be shown through nonverbal signs like eye contact, physical touch, and personal space. A person’s interest can be shown through nonverbal signs like eye contact, physical touch, and personal space. Read between the lines—their body language may be speaking volumes.

3. Quirky Conversational Clues

When someone likes you, they may show it in unexpected ways. Their quirky conversational clues are signs they want to keep talking to you.

Lots of questions

If they ask you lots of questions about yourself and your interests, that’s a sign they want to get to know you better. Answer openly and ask them questions in return. Engaging in genuine back-and-forth dialog is a great way to build connections.

Random Topics

The conversation may jump between unusual or random topics. This shows they’re excited to chat with you about anything and everything. Go with the flow; some of the best conversations wander.


Playful teasing or joking around is a way for them to flirt while testing the waters to see how you’ll respond. Tease them back gently in the same silly, lighthearted spirit. Laughter and play are the foundations of a fun, easygoing dynamic between you.


Compliments on small details about your style or personality mean they’re paying close attention. Say thank you and compliment them in return with a genuine, specific compliment of your own. Mutual appreciation and admiration are signs of a deeper attraction.

The key is listening fully, picking up on nuance, and engaging openly. Let the conversation flow naturally; show interest in learning more about them, too; and have fun with it! Quirkiness can lead to connections. These playful interactions may be signs that this person wants to get closer to you, so start a real conversation and see where it leads.

4. Social Media Insights

Social media provides a window into someone’s interest in you through the little details. Those likes, comments, and private messages on your posts could be subtle signs that they find you fascinating.

However, be cautious about reading too much into social media’s actions. Some people liberally like and comment on friends’ posts without a deeper meaning. And unsolicited messages from relative strangers could cross boundaries or make you feel uncomfortable.

If you suspect someone’s interest based on their social media behavior, look for other signs in person. Do they seem engaged when you talk? Compliment or flirt with you? Then you might consider reciprocating their digital gestures or starting an in-person conversation about getting together. But go slowly until you’re sure the feelings are mutual and they respect your limits.

Social media may provide clues, but real-world interactions are the only way to truly understand if the interest and connection are there. So, enjoy the little thrills of a like or comment, but don’t let a virtual crush become more real than reality.

  • They may ask about your hobbies and passions, wanting to discover what makes you tick. Questions like, “What do you do for fun?” or “If you could instantly become an expert in one subject, what would it be?”
  • They inquire about your goals and opinions. For example, “What are you most looking forward to in the next few months?” or “How do you think that political issue should be handled?”
  • They ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. Rather than just polite small talk, they probe deeper by asking things like, “Oh, really, what did you study in college?” or “That’s fascinating; what was that experience like?”

The more they ask, the more they care. While some friendly strangers may ask a few polite questions, someone who has a romantic interest will ask question after question, eager to gain useful knowledge about you. They want to find out what makes you unique so they can get closer and build intimacy.

So if you notice someone in your life asking lots of meaningful questions about your experiences, values, and dreams, there’s a good chance their interest in you goes beyond the platonic. Their curiosity is a sign that they want to understand you fully, and that’s a very good sign they’re into you!


So there you have it—a few unusual ways to know if someone’s crushing on you hard. The next time you’re chatting with that cute barista or coworker, pay attention to the little details. Do they always try to run into you? Playfully tease or joke around more than usual? Get tongue-tied or stumble over their words?

These quirky interactions could be their awkward way of flirting. And if all else fails, check your phone; you might just find a random late-night text from them ‘just because’. The signs are there. You just have to be on the lookout for these not-so-subtle signals that they’re more into you than you think. Now get out there and see who’s been secretly crushing on you!


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