Comparison mainly brings you two things. One is happiness, while the other is a feeling of satisfaction.But it depends on the thing you use to make comparisons. Sometimes comparison gives you the motivation to raise yourself. But it depends on whom you compare yourself to. With a better person or a worse person? We normally do it even if he is a better person or whoever was a worse person.

When you compare yourself with someone who is greater than you, the comparison can sometimes bring you unhappiness. But happiness can motivate you to surpass that person. Sometimes it can demoralize you when you feel that they are very lucky to have the intelligence to having the gift of appearance with them.

If the comparison helps you become a better person when you are comparing yourself with another person, then why should you still stop comparing yourself with others?

Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We often look at people who seem to have more success, wealth, beauty, or happiness than us, and we feel inferior or envious. This can lead to low self-esteem, resentment, and frustration. However, comparing ourselves to others is not only unfair, but also unrealistic and unproductive.

Here are some reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others and some tips on how to do it.

First of all, comparing yourself to others is unfair because you are not seeing the whole picture. You are only focusing on the aspects that you perceive as better or worse, but you are ignoring the many other factors that make up a person’s life. For example, you may envy someone’s career success, but you don’t know what sacrifices they had to make, what challenges they faced, or what personal problems they have.

You may feel inferior to someone’s physical appearance, but you don’t know what health issues they have, what insecurities they struggle with, or what effort they put into maintaining their looks. You may admire someone’s happiness, but you don’t know what sorrows they have endured, what fears they have overcome, or what gratitude they practice. In other words, you are comparing your behind-the-scenes footage with their highlight reel, which is neither fair nor accurate.

Secondly, comparing yourself to others is unrealistic because you are not the same as anyone else. You have your own unique combination of strengths, weaknesses, talents, interests, values, goals, and experiences. You have your own personality, preferences, and perspectives. You have your own journey, challenges, and opportunities.

Therefore, it makes no sense to measure yourself against someone else’s standards or expectations. You are not competing with anyone else; you are only competing with yourself. You should focus on your own growth and improvement, not on how you rank or compare to others.

Thirdly, comparing yourself to others is unproductive because it does not help you achieve anything. It only wastes your time and energy, which could be better spent pursuing your own goals and dreams. It also robs you of your joy and satisfaction with what you have and who you are. It prevents you from appreciating your achievements and celebrating your progress. It distracts you from your purpose and vision.

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It undermines your confidence and motivation. It makes you feel inadequate and unhappy. Instead of comparing yourself to others, you should focus on your own potential and possibilities. You should use your strengths and talents to contribute to the world in your own way. You should set your own goals and work hard to achieve them. You should celebrate your successes and learn from your failures. You should be proud of yourself and happy for others.

Comparison is a normal and common thing in a person’s life. Our brain used to compare with others as a result of a measurement. To analyze yourself, or to determine what we want to be or things we need to update. However, even it is a normal process when comparing with other selves sometimes it leads to unhappiness, doubts about your abilities, and also physical and mental pain.

Stop comparing yourself to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.


How to Stop Comparing Yourself

Sometimes comparisons deviate you from your own path. Life becomes so complex as you start living someone else’s life. You should stop it because comparison has the ability to cultivate low self-esteem, jealousy, pain, and hatred.

Once you stop comparing yourself to others, you are able to devote all your attention to improving yourself. Set goals and build your confidence. Instead of comparing yourself to others, improve yourself. Finally, it gives you happiness and self-satisfaction, and you start to be yourself.

1. Compare to your ownself

Always try to be yourself and hit the reality no matter what happened
Always try to be yourself and hit the reality no matter what happened

You can’t stop comparing yourself to others. Do not worry. Let’s move on to replacing the word “others” with yourself. It’s time to find a better version of yourself instead of worrying about someone else’s achievements. Try as much as possible to stop comparing yourself to others. If you want to compare, why don’t you compare yourself?

Sometimes it may be a little bit hard, but it must be something you do if you are dreaming of updating your life into a great one.

Let’s challenge ourselves every single day. Let’s find out: have we become better than yesterday? Let’s not make comparisons to prove others’ abilities. especially to show or prove to ourselves that we are capable of improving ourselves.

2. Fill your life with positivity

If you are feeling bad about your thoughts and emotions, try to understand what’s wrong with you. Try to fill your life with positive vibes. If you are using social media every day, while you’re scrolling up and down, you will see a sort of thing.

Social media has more power to motivate you as well as demotivate you. While scrolling up and down in your feed field, if you notice that everybody has more specific things than yours and everyone can be better than you, it will make you upset.

Why cannot be like this, “they are better than I”.

You know, our brains’ minds are created to have more capacity to catch bad or negative vibes than positive ones. So, from everything around us, if you can see the good in everything, it is not hard to fill your life with positivity.

If you learn, when the positive vibes begin to grow your mind, there is no need to compare yourself with others.

3. Spend time with yourself.

Sometimes, while scrolling up and down while reading the newspaper, you will see a sort of image of people achieving things. It may be bound to make you feel bad if you are not achieving your goals. In particular, you will feel bad about yourself.

If you really feel bad about such an incident, an incident indicating that you are still comparing yourself to others. Cheer yourself up by spending time alone and talking to yourself. Try to figure out what makes you feel so down.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

How do you want to see yourself in the future? How do you want to find a better version of yourself, What do you want to engage in.

The precious time you spend on yourself one day will become the best investment you have ever made.

When you were able to spend time alone, open the room to find:

“What exactly do you want?”

“How do you want to see yourself in the future”

“How to find the better version of yourself”

“What do you want to engage in?”

The precious time you spend for your life, one day it will become the best investment you have ever made.

When you are able to spend time alone, it opens the door to discovering exactly what you want. You learn to accept yourself. You especially learn to discover who you are. You learn to value yourself and to understand yourself too.

Even though the people around you are getting great opportunities, living a luxurious lifestyle, or achieving huge achievements while you are not, time will teach you what you need to change in a state of feeling down by comparing yourself with others.

If you want to quit social media because of it, you can ruin yourself. Here are the best ways for you:

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4. Be kind to yourself

Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.

Kahlil Gibran

Looking for a great time to be kind to yourself. It comes true how you make iron for the people.

The more you do for others, the more they will do for you. Time passes without our awareness. Never stop for anyone or anything.

Remember, few people believe I will be one day; the day will not come until you work for it. It is the same when you are trying to be kind to yourself. There is never a better time to be kind. This is the time. It is the right time to show unconditional love for yourself, which cannot be broken by the unkind words or actions of others.

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5.Value yourself

Value yourself
Value yourself

Do you realize your worth cannot be measured? But you are not worth it until you begin. Comparison isn’t always bad, but it always reminds you of your fears. If you allow fear to make a comparison, you will not be able to stop worrying about everything.

Catch the power of valuing yourself. If you can understand, you are more powerful and more courageous than you think. You will be able to overcome if you have the courage to remember everything. Be proud of yourself because you already know how to survive through your own suffering.

Then why is there a need for a comparison? The choice is always yours.

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6. Simply be yourself

Why you are bothering by comparing yourself to be a copycat, when you’ve already born in a unique way.

Why do you feel sorry when you are not doing anything wrong? You know, if you don’t stop comparing yourself to others, you’ll always have to apologize for how you dress, how you make your own things, and even how you laugh for everything you’ve done for yourself.

Why do you let others interrupt your freedom by comparing? Do not invest your valuable life in other people’s things? You don’t have to hide your true self just to please someone.

If you have a lifespan, you will reach the age of 60. Now you are in your early thirties. If you’re hiding yourself or sorry for being yourself, how do you try to spend the other half of your life?

It’s the best time to accept that this is you. It’s time to love yourself. Love makes you be yourself. So, it’s the right time to stand up and to love the way you are. Respect the person inside you.

Loving your weirdness, your uniqueness, your awkwardness, and your everything will make it easier for you to be yourself.

Are you still going to spend the rest of your life, compared to others, simply being yourself? It’s the same question; the choice is yours.

7. Change your response to the comparison

You are comparing yourself so much. You know how hard you try to stop it, but whenever you meet a person who is achieving their goals, has a brighter skin color, or any other specific feature greater than yours, you will instantly make a comparison between you and them. It’s normal. It’s common in society.

because it has become a part of living in modern society. Even if it is so hard to stop doing it, why didn’t we try to reframe our thinking patterns to congratulate them? Instead of comparing yourself to others, admire their capabilities.

‘ Woah, That’s great. ‘

‘She is looking so gorgeous, with her new hair cut

It is a great way to avoid comparing yourself to others. and also beneficial to your success. Reframing your thinking patterns helps to fix your mindset in a great way.

How To Change Our Response to the Comparison

  • Frame it in a way to congratulate them.
  • Instead of comparing, admire them
  • If you think they are great people, feel free to ask or take advice about how they face their problems.
  • Try to implement yourself by surrounding with people you want to compare yourself.
  • Be happy about what you have, what happened in the past, how lucky you are too born in this, while there are so many people who try to win their life with disabilities.


Stop comparing yourself to others if you are willing to learn, improve yourself, change your habits, do things you are not capable of doing in a normal lifestyle, or keep your mind open. Instead of worrying after comparing yourself with others, try to compare yourself with yourself. As long as you are willing, you will easily find a better version of yourself.


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