Life is never as always easy as we imagine or hope it to be. Challenges we met in life are varying to one another. We have to make sincere kinds of cevery day.

People often struggle when they are trying to find the best solution to overcome challenges they have. They do not know how to take actions, in what place with which kind of effort.

Do you often felt so depressed to identify the right answer for your problem? Hope this will be a great place to deal with them effectively.

“They who lack talent expect things to happen without effort. They ascribe failure to a lack of inspiration or ability, or to misfortune, rather than to insufficient application. At the core of every true talent, there is an awareness of the difficulties inherent in any achievement, and the confidence that by persistence and patience something worthwhile will be realized. Thus, talent is a species of vigor. 

Eric Hoffer

Why is it very important to overcome challenges? Overcoming challenges or obstacles can make you self-satisfied. It’s a great way to build your personal strengths. It makes us feel good and cultivates inner peace in our mind.  Because achieving success in every step we put is notoriously difficult for us.

6 simple ways to overcome challenges

6 simple ways to overcome challenges
6 simple ways to overcome challenges

1. Be positive minded

Hard times come in everyone’s life, and you should handle the problems with the right mind-set and right attitude. If you think positive and practice positivity, you can overcome challenges gracefully and grow well in the process

Poulomi Das Bhattacharya

Positive thinking is very important in every step we put. Even though it is exhausting to find a solution to overcome the challenges you have, It has a wonderful power to boost your mind and make it successful.

2. Believe in yourself

The faith, the belief you have store in your mind about yourself will always make you easy to face those challenges you met in your real life.

3. Growth Mindset

Mindset is extremely important. If you think you deserve a great life, you will put in all the effort to make it happen. If you don’t think you are good enough, you will accept a mediocre life and keep blaming others. It’s a worldwide trending concept.

Mindset refers to a way of thinking about situations. When you began to develop a growth mindset inside yourself, you were no longer afraid of unexpected situations. You will definitely act according to those situations.

When you face a problem, don’t look at it as a problem, but as a challenge


4. Set goals and plan ahead

If you are aspiring to achieve your goals with overcome challenges in the best way, it’s very important to create the foundation for your goals.

That’s why planning your goals is very important, whenever you are trying to set up a list of goals for yourself.

5. Work hard until you get things

Willingness to work hard until you get things will brings you to the place where you want to be. There are two type of people ; one is to work hard to achieve their goals while the other type is , the group which are waiting for things to happen . The second type is , when the moment they have to overcome a challenge , always waiting to be happened things by wasting their precious time.

You can’t go forward and backward at the same time. Let go of whatever is holding you back and work hard until you get what you want.

6. Never give up

No matter how hard the time went by, never lost your mind. And continue trying to stay on your road to your goal.  There may sort of obstacles you will meet for sure. Sometimes you may have to endure all the rejections and defeated them alone.

Believe in your mind and yourself.

I’m the black girl you’ve looking for.

If you are still struggling with how to overcome challenges we meet every day, read the story about this dark angle. She teaches us a big lesson for all who are looking for encouragement.

From time immemorial, there have been ethnic divisions based on skin color. Although it has diminished over time, there is still no shortage of people who are suffering from this skin color problem.

This is the story adopted from an article written about (in a different language), Khoudia Diop a world-famous top model who was named the Melanin goddess. May her story be of help to you who are depressed in the face of rejection, who miss opportunities without effort, who live a life of constant anxiety due to skin color, height, stature, or any other reason, who lead a life without purpose and who persevere and strive to overcome challenges.

Khoudia Diop is an innocent young girl. She had a unique feature of her own. She was beautiful, but her dark complexion, inherited from birth, covered her beautiful complexion. Furthermore, she’s so much like a black carved statue.

Little Khoudia’s childhood would not have been as enjoyable as the other children’s. Her dark complexion had become such a big factor that many ridiculed her.

Mostly, her family elders teased her so badly because of her skin color. Often, she cried out in shame, worrying about the thing she did to deserve this pain all over her life.

She lived her life so worryingly with the hope about this abnormal darkness will be diminished with time.  People will treat her well as the same as they treat the others.

 It’s been eighteen years passed, and now she was in her adolescence stage, but seems like even time does not feel sympathy for her. Whenever she looked in the mirror, she thought her blackness had increased each time.

The time flew fast like it didn’t care about this little girl’s feelings anymore. Her life had been marred by social stigma. Sometimes she cried in a corner because of this question.  There were sometimes she tried to solve this by taking her own life.

To that extent, she had lost even the desire to live. One day she came to her room and thought about the mistake she had made to suffer this humiliation. And how to get rid of these insults she suffered.

Finally, she came out the corner with a decision to join the industry as a model. Being a model with that image, that’s something she never wanted to be. But the suffering made her become one.

At the time her looks become her enemy and to become a top model the first and the most important thing is her image. And it seems ridiculous that someone with that type of skin and someone with that image decides to be a model.

She was born in Slovakia, in Eastern European, where there were a lot of girls with fair skin tones. Therefore, choosing such a competitive profession can make her subjected to further ridicule in the eyes of society.

 Even though there are so many things to pull her backward, she did not dare to step backward and made the decision with good awareness of the feedback that will have come in the future.

Once Khoudia’s parents got to know about her decision to become a model, they were shocked. They were so worried about their child. Her decision surprised and saddened them, but they tried not to show it to her as much as possible.

Little Khoudia Diop is now a teenager, and although she can make decisions on her own, her parents wanted to explain to her this decision.  They were terrified that she would be subjected to such humiliation again for choosing such a black-skinned girl to become a model.

“Dear girl, that profession does not match our culture, try to choose another path that you can’, said her father.

“No, father, everybody tries to make me a joke because of this skin color I have. I had enough and have been suffering from insults for so long. I do not want to suffer any more because of my skin color, if it’s the way I deserved I can appreciate it and I will become a model” she replied confidently.

 No matter how hard tried, her parents could not change her decision. Because at the time she made a decision to become a model no matter what even her parents or others tried to stop her.

The calendar marked another turning point in her life. She was getting ready to attend her first audition. As expected, she become a title among those who participated in the first audition. Everyone in the audience laughed and insult her.

The photographers told her that this field was not suitable for someone like her. They all said that this profession is not suitable for someone with dark skin like her. She cannot achieve this dream.

Never give up without giving a challenge
Never give up without giving a challenge

As usual, she was not worried about anything. She was ready to face everything and had gone there.

From there, she continued to focus on representation for newspapers and magazines. No matter how hard she tried, she never got a chance. But she was adamant and coped well with every situation.

She proves that not only do bad things happen to everyone every day. And she finally achieves her dream by explaining to the whole world, the importance of the quality of working with purpose.

Today, Khoudia Diop is one of the top international models in the whole world. She has a Twitter account with more than millions of users. There is no shortage of invitations to decorate the front pages of magazines with her image.

Nowadays, in the field of modeling, so many dark-skinned girls achieved their dreams by following their path.

She teaches us;

 Never give up until you are stopped at the place where you want to be.

 The whole world may insult your skin color, or your body shape to make you down. There may be so many people who tried to drag you down.

Finally, her story made a question to the world, how can it be said that if someone wants to win life the appearance is still a problem?


Do not let others make you down. One day, when you reach your goal, you will understand what is more important as achieving a goal.

The most powerful strength is the positive mindset you have. When positivity cultivated in your mind it leads to build up faith in yourself. Staying positive while keep fighting back against the obstacles without giving up It is the strength for anyone to overcome the challenges/ obstacles meet in their lives.

Imagine the power of having the confidence and belief that there is always a way and there is never any obstacle that cannot be overcome. The difference is they never give up easily, like ordinary people do. Successful people don’t care how (as long as it’s legal, ethical and moral) something is accomplished, as long as it’s accomplished. They are open to possibilities.

Source – How do successful people overcome obstacles? by Jeff Conner

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