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11 Effective Secrets of Successful Lives

Sanju Pradeepa

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Secrets of Successful

How to define success?

The word success has different types of definitions. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means” the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’.

But what is your definition? It varies from one to another as far as perspectives, attitudes or the way people look at situations and problems, and also in that everything is different from each other.

If I define success, it is the way which shows our better version, the moment which makes us more self-satisfaction.

Why success is important?

Without getting specific about our goals, and really defining a framework of success in our lives, they remain far more abstract and murky. When they’re specific, in that they’re written out in detail, and you can both quantify them and know on what date you need to achieve them, they become more real.
In fact, studies have confirmed that people who create specific and written goals are for more likely to achieve them.


What are the secrets of successful lives?

1. Be who you are and be that well.

Be brave to stand for what you believe in, even if you stand alone”

Roy T. Bennett , 110 Pages Motivational Notebook

Everyone has their own unique lifestyle. They were created as a reason to be apart from a set of people. Sometimes being who you are created you trouble to be with others who do ‘not like the type of yours.


Do you know the secrets of successful of the people who aimed for a successful life, is being true to yourself? Living a life that can express yourself/be yourself make you more valuable benefits to your lifestyle.

When you began to learn and faith enough about the strengthens and weakness about yourself and work according to them, the success will definitely follow you back.


Even if you are passing your childhood, adulthood or still a member of young generation, you may try to find keys/secrets of successful . And also you might be wondering why you cannot succeed when artists, professionals or famous people become successful in their lives. Even though, how hard you tried ?

    The first thing to understand (if you are also a person who is struggling with a problem like this in your mind) You, Yourself, is the reason behind everything.

Try to believe in yourself by being yourself.

2. Be successful by learning yourself

Can I ask you a question? Do you know who you are?

The concept of the secrets of a successful life includes various tips and key points for success. From all of them, learning yourself takes an important place in all of them. Therefore, make sure you know about yourself. If not, then try to learn about it.

S.W.O.T. analysis is a great concept you can use to learn and improve yourself .SWOT means strengthens, weakness, opportunities and threats.

swot analysis

Why learning yourself is important?

  • It leads you to understand you better.
  • It makes opportunities to improve yourself.
  • Learning and analyzing yourself leads you to acquire the knowledge.
  • It helps to grab the other things (skills etc.), that you want to fulfill your growth and the journey to become success.

3. Be aware of the people whom you surround with

Surrounding with positive mind people are very effective for everyone want to live a better life. In this journey you will meet a sort of people with different perspectives, attitudes or states.

Some people in that type of environment are constantly pushing you to take the best path. These are very supportive. They respect your choices and will help you learn from your mistakes and overcome your challenges and weaknesses. We can name them parents, elders, teachers etc.

While you may meet some whenever you are walking on a wrong or a right way, they will always beside. They are the same, as we talk above. But the problem is these kinds of people are not at their determination but work on it. They are totally like best friends, and peer groups.

If we take another kind, you may meet people who love to bring you down. Always try to bother you or do things to devour your confidence. These are the bunch of people who love to convince everything is impossible.

They are always like; ‘seriously can you do it?’’ will it succeed?’’ no way it is impossible’.

Hope you will remember who are they?

 So, take a good look at the people who always surrounded. And get to know about how they are helping you to become the better version of yours. If you think you are also surrounded with negative minded people, be confident to make the decision to distance the people who trying to make you down. But don’t cut off them completely, just lessen the time you spent with them. Because sometimes the bad commitments may help you find your mistakes and failures.

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4. Defeat bad habits

The “secret of success,” if there is one, is that success is brought about by a combination of smart habits, a tenacious spirit, and a lot of luck. Making a few conscious changes to your behavior and attitude could prove to quite rewarding.

Annie Lin, MBA

There are so many bad habits which can make you distracted from the journey of your success. Negative mind, no setting goals, laziness (like waking so lately), wasting your valuable time, fear to be disappointed There are so many other bad habits you may have. When talk about overall habits’ negativity/be negative minded is one of the worst ways. First, defeat negativity. Do you know the importance of positive thinking? To defeat negative, practicing positive thinking is the best way.

5. Embrace failure

It doesn’t mean you are always having a wrong idea or the impossibility of doing something. Sometimes failure leads you to do the same thing in a different way making you creative and productive.

Why we need to embrace failure?

Because successful people always take risks. Until you try, even if you succeed in the first attempt, or you would fail try it. Never be afraid of the failure. Fear to failure, fear to be disappointed will always drag you backward, how far you try to go forward without defeating them.

“- If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means “first Attempt in Learning
– End is not the end, if fact E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies
– If you get No as an answer, remember N.O. means “Next Opportunity“.
So, Let’s be positive.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

When you fail, you know that something is wrong in your process. You are choosing a wrong strategy or a wrong path/ idea. So, the failure lead you teach to find a better way rather than make you down.

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Let's be positive
Let’s be positive

Never be afraid of failure., because failure doesn’t mean you should stop now.

Sir Thomas Alwa Edison had 1000s of attempts while he was inventing the bulb. He failed 999 times, but at the 1000th time he did it. If he gave up for his 999th times, what would happen to this valuable innovation and his dedication.

Elon Musk, world’s number one billionaire, have you ever heard about the story behind his successful. There are so many secrets of successful in his life. He is a great example to this tip. In his life he had so many failures, but using different strategies and tips he overcome every failure and succeed in his life.

To know more about his successful life; the-rise-of-elon-musk

6. Study of success

When you study, you will learn the mindset, the strategies, and the easy ways to find the secrets of success in a better way. And also how to overcome challenges whenever you meet them.

How to study the success?

You can read about the biographies written about the secrets of successful people all over the world. Everybody has a litany of rejection, but they never give up just because of a single problem.

Used the rejection as the best motivation method.

Sometimes we fed up and got the feeling we cannot take it anymore (while the tough moment arrives). We ended up wasting every single effect we dedicated to achieve it. Not everyone does, successful people will always hold it tightly when they got the tough situation.

7. Do not define your success by others’ success.

You, I or anybody in the world love to do comparison. Maybe about your appearance, wealth, the things you have, or education and even about success. Doing comparison is the best way to measure the development, but never define your success by others’ success.

People have unique styles. So they have the ability to do things in different styles. Always try to define your success from your way. Never define it by others’ or never let others define your success.

If you want to measure or want to compare yourself, look back where you were in the past and in the current moment, then compare yourself with yourself to know the progress of your success and define it according to your life. That’s how we can easily get to know about it.

8. Willingness to work hard

What are the secrets of successful? Well, successful people work hard. But you work hard too, right? And if you keep working harder and harder, you’re just going to be miserable. So what’s the answer? Successful people don’t just work hard, they also work different.

Barking Up the wrong Tree

How do you define a person’s success?

A person’s success may be based on his/her skills, knowledge, wealthy, attitudes, the freedom they have to whatever they want, the inner happiness, or importantly the willingness to work hard.

But there is a problem. One person is willing to work hard while another one is did not. And also sometimes, no matter how you work hard and hard, if your effort doesn’t work. You will be miserable. The reason is, you need to do work hard by doing it differently. Just try, you will blow up your mind by your success.

This is a story adopted from an interview about an international artist in Thailand, who talk about how he become successful in his life. According to him, he spent more than 11 years to become succeed as an artist. He said, at first if he auditioned for 100 jobs in his field (entertainment field) like commercials or role plays, he had got only 10 or less than 10 out of those 100 jobs. Sometimes he was rejected without knowing his mistakes.

He was so disappointed and sometimes become more down as he cannot be succeeded even though he tried so hard. Therefore, he said he began to learn about his mistakes without blaming others and work hard to achieve his dream as a successful artist. He also said he stopped doing auditions and started to work hard to learn and improve the criterion skills he needed in a different way he can do.

While he was working hard to his goal, he also had to complete his master’s degree, so he had to manage his time properly to balance both work and life too.

Finally, after spending much effort around those years with his hard work, he said that whenever he auditioned for new jobs he got all of them.

His story teaches us if we want to achieve any goal, we set even it is to become a successful businessman, a professional artist or become a doctor or anything the willingness to work hard will lead to our success.

And also, he also highlighted another few secrets behind his success in his story.

  • Time management is an essential key.
  • Sometimes you need to step backward.
  • Set goals and work on them.
  • Stop blaming others and find your mistakes
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Do not be a copycat, find your own ways to achieve your success.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others if you want to compare, then compare with your own self.

9. Never settle by giving up everything so easily.

People love to stop at the place where they think that they should stop, as they cannot take it anymore. It is same as mentioned in one of those tips. Whenever you had not a single attempt left, rather than thinking different you may think you should stop, why? Because your mind will lead you to stop where the others also stopped.

It’s a common situation among people. Why do people do this? Whenever they think they cannot walk far away, they began to settle as mentioned before.

It is the worst thing people ever do when they are in their journey to become success.

People love to find so many secrets of successful, new paths, different strategies and begin to learn about how to become a successful person. Some people are wasting their valuable time just to find the secrets of successful. Even though they found never try to add them to their lives in a way to become success.

Even if you tried more, but what will be the outcome if you will just settle to the moment by giving up every effort uselessly. So be careful when you make the decision to settle to a moment where you feel you cannot do it. And one more thing to remember is you are not a sum of average person from those who settle for what they think they can get.

10. Live in the present

Enjoy every tiny little things/moment which will meet you in the journey of your success. Once it’s gone means you cannot take it back. They have gone forever. Find ways to live in the moment. Mindfulness practice is one of the best ways to live in the moment.

It is very important to live in the moment. It gives you encourage living a better life.

11. Stop wasting your time

Time is one of the most powerful keys to open the door of your success. Sometimes you need to balance both your work and your life or work, studies and life.

What if you become a procrastinator while you have tons of work waiting for your single look. Successful people never waste a single second on their lives for unimportant thing. They do manage their time as much as they can because success is not existed in one day. It’s a long journey.

If you are procrastinator, a person who ruined your day spending your precious time scrolling social media FROM TODAY STOP WASTING YOUR TIME.

Does success mean (only) having a wealthy life?

 Some people used to define success as having a wealthy life. But it doesn’t always mean being wealthier. No matter how much money you have, if you are suffering from your inside, you are no longer a successful person. As your inside is a failure.

Some people born with silver spoon in their mouth (being as a wealthy person). Some are live in bed of roses since their birth. There is not always success. Some may have, but some may not.

Where is success?

Success is in the place;

  • Where you work hard to achieve your goal.
  • When you study so hard to get higher grades in your exams, and you did it.
  • When you complete your task with a high self-satisfaction.
  • Even though you have money or not, the hard earn money you have.
  • Wherever you are or whatever you do at the moment, the final outcome shows the better version of yourself.
  • When you become who you are (be yourself to be a successful person).
  • Finally, when you companion with a good family or relationships, having a better life with full of happiness.
The success will always lie on your palms, then why don’t you make any single attempt to catch it
The success will always lie on your palms, then why don’t you make any single attempt to catch it

Does success come through luck

Sometimes people believe success comes through luck. A lot of people debate about it. Does really success come through luck? Yes, but not every time. It happens sometimes.

Luck is one of the factors that needed to succeed in your life. But hard work plays a significant role in secrets of successful life. It contributes so many benefits to make better future.

Would you like to read more about the secrets of success? Here are some guidance and reference places for you:

  1. 20 Books That Will Make You a Better Coach or Mentor
  2. A Book of Mentors by Gillian Zoe Segal

Winding up

Success is your key to happiness. Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, in a job, or whatever, to try and then to keep trying, and to try different things after being knocked down again and again, is the secret to success.

Even the people around you can also stop you from being successful. The bad habits you have, the negative mind, the fear to fail, the habits of giving up so easily without giving a challenge will always stop you being a successful person. Sometimes. Luck brings you the success. It is known as one of the factors that considered to be helpful to gain success.

BUT: Be successful by learning yourself, with the willingness to work hard, embracing failure, be who you are and be that well. Best of luck

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