Nowadays with the competence and due to the busy lives, which we have we cannot fully relax.  But if you can make a bit of time to make attention to relax your mind, you will probably be a better person than you think.

Being relaxed is the best way to get rid of stress. Let’s try some small techniques, if they didn’t work let’s try another one.

Thinking is something we always do. Do you feel stress, anxiety, or any other bad feeling while you are thinking? Then this may be the best place for you to get the best relief and relax your mind.

How to relax your mind

How to relax your mind
How to relax your mind

Relaxing can help keep you healthy, in both your body and mind, helping you recover from the everyday stresses that life throws at you. Luckily, no matter how busy you are, it’s simple to learn how to create time for chilling and also how to best relax.


How to relax your mind? Here are some easy and small techniques that will be helpful and used to get rid of those bad things and be relaxed. LET’S BEGIN WITH THE FIRST TECHNIQUE. Try them and find out whether they suit you. Everything is up to you. Let’s go.

Take a break

This is the easiest and the best way I experienced my real. Taking a little break while we are doing something will not only help to reduce stress, but it helps our well–being life too. These days the lack of time for relaxation may be caused different kinds of illnesses.  If you can make a short time (up to five or ten minutes once) as a break.  That will surely help you to relax your mind

          One day (a long time ago), my close friend was hospitalized due to a lack of rest. So think before you work. Taking a break is an important thing for our mental condition as well as for physical condition too.

Take a Nap

Sleep is the simplest and one of the best ways to calm your mind whenever you feel so depressed, tired, exhausted or if you feel like you need to relax your mind

Taking a nap also helps to calm our minds.  Because of this technological era people always used to sit in front of the desktop for a long period. Youngsters also used mobile phones the whole day. So, this may cause our minds as well as our eyes ill. Taking a little while our work can help to reduce the calmness and help to improve blood circulation throughout our body. Therefore, we can start our work so freshly.

Listen to music

Do you agree with me if said that MUSIC is the best recharge method for our mind?  You know what, because I live alone in my apartment sometimes, I badly feel the loneliness, but Music helped me whenever I was sad and lonely.

   According to the research, scientists prove that listening to music is the best stress reliever. It also helps to relax your mind, reduce heart disease, enhance our emotional strength as well as boost self-esteem too

Listening to Music has many incredible benefits other than relaxing our minds. Here is a small collection of; the importance of listening to music help you to relax your mind, to fix your mood, how it acts as a stress reliever and also another benefits.

Be creative

  When you engage in something, needed to be focused like drawing or painting, it is also a better way you can use whenever you want to relax your mind. Artistic things help to improve the brain.

Being creative helps to be a better problem solver in all of your aspects. Because it helps to enhance our mind. Different kinds of ways we can use to be creative. Decorate your room according to your ideas. Do photography when you have a wonderful sight. No need to worry too much

Try to relax your mind by doing those small things. Some people do cake decor while some people do DIY crafts. People used to express their expressions using drawing/ painting too. According to researchers listing to music helps you to be more creative

Feel nature

Living with trees means that it is very valuable. Because of this lifestyle nowadays a lot of people rarely get that opportunity. But under the trees, you feel wonderful freedom and peace of mind. The scent coming through the wind, the healing smell of the dust that comes when it rains is a different and inspiring experience. Many people love it. The power of the nature to relax your mind is incredible. Words cannot describe how beautiful the breeze blows through the trees. We have to experience it.

When our minds are restless, very sad, or when happy, we can enjoy the environment.

There was a friend of mine. He lived in a beautiful village. When he felt sad, he used to sit under a tree and look at the lake in the middle of his village. According to him, whenever he goes there, the sadness in his heart will automatically disappear

No matter how difficult it may be, the tranquility of the environment helps us to calm down and relax your mind.

Raise a pet

How do interacting with animals help you to relax your mind? Interacting with animals helps to calm our minds. People used to raise domestic animals as their pets. It may be a kitten, a puppy, a bird, a fish …etc. animals show us, unconditional love.

They are always on our side whenever we want someone. They are the most loveable creatures who keep us companion all the time without making us feel lonely. Owning a pet will make you more responsible and also very patient, as much as relax your mind. Interacting with the pets contributes to emotional and physical development of a person. Because of the benefits of those adorable creatures, nowadays, parents used to raise pets and their children together.

Interacting with non-human animals (hereafter “animals”) has been associated with a range of well-being benefits among humans. Companion animal guardianship has been linked with improved physical and psychological outcomes, including reduced loneliness and increased emotional support. Early research indicated a link between viewing fish in aquariums and benefits such as reduced blood pressure and increased relaxation 
Research with people who keep home aquaria has indicated that some individuals consider their fish to be a source of companionship, and feel an emotional bond with the animals ; this suggests social support and attachment may play a role in the beneficial effects of human-fish interaction.

PLoS One,

How do pets make you happy? To know more;9 Ways How do pets make you happy and improve yourself

Try a leisure time activity / hobby to relax your mind

It is also taken as another great way for the ones who suffer from stress. And another thing is while we are doing a hobby, we used to focus on it. So we can say that it helps us to live in the present moments (without worrying about the past)

When it comes to types of hobbies it can be two types like indoor and outdoor. while some love to do outdoor activities others love indoor activities. Here I want to let you know how it’s helpful to engage in a hobby while we have free time.

Here is my own experience.

I am a nature lover so when I was with my family in the village (before the move to the city) I did gardening whenever I have the time. Most of the time I grow flowers and vegetables. I do not feel tired when I take care of the plantation and those plants. I’m very happy looking at the cultivation. No matter how tired, when I look at what I have worked so hard for, that fatigue automatically disappears. The sight of my hard work brings me an unexplainable feeling toward me

Do something that you love or talk with someone you love

                             Here feel free to get back to think about yourself. It would feel better for you. You can talk with your loved ones. Or can recall your memorable beautiful moments in your life. That will make you feel better.

The effect of interacting with the people who love to talk or do something that love when you exhausted will lead you to relax your mind. How does it work. When there is something make you more struggle while you are working, make you more exhausted; find a way to get rid them out to relax your mind. But still haven’t any conclusion to get rid of it, then talk with someone you love or like to interact with. interacting with people is also a better way to relax your mind.

  • make a discussion with your partner about your problem.( Sometime people love to hide the true feelings inside them. its very harmful , but if you can talk with someone by expressing your true inner thought that will probably relax your mind.)

Find ways to get rid of stress.

How do we get stressed?

Stress can be defined as the challenges we face in our daily lives as well as the way our body and mind respond to it at various times. We can also show that it is caused by a lack of proper sleep, restlessness, and changes in eating patterns. Effects of people’s stress vary from person to person.

the inability to control or work with stress, people often get into so many troubles. Sometimes they were involved in others’ matters too.

As a result of the stress, people will get excessive anger. We all know that excessive anger is the most detrimental thing to our lives. We can use easy anger management tips to control our excessive anger.  Here I am trying to share my experiences and do things I do when I get angry.

  • Breathing exercises like counting one to ten and counting backward from ten to one.
  •  Stay away from the situation
  • Write down the thoughts in my mind.

With good preparation, time management, and self-restraint, you can overcome them and relax your mind.

Practice mindfulness

“Mindfulness and a deep awareness of the Earth can help us to handle pain and difficult feelings. It can help us heal our own suffering and increase our capacity to be aware of the suffering of others. With awareness of the Earth’s generosity, we can generate a pleasant feeling. Knowing how to create moments of joy and happiness is crucial for our healing. It’s important to be able to see the wonders of life around us and to recognize all the conditions for happiness that already exist. Then, with the energy of mindfulness, we can recognize and embrace our feelings of anger, fear, and despair and transform them. We don’t need to become overwhelmed by these unpleasant emotions.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Relax

one of the best ways to relax your mind is by practicing mindfulness. A relaxing mind helps us to make our day-to-day life so easy. Being mindful means, we are trying to carefully listen to our minds’ thoughts.

How to keep calm?

Lao Tzu says, “We need to be in touch with our real selves.” We spend a great deal of time worrying about who we ought to become, but we should instead take time to be who we already are at heart. Our ego is often in the way of our true self, which must be found by being receptive to the outside world rather than focusing on some critical, too-ambitious internal image. “When I let go of what I am,” Lao Tzu wrote, “I become what I might be.”
Let go the things. If we are worried, there are only two reasons: The mind is in the past and the future.

Another list of small techniques
Another list of small techniques

Maybe you have ways to relax your mind. Even though I have another list of small techniques you can use to relax your mind. Here is the list. Let’s see how they will help.

We must first clean up our surroundings

We must first clean up our surroundings
We must first clean up our surroundings

Clean and tidy places help to relax.

Imagine that your home, room, or office desk is littered with garbage. As soon as we came to work we first saw this harsh environment. As soon as you look at it, you feel a heavy burden. Sometimes you can even forget the work you came to do. Also, if a person is studying, he may not be able to find the books he needs to study. The same goes for the office.

 Let us think in this way. You are working in a high position in your company. You are a high positioned person in your company. An urgent meeting is called reminding you to take a special document with you.  Then imagine you have a messy table. What will happen next if you cannot find the document soon? If you cannot find it on time it may cause huge trouble for you.

It is a common problem caused in our lives.  Living in a clean and tidy place leads to relax your mind. As I mentioned above. Just try it if you have a messy study table or messy surroundings.

During my final year exams, my whole room is like a trash bin. Whenever I entered my room I feel like my head is going to explode from the messy scene. Then I decided to clean it. That’s my secret to passing my exam.

Understand your mind (are you still living in the past?)

Understand your mind
Understand your mind

Just try to live in the present moment it isn’t so easy even if we don’t practice it.” But it is very useful to relax your mind deeply.

Our lives are amazing because they consist of sadness, happiness, reunions, and separations. In the journey of our lives, sometimes we meet people who bring us beautiful memories, and some come and leave us with bad ones. So, in this changing life, we have to move forward with what is happening at other times, and or have become to wait for your turn.


Think about where you are. Imagine what kind of a person you are. Try to Know yourself.

I kindly request you to stop for a moment, to think about yourself while you are reading my article (about your mind). Are you still living in the past or are you in the throes of a love affair that stopped halfway?

Many people live thinking about the injustices that befell them in the past. Think about what you did not get from your parents. Is it too much of a burden for us to bear the burden of the past and try to step forward? Think about it for a moment.

Let’s discuss it using an example.

You are getting ready to climb a mountain. When you prepare your luggage, you prepare everything you need and do not. We named it bag number A. Then you prepare another bag’ it consists of only the necessary things for your journey. It is bag B. start your journey. You are traveling with A but it is so heavy .why? Because it has so many unnecessary things.

If you choose the other one I am sure you will feel relaxed and easily complete your journey. That is something which belongs to our lives. Even if you have a great life but you will never put that burden on the back of the past and move on, which means we cannot be relaxed when we worked.

According to my point of view, I can assure you that if we put the burden aside and step forward freely .that will make us feel better (our work as well as our lives too)

Live for yourself by being yourself

Live for yourself by being yourself
Live for yourself by being yourself

Why would we live for ourselves?  How living for yourself guide you to relax your mind? First, think about yourself. Are you free to be yourself? Let’s think this way. We wanted to do fashion on our own you wanted to buy some new clothes according to your choice but suddenly if you think what if others don’t like me when I wear those?

Will they sulk at me? Then you try to change into uncomfortable clothes because you only care about what will be the opinion of others but not yourself. 

This is another factor that can cause us to lose our sense of freedom is that we work for others’ opinions. Sometimes it can be the parents’ arrival or the friends’ or relatives’ arrival or society’s need.

Some have been accustomed to living as others want since childhood. It’s a good thing at one time, but it’s another thing that can have a big psychological impact on another

So, should we do something that puts so much burden on the mind?

When we live in a way that feels like we are right, our minds are greatly relaxed. Always try to live in harmony with the mind. That will start to relax your mind automatically. And we begin to love ourselves

Pay close attention to what you are doing

Pay close attention to what you are doing
Pay close attention to what you are doing

               Sometimes people think a lot when going to work. Then if it does not happen the way they want it to complete, it will feel like a huge burden on their heads. So, you should always try to be 100% focused on what you are doing. if pay fully attention at the beginning to the end of the work start, that will start to relax your mind too

Remember to pay close attention to what you are doing

Otherwise, when our mind runs here and there, the work we are going to do will fail and our head will lose their freedom. When you do something that you need to remember, you should always pay attention to it and do it. If you make things our way, it will not be difficult to change your lives and relax your mind so easily.


As Bonnie Hammer said, it’s all about tuning out the noise, tuning out all the stuff that simply doesn’t move the game forward – the doubt, the personal agendas, the often-deafening fear of judgment and the need to please – so that you can ultimately get to that place of quiet, of calm, where you can focus on what really matters.”

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