Listening to music or playing a musical instrument can reduce our problems, such as stress, and anxiety. Music can heal our mind, body, and soul and is also used as a therapy too. It has the incredible power to heal our minds and instantly get someone calmed down, sometimes emotional and sleepy. Therefore, we can prove that music is best for all the problems in our minds.

Music exerts a powerful influence on human beings. It can boost memory, build task endurance, lighten your mood, reduce anxiety and depression, stave off fatigue, improve your response to pain, and help you work out more effectively.


Do you agree if I said listening to music affect our lives?

Research prove that music has the incredible power to heal our minds and soul. The choice of music is different from one to another, and also the way each is effective sometimes varies from others.

The genres of the music, it is also varying in the ways they are helping us. It doesn’t affect your work until you get lost in the rhythm. Music plays a significant role in people’s lives

1. The best way to fix the mood

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”

Maya Angelou

Levitin also had this to say, “Listening to music changes your brain chemistry. And we know that people use music the way they use drugs. You come home at the end of the day, you reach for some music that will relax you, puts you in a good mood, what one person calls heavy metal another person might call soothing classic rock. But when you’ve got the music dialed in that you like, it will put you in a good mood, put you in a bad mood, propel you.”

Music affects our mood with the way how we learn and how we react to them. Some people are very addicted to music. Headphones or earphones are like a part of their lives. Whenever they go, eat, read, listen or sometimes talk with other people they used to listen to songs.

The way of affecting listening to music, is different from the genres of the music. Listening to a piece of classical music can help us calm ourselves. When listening to rock or pop music, we can be happier. There are some whenever they heard upbeat songs that automatically begin to dance like crazy people.

Some people say they can be in the best mood when they are listening to music. The emotional harmony can make us more emotional, while some tunes can have made us sadder and more enjoyable too. Sometimes it brings us back to our memorable moments. That’s the power of music.

Try to listen to classical while you are sad or wanted to be more relaxed. You will probably identify the power of music.

This is a personal experience I have every day in my life. When I engage in work for a long period, I automatically become bored. Then suddenly I started to listen to my favorite song list. When my playlists start, they can absorb my tiredness. I will feel like I live in heaven.

Because sometimes I forgot where I am or with whom I am. I am not a singer or a person who can sing songs. But my favorite way to fix my mood whenever I am bored is to hum a song and enjoy it. One day I am listening to a song after my class, but at that time I was completing a note with my friend. Suddenly she began to complain about my note, but I do not know what is going on. When I look at my note that time, I realize she shouted because I tended to write the lyrics of the song rather than the note she read.

Nowadays, there are so many talented artists with varieties of songs. There are many kinds of romantics, sad, and happy. Sometimes we cannot grab the lyrics perfectly. But if you are a person who did not listen to music, just try whether it would be a perfect match for you.

If you did not prefer to listen to music with lyrics, then you can move to the type, relaxation music. We can find them on social media platforms like YouTube.

2. Music as a stress reliever

Music as a stress reliever
Music as a stress reliever

How does music act as a stress reliever?

Whenever we feel stressed or depressed, I believe that listening to music becomes the best medicine for them at the time to fix our mood.  With the slow and quiet genre of classical music, stress can be easily reduced and make the body and mind so relaxed

Researchers also prove that classical music can be used as a stress reliever. We can use different types of methods. But sometimes no one will perfect it for you. Therefore, we will need to distract ourselves from the things that make us stressed.

3. Music is one of the best distraction methods

Music can be used as the best tool to fix this issue because it is a very effective use that provides distractions. We called it a distraction tool because it has the power to change our attention and make us more focused.

Distraction is very useful for people who are deeply suffering.

Music is also used when we do meditation because of the effective way it can improve focus.

4. Listening to music for a peaceful night

 How does music help to make a better sleep?

Sleep loss is a common problem that occurs when we are stressed or tired, or because of any other reason. So, music can use as a method to take better sleep.

So many studies reveal that relaxing music has a great power to help you sleep. It directly affects hormones. Therefore, it can make the mind calm down and take you to a night of better sleep.

When we had a calm mind before going to sleep, it prevents us from seeing nightmares. Even if you dream, they will probably be positive dreams.

 If you have a problem sleeping try to listen to slow-motion music, music from the rain, the nature, they will help you to get rid of your problem.

5. It is a great hobby

Among those hobbies’ listening to music also take place a high rank among people.

With the trend or lack of space to try another leisure time activity, people are automatically turn into listening to music.

As a great hobby, it provides us the opportunity to become relax and also very enjoyable.

Looking for a great hobby, but still did get one or struggling how to find the best one. And also, if you want to know more about the importance of hobbies to our lives. Here is a guide for you. 10 Reasons that why Hobbies are Important

6. It can lead you to a great learner

Do listen to music really affects our knowledge? Of course, it is. It is like when we are interacting with different kinds of people with different languages, cultures or attitudes we began to learn them. Music does the same thing when we be always with it.

As the author’s personal experience, he proofed that listening to music with different languages helps him a lot to become an effective learner. He was not somebody is fluent in English but listening to English songs for a period of time make him understand and learn to speak English

7. It is a great way to improve memory

Music is the best recharge method for Our Minds
Music is the best recharge method for Our Minds

It has a great ability to improve the memory. Because when we are listening to music, it directly functions our brain.

8. It connects people

Listening to Music connects people
Listening to Music connects people

How does listen to music play this role. Let’s start with the period when we are in our mom’s tummy and after the child’s birth. Music plays a significant role. At the moment it appears as lullabies and stronger the bond between mom and the infant.

Music is a universal language, as everybody says. It connects people all over the world. Let me take the national anthem as an example. When in an event when the national anthem played, everybody at the moment will connect together for it.

Different genres make people connecting to each other’s in many ways. Music affects many different areas. how our emotions are affected by music is that there are two kinds of emotions related to music: perceived emotions and felt emotions.
This means that sometimes we can understand the emotions of a piece of music without actually feeling them, which explains why some of us find listening to sad music enjoyable, rather than depressing. (Soumitra Ghosh)

9. It will get you through your hard time

Long before you’re even in a relationship, your music taste can impact your chances of attracting members of the opposite sex.

 Meager Karry

Somebody says when we are in a hard time feeling so depressed, listening to music with high volume can boost our minds and make us more calmed.

Romantic songs will help you to tighten the bond between partners when you are in the courtship.

Everybody knows when we are in a relationship (no matter what it is), it has own common moments like sulking moments, arguments, or fights. Sometimes listening to music that you love the most or your partner’s will help you to calm down, to solve everything so peacefully and happily


The bond between man and music has a long history. Music is like a part of our lives. We also can define music as another way of expressing our emotions, thoughts as well as feelings too. There are many genres of music like pop music, rock style, classical music, slow motion, relaxing music, etc. music has been a part of our lives since when we were in our mom’s tummies.

Becoming a Music lover will make your life so easy and enjoyable.

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