The joy of having a pet

Owning a pet can provide you the joy and help you to find the meaning of your life. Most of the pet owners/ lovers said the companionship, the unconditional love which pets provide them can heal their soul, body and mind. And also, pets make you happy and improve yourself

Finding a solution to how to be happy is tendency among the people who are lonely, looking for a companionship, feline friend and an unconditional love, caring. If you had enough time-wasting to find the better solution to something to make you happy, try and get the bonus benefits of raising a pet.

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives, and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.

John grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog

You may be a person who are a pet lover at the moment. A person who enjoys the joy of owning a pet, or someone looking for information about how pets make you happy. Hope this article will be helpful to you in a better way.

How do pets make you happy?

How do pets make you happy
How do pets make you happy

There are numerous numbers of benefits to gain through having a pet. It is very true that a lot of people experience having a pet lead to improve both physical and mental well-being of your life.

There are many ways that pets can improve your life. Pets can make you feel more confident. for lovelorn people: they can help to improve your love life. When you have your pet with you, your mind looks more relaxed. Because pets make you happy and approachable. And also having a pet can significantly change your life in a better way.

Why should you get a pet?

Sometimes it is not easy to deal with some kinds of pressures, stresses and the tears. However, having a pet can actually help you have both mentally and physical benefits. Presence of pets reduce loneliness. Help you learn a lot of things about yourself.

1. It helps to be yourself

Owning a pet can brings you the unconditional love to yourself, allowing you to be yourself without worrying too much about things like conditions. No matter how we treat them, the pet has the quality to love their owners unconditionally.

2. Pets help to reduce stress

Owning a pet can be known as one of the best stress reliever according to the studies. The behaviors, the cuteness they have, and the way pets interact with their pet owners brings the opportunity to quickly cure the stress and the problems like depression and anxiety. While looking for different ways for how to be happy, why do not you try to raise a pet and enjoy the joy of owning a pet with those incredible benefits.

3. The best way to fix your mood

They have wonderful power to fix your mood. The entertainment, the body languages they used to communicate, the cuteness they overloaded in pets can make to fix your mood with just a single look at them. Most importantly, pets have the ability to calm and provide fun and joy.

4. Pets provide companionship

Pets provide companionship to everyone, including children and the older adults too. Because of the ability they have to understand humans’ emotions and behaviors, they are acutely to humans . For an example, if we take an example of a pet dog and pet cat, they are very lovable and caring animals who love to stay around their owners. They are able to understand body languages gestures, even the interrupting tones of the voice . And also they can understand the feelings you had like the sadness ,happiness ,anger or the frustration.

That’s why you just try to raise a pet. Pets make you happy and improve yourself by making you relaxed.

5. Pets make you happy and relax

Pets make you happy with the unconditional love they provide. The feeling when you be loved by someone unconditionally, how do you feel ? It’s the same with pets. Whenever they want to take your attention more, they act so cute.
If you become a cat owner , you will feel their cuteness . It has a wonderful power to melt people. Pet loves to cuddle , sit with the owner , do little things to take the owners’ attention . Just by a looking at them, you will feel more relaxed. You will fell more happy .

Looking for something rather than raising a pet to relax your mind. Here is small guide for you.12 Amazing Tips to Relax your Mind

6. Ease the loneliness

Owning a pet can be a wonderful relationship that you have ever rewarded. How do you react to the loneliness you have? Sometimes trying to find someone to fix your mood or someone to talk, but if you have any, pet will be your best friend. Having a pet who looks like a best friend can help you cure the loneliness you suffer.

Even though you are living alone or have no time to interact with people or a person whose life is full of loneliness, having a pet is the best way to cure the loneliness. Mostly pet lovers used to pet cats and dogs. But some love to own pet like lizards, pigs, tigers or lions, foxes, owls. Choosing of a pet is differed from person to person.

This is a true experience of a cat owner who talks about how he finds his pet and the experience with his pet. And also, how his pet helps to ease loneliness he suffered for a long time.
He was Mr. Mark who is an engineer. But he lives a lonely life without anybody after he broke up with his lover. As he said, the loneliness he feels while after entering his house after a tiring day in his office can make him feel like dying inside.

Life, he claims, has forced him to live alone for a long time. So, he used to live that way, but he tried countless times to find someone to stay with him. But the life never gave him a chance. One day, as he was walking to a grocery store, he saw people walking with their pets. That sight was very lovely and eye catching.

That incident made him, finding pet will make him a best friend. Suddenly, he met a stray kitten on the road. He looked so cute but feel like he was ill because of the climate. Mr. Mark said he had no idea what to do, but he brought the kitten with him.

Ease the loneliness
Ease the loneliness

Furthermore, he said, he watched the growth of the kitten day by day. The cuteness of the kitten and the way it came to him when he came back home made him feel he was not lonely anymore. The decision to bring him with me was the best decision I ever made in my life. My pet, the little kitten, is LOVE. I named him that way because he is my world. Now I have a feline friend. Even if I come back after a tiring day, my first duty is to play with LOVE and take care of him. “The unconditional love he brought me and the companionship he brought made my home a lovely place,” said Mr. Mark.

This is a true story., At the beginning, he does not like animals, but at the end, the pet becomes his world. This little story can help you understand how pets make you happy and how incredible the joy of owning a pet is.

7. Improve your physical well-being

Owning a pet required little effort to engage in exercise for great physical well-being. Dog and cat lovers love to take their pets on walks or runs. Therefore, this can be a way to fix your daily exercise routine.

There are plenty of activities you can use to play with your pets (cats, dogs, birds, or any pets). Sometimes fish also show their love for fun activities. After having one session of playtime with your pets, you feel like you are babysitting a naughty baby. That may seem strange, but interacting with pets makes you happy rather than exhausts you. Without knowing it, you will be a more active person.

There are many ways how pets help for your physical wellbeing.

As mentioned before, pet owners take their pets for a walk. Then the pet owner also gets the benefits of walking. Doing fun activities like hide and seek, playing with toys, and games like setting up a food treasure hunt also helps to make you more relaxed and active.

8. Pets for mental well-being.

Studies show that ;

  • Playing with pets elevate levels of serotonin a dopamine (calm and relax)
  • Good for heart diseases.
  • The percentage of pet owners who suffer from depression is less than those without pets
  • Have lower blood pressure even they are in a stressful situation

To know more about how pets good for mental well-being . Here is a site for your reference .

9. Boost self-confidence and social skills

Interacting with pets tends to increase self-confidence. They get more chances to meet new people. Pets (dogs and cats) are mostly used to having chats with others when they are on a walk or when they are with their animals. That is how pets create the opportunity to meet new groups of people. So, at that moment, self-confidence and other social skills like communication will be automatically gained through engaging with others.


According to scientific research, having a pet plays an important part in your life. The most wonderful thing is there are numerous benefits of having a pet.

Due to the unconditional love and the companionship, they offer, people love to raise pets. But if you can find there are more benefits than those points.

Pets make you responsible, encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a pet can lower your stress level, cure your loneliness and also the best thing is they inspire you to manage your time better. as pets love to take the attention of their owners.

 Even though is a simple way to be happy, but you may have to spend a bit of money. Moreover, the outcomes and the opportunity to improve your life by making the life full of happiness and joy is high.

Have you ever thought of raising a pet? If you still didn’t just give it a try. At the end of the day even if you are worn out, but the excitement they showed seeing you after a long time while entering your home, kills your bad mood. 

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