The world consists of so many incredible ways in which we can find our happiness. But have you ever looked at the block to happiness while you are traveling to find the joy of happiness? What is the meaning of happiness? Why do we always struggle to live a happy life?

Some people are seeking their happiness in things like believing, their happiness depend on other’s beliefs. Some people surround their life with a lot of toxic or negative minded people. They just keep chasing their lives without knowing the importance of the happiness. Everyone in the world want to live a happy life.

Happiness lies within yourself, not others, so living lonely, an isolated life or a life with surrounding so many subordinates, is depending on your choice. But until you push away the thought that others are responsible for your happiness, you won’t find the true happiness of yours

Even though Happiness is not something that very complex thing, but it is a habit which you practice living a better life. To get genuinely happy:

  • Accept that you will die one day.
  • Accept sometimes the expectation vs reality won’t be the same as you imagine.
  • Understand, life isn’t all about finding your happiness all the time.
  • Need to accept who you are as a part of life.

Things that block to happiness

The secrets of being happy of your life depend on the way, how you avoid the things that block to happiness of yourself.

“Not only the ships sink, but minds also sink, most especially the minds who do not know the secrets of being happy with all kinds of ordinariness in life!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

1. Not being able to forgive yourself

When you begin to forgive yourself; for the mistakes, you have done in the past. The person you used to be in the past or anything you have to forgive about, the faith in yourself can be inculcated. So, the confidence you gain through your self-belief, will lead you to find your happiness and the joy of success

2. The fear of fear

Life is full of fear in many ways. Sometimes it’s the fear of failure, fear to be disappointed, there are many fears we faced in our lives. Failure can make you upset, make you sad, depressed or disappointed. Failure is not last forever, how hard you try to avoid it. How many times you try to run over it. The fear of fear comes across when you do not have the weapon ‘No fear attitude’ to defeat it. When the fear happens, if you can accept it with the courage, you will no longer have the fear of fear.

The afraid to fail is a powerful way of the block to happiness even though you try so hard to find your happiness. Mr. Paulo Coelho once wrote in The Alchemist, if you give in to your fears, you won’t be able to follow your heart. And also, if you fear of any fear like fear of failure, that’s the only reason which can make your dreams impossible. Therefore, do not give in to your fears.

3. Letting others define who you are

Are you afraid to show yourself to the world because you are afraid of how other people will perceive you rather than your own happiness? Then you are creating a block for yourself with your own thinking strategies. When we are afraid of what others think, that means we are letting others define us in their way. We lack self-worth. We do not know ourselves. Knowing yourself is essential whenever you try to find happiness by being yourself.

People are beginning to imagine us in their way. They want to see us only according to what they expect from us. This will lead to higher expectations of us. When the expectations of others become your number one priority, happiness will vanish. Why? Because you are afraid of being disappointed when you have high expectations. If you do not have the courage to reject those expectations, you will work hard to fulfill them.

Will there be a life full of happiness you want to exit in? It is not our responsibility to make every single person’s expectation about us, to make real. It’s not our duty to be responsible for the happiness of every person on Earth. Everybody has their ways to find happiness in their lives.

But remember, your happiness must not be something that encroaches on others. Because being so selfish doesn’t exit or make your happiness.

4. The people you surrounded with

The people you surrounded with
The people you surrounded with

The people we surrounded by us, can influence us in both a good direction and in a bad way. There is a famous phrase that you are the average of five people you used to be surrounded with.

 Even though you are surrounded with a lot of good people or negative-minded people, some may try to drag you down saying the impossibility of everything you try to do. That’s how the way of people. The power of the people around us can be the reason for both our happiness and sadness.

5. Comparison between yourself with other’s

People love to compare their lives with other people’s successes. When you start to make comparisons with others instead of developing your abilities and skills, you will develop higher expectations for yourself. The unneeded expectations you place on yourself may be counterproductive to your enjoyment of what you are doing. If you want to reduce the blocks to your happiness, find a unique path in your life to achieve your goals.

If you want to compete or do a compare about your success. Doing a comparison between yourself will make you more developed than doing it with another person’s success.

6. Not being able to let go of the past

Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and observing others.

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The past does not equal the future or the present moment. Because if you failed yesterday, all day today, or in the last minute, it doesn’t mean that you must stay stuck where you failed for the rest of your life. Where had your heart been broken, or where did you feel worried about a mistake you had already made? All that matters is what you are going to do, right now. 

As always, failure is a great teacher. You can gain experience to correct your mistakes and brighten your life. Not letting go of the past to the point where it is no longer relevant is a great way to learn the importance of happiness. Leave the past behind and try to live in the present moment as much as possible.

7. Unable to Get away From Ego

A life full of happiness does not just come through good luck. Even though you are doing better than others while you are doing your work, if you fail to avoid your ego, you will not be able to understand the power of knowing yourself. When ego arises, we need to find ways to get rid of it.

When we get to know ourselves, the ego can easily disappear. We do not get to know ourselves, just because we were born in this world. Life is like a reward. We need to use that reward to fulfill the things we want in order to find happiness in our lives. Knowing yourself gives you the greatest opportunity to understand the truth about yourself. When you start learning about yourself, you will gain so much knowledge that your life will be filled with joy.

8. Giving up on your dreams.

We all dream and plan for new goals. But how often do we make those attainable? When the journey begins to make the path to achieve those goals and the dreams we hope to achieve, there are tons of blocks we will meet. There are many people we will meet who will discourage us and try to laugh at our dreams. We will meet people who talk more about the impossibility of our success than its possibility.

Do you give up on your dreams so easily at a moment like that? You may feel tempted to give up. You may be disappointed because everyone tried to make you feel bad. But if you give up on your dreams, you want to be able to enjoy the incredible joy of achieving your dreams. Your dream life will be just a dream.

Giving up on your dreams does not make you live in the unique way you wish to live in. it will become a block to happiness. You can change and find that long-lasting dreamy life you want to be , if you can change stop those toxic behaviors which tries to hold you back. Try to focus as much as in the present and move forward to the life you want by leaving the past.

Do not be afraid to be a unique person. You might dream because you want to live a unique life. Even though you do the same thing as others, do not be a copycat. Try as much as to find a unique way to follow your dreams. – Believe In Your Dreams, not lettings others steal


Be a Master of your Mind, not Slave of your Mind
Be a Master of your Mind, not a Slave of your Mind

Self-sabotage happens due to being unaware, low self-esteem and also negativity and various thinking patterns. 

With self-sabotage we begin to think we are useless, we are nothing, we have no value. 

 We are not indulging in our passions and begin to push them away as the negative thinking pattern invades the entire mind.

The joy of happiness is blocked when you unconsciously spend too much time being distracted in a negative environment, having no interest in self-love, self-belief, self-worth, or knowing yourself. 

If we fail and fail, we do not accept the failure, not a single try to get up again. No attempt to make a resolve to keep it up. That’s how self-sabotage stands against our happiness.  If we allow it to cover our happiness just for one time, it will cover our happiness layer by layer slowly, sometimes unknowingly.

we unintentionally blocking our own happiness: following outdated beliefs coming from various groups as not knowing the truth and questioning them. Reacting to life based on the past. Not valuing our values. By following unwholesome motivations. By thinking, we never die. Living with unconscious bias, confusion and letting them rule us.  Not knowing thyself. 

We have learned a lot of blocks to happiness which we met in the journey of finding the secrets of being happy.

We all want to be happy. But how to be happy? Do you know how to be happier? Have you ever tried to find the simple ways to be happy by the surrounding things? Here: 11 Simple Ways to be happy


Happiness comes from various ways. Sometimes it comes through when you help or appreciate someone else. Or if you talk to yourself without chasing behind others to seek your happiness . When the moment you find yourself happy with what you are doing , what you have or give ,thanking yourself. 

In this journey while chasing or struggling to find a happy life, always there the life brings you blocks to stop your journey, to make you feel down, to make a boring life. 

Do we stop because of those foolish tricks in our life? No never. If it does not allow us to find ways to be happy, there’s another way. Find the blocks to your happiness. And make sure you can destroy those blocks. 

Sometimes we need to keep some of those blocks as it is the reality, it is how the world is. Even though you need to continue with them, never allow the blocks to block / control your happiness. Life is yours. Do Not live like somebody is responsible for your happiness. 

Good luck.

Source here (Max Stevens)

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