The idea of focusing on yourself brings you the opportunity to be happy and to fulfill the desire to find paths to become succeed in your life.

Why should you focus on yourselves?

You should focus on yourself because nobody will be responsible for your life. You are the person who has the responsibility for your life, every outcome of the decisions you take, your happiness and everything of yourself. 

However, the majority of people in a society believe that they cannot take care of their own business without the help of others. Not a single attempt has been made to figure out how it will be if they have to stay alone without any close relationship.

It’s normal to have a need for something outside of yourself to occupy your own attention.

You are all you have. You need to have a solid Foundation to yourself. If you are not searching for someone else to fill up your life, and you know that because you focus on yourself having a solid foundation, it is very essential when you have to act as an independent person, a person who try to live a better life.

How to focus on yourself?

Take care of yourself 

This is like “paying yourself” first, which you should do with money as well.

When you’re in an airplane before taking off, they do their little safety spiel. They say that in the unfortunate event of the plane crashing, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling.

What do they tell you next?

They tell you to put on your oxygen mask on FIRST, before helping others.

Like in life, you must take care of yourself before you can truly help others.

This is an adapted answer from a Quora thread to make you so simply to understand how you can focus on yourselfAdam Dukes

Here are some easy tips to take care of yourself.

  • Learn about yourself.
  • Eat healthy meals.
  • Take enough sleep.
  • Take a rest whenever it necessary.
  • discover your flaws and insecurities.
  • engage in a hobby.
  • Exercise.
  • Let yourself feel what you are feeling without judgment or punishment.

Make your life your priority

“Let people do what they need to do to make them happy. Mind your own business and do what you need to do to make you happy.”

Leon Brown

if you pay more attention to those who are around you while ignoring yourself, you won’t be able to find yourself.

When you focus on yourself, you will realize how to make your life a priority.

It will make you tend to get self-conscious, no matter, even if it is the smallest or the biggest show you would face in your entire life.

Eliminate distractions 

Eliminate distractions
Eliminate distractions

Distractions can waste your precious time and shift your focus from yourself to others. Sometimes distractions will kill your discipline. 

Eliminate distractions, which are beneficial to our lives in many ways. What is the first distraction that comes to mind when we talk about distractions? Absolutely, it must be influenced by social media

Do not work this will help you to understand how distractions influence your focus on yourself. And how to eliminate them. When you have so many distractions, it will gross the roots of procrastination in your mind. 

Most distractions will always interrupt you, even if you are working hard on yourself by learning, knowing, and improving yourself.

Distractions can divert your mind to focusing on others instead of focusing on yourself.

If distraction was social media, it will bring you the idea to compare yourself with others. When you are unable to eliminate or manage those distractions, your focus will be only away from yourself.

Your happiness won’t stay with you, or you may start to become addicted to finding temporary happiness.

So, try as much as to eliminate those distractions which try to block your focus on yourself.

Value and love yourself

Self-value is a necessary factor for being a great person. Appreciate how you process thoughts and your behavior. Believe in yourself. Give yourself credits whenever they are needed. Stand up for yourself against anyone who speaks negatively about you. Instead of complaining, try to learn from your mistakes.

Respect yourself and be thankful for who you are. There are some easy tips as well as more complex ones. Find yourself and focus on yourself. Be honest. Be kind to yourself. Know yourself. Value yourself and take care of yourself. Let go of comparisons. Leave the past, which holds you back.

Spend time with yourself

Everybody has an inner child living inside them. Spending some time with yourself helps you stop criticizing and judging. Just accept who you are for a moment. The child inside is constantly craving warmth, love, attention, and acceptance. Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know yourself, to begin loving yourself, and to attract happiness into your life. You will eventually grab the focus from others to yourself.

Design your life with simple goals 

Design Your Life with Simple Goals
Design Your Life with Simple Goals

Goals are like commands which lead you to plan a bright future. 

Even if you are trying to set a simple, short-term goal or something that you plan as a long-term goal, first know what exactly you want and what your interests and abilities are. Taking everything into account,

  • what do you want to be?
  • what do you want to do? 
  • what do you want to change? 
  • what do you want to improve?
  • how do you want to see yourself in the future? 

Goal setting brings the opportunity to learn and become the observer of yourself.

When the moment you become your life planner and observer, that means you are someone who is capable of focusing on yourself. 

School yourself

You can school yourself when you have the time to spend with yourself. Learning and trying to face different challenges can improve confidence. Use self-loving affirmation to cultivate the positivity.

You can’t change something you don’t acknowledge. So, school yourself to accept where you are.

Stop compare with others

Nobody is as successful as Instagram makes them look and nobody is as pretty as filters make them seem. The only healthy worthwhile comparison is you yesterday vs you today.
Focus on that.

Steve Bartlett

Why is there any need to compare yourself with others when you can compare yourself with your own yesterday and today? What can you do to live a more fulfilling life? How do you improve yourself? How can I be a better person? How do you value yourself? How to find your unfair advantages?

When comparison comes to our lives, the focus on yourself diverts from you to others around you. as you try to be like them. You change your mindset to live beyond your capabilities. Blame yourself for every mistake you’ve made without finding the root of it.

As a result, it is critical to stop comparing yourself to others in order to focus on yourself and find it.

Journal writing

Even though you are a great thinker or observer when you come to know yourself, you may not be able to track everything on your mind. Journal writing will help you to keep them in order to make your life.

Through journal writing you can understand yourself better, clarify your thoughts, and also it helps to reduce your stress. It is a great hobby for the people who are looking for a thing to spend their spare time.

Do not worry about the quality of your content. The purpose is to find a way to get the diverted attention back to yourself. Just follow your feelings and write according to the flow. Poets became famous by sharing their experiences with the rest of the world. Who knows if there is a great poet hidden inside yourself.


How to focus on yourself? I think you have your own solutions. The problem is you unable to figure out it. To find yourself the best way is focusing on yourself. If you know what you like and dislike, if you can pay attention to what you love that means you are focusing on yourself.

If you do not focus on yourself, the whole world will start to focus on you. You are the only person who stays with you till the end. No matter how good the people around you (your friends, your family or partners), self-focus is a key to open the road to find yourself.


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