Nobody is a bad person. Then who is a good person? Being a good person is not so hard, but it is not too simple thing too. If somebody asked you to be a good person, it does not only mean that you should live without hurting others. but it always means what you should do to enlighten yourself instead of what didn’t.

In our day-to-day lives, we have met different kinds of people with various perspectives who love to judge others. Whether they are good or bad based on what they see on the surface. Another thing is since birth, everybody expects us to be great.

Why do we always need to be good, not bad?

‘GOOD’ …, people usually used the word as a specialized tool. If someone is helpful, kind of person who compliments others, they are signs of a good person.
But we can’t categorize people as good or bad without understanding them. When people have begun to experience so many things that can be good things or bad things it may affect the people a lot at that time. So, they started to react to those situations according to the way they feel. That can be a reason which leads to category people.

Some people are born with a kind heart. but the majority of people did not. So, reframing your thinking pattern, becoming a positive minded person, improving your attitudes and behaviors, and also the way you respect others make you a good person. Finally, the most important thing is knowing yourself.

The concept of being “good” or “bad” is subjective and can vary depending on cultural norms, religious beliefs, and personal values. However, society generally promotes the idea of being “good” because it often leads to positive outcomes and contributes to the well-being of individuals and communities. Here are a few reasons why being good is often encouraged:

Social harmony: Behaving in a way that is considered good helps maintain a harmonious society. When individuals act in a kind, respectful, and ethical manner towards others, it cultivates trust, cooperation, and positive relationships.

Empathy and compassion: Good behavior often stems from empathy and compassion, both of which are fundamental aspects of our human nature. By treating others with kindness and respect, we create a more compassionate and understanding world.

Personal well-being: Being good can positively impact our own well-being. Acts of kindness and generosity can produce feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and inner satisfaction. Engaging in positive behaviors can also enhance our self-esteem and strengthen our sense of purpose.

Building a positive reputation: Consistently demonstrating good behavior can contribute to building a positive reputation, both personally and professionally. People are more likely to trust and respect those who consistently act in a morally upright and reliable manner.

Legal and ethical obligations: Being good often aligns with legal and ethical principles. Laws and ethical guidelines are established to protect the well-being and rights of individuals and society as a whole. Adhering to these standards helps maintain order, justice, and fairness.

It’s worth noting that the idea of being “good” and “bad” is complex, and making mistakes or acting outside societal expectations doesn’t make someone irredeemable. It’s important to approach discussions about morality and behavior with an understanding of the diverse perspectives that exist.

Ultimately, the choice to strive for goodness lies with each individual, and it’s up to us to define what it means to be good in our own lives.

21 best tips for you to be a good person

There are so many tips and ways can use to live a better life by being good. how do you refer a person by just looking at thier circumstances they show? sometimes people do things like charity events or working as a social worker just only to show how good they are. if we refer them in normal its like a showing off.

“The speed of modern life is an oppressive thing, and the corporate world is quick to punish those with an honest heart. Qualities such as ‘nice, honest, kind, happy, relaxed, sincere, innocent’ are frowned upon as weaknesses. Yet these values are the essence of a good person. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep the balance, they can be lost like sand through your fingers.”

Fennel Hudson, Wild Carp – Fennel’s Journal – No. 4

Does that mean that everybody who are engaging in that types of events are only to show off. the answer is no. if you want to be a great person you must live a life as a good person from your inner side as well as outer.

1. Compliment yourself

Compliment yourself
Compliment yourself

   It is the first and easy step for a person who is willing to become a good person. Before you start your day or went to the bed, you can complement yourself. The best time to compliment a person for himself is the time when we are in front of the mirror.

If there is nobody, we can talk to ourselves. Compliment ourselves, thinking about how is the work going on? The way we are doing our things.  The more you try to compliment yourself, it will make you more comfortable, energetic, and enthusiastic.

  • Yes, I can do this.
  • I am so brave,
  • I will handle this
  • I am so confident about my work.
  • I can accept the way who I am
Complimenting yourself makes your way clear to become a positive
Complimenting yourself makes your way clear to becoming a positive

2. Make a personal development plan.

Why do we have the needy build personal development plans.? When we start to develop a plan, it is important to consider our values. When you think about them, you eventually learn about yourself. When we learn about ourselves, it is the most powerful weapon we have to become a better version of ourselves.

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 3. Simply giving credit when they deceived it

A good person isn’t always about themselves. Because they are very self-motivated people who are willing to help each other.

Sometimes in our life, we met people who randomly compliment others while sometimes act like they love to compliment others. Here we didn’t talk about it, but a compliment is something we must do if it would want. That’s one of the great qualities of a good person.

If you want others to succeed in their lives or help to make great decisions, make and love to motivate others. And also when thinking about it, if you feel proud of yourself; that means you are a better person than you think you are.

4. Be respectful and polite

If you want to respect others or also be respected, you must do it with a kind heart. Because being polite and respectful makes a good person glow among others.

5. Be kind to everyone.

‘No act of kindness: no matter how small is ever wasted’

Aesop Quotes

Kindness is a great quality of a good person. As it shows being friendly and our way of affection to others.

There are so many ways to express our kindness to everybody every day.

  1. Compliment others
  2. Give a smile wherever even if it was a stranger
  3. Considerate other’s feelings
  4. Plant a tree.
  5. Offer a helping hand
  6. Donate things with you
  7. Help others.

A good person with great morals also consists of kindness.

6. Be generous

‘A generous heart, kind speech, and compassion are the things which renew humanity”


If a person has the habit of giving everything freely without expecting anything in return, that is the generosity of a good person. Nowadays, people expected to be generous more than we think. You will understand yourself if you think about the importance of being generous. Then you will realize that you are a great person than you think you are.

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7. Be honest

To be a good person, we must be honest. We have been honest with our loved ones and also friends, colleagues, and people who are on our side, which will certainly make our bond stronger than we have. Honesty leads to a free life and also honesty is not about telling truth and living without breaking the law.

.if we describe someone as an honest person what are the things we consider taking that decision Good people who are being honest are very straightforward, they always loyal and sincere to others. People love to rely on the person who is honestly the most

8. Be genuine

Everybody loves to be with genuine people because they are honest and very truthful. No lies stay with them.Genuine people always try to be themselves and express their selves with faith in themselves. Because a good person doesn’t want to impress another one. They are also self-interest. So they think before doing something or speaking. If you are genuine, that means you would be great..

9. Letting go of anger.

The easiest way and the fastest way to letting go of anger is to practice forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness is also another best way to become a good person, too.

10. Be helpful

being helpful, is another attractive quality that we must develop with us if we want to live so grateful. A good person always supports others and helps others when they are in trouble. And also willing to lend their shoulder whenever there is some need to cry.

11. Plan ahead

A famous secret behind successful people is scheduling their work according to a timetable. Try to work according to a schedule. Planning before doing work is very effective. If you are not a person who is working to a timetable or have scheduled work, then start the practice with your daily routine.

Simply, before going to sleep, take a couple of minutes to arrange your next day. The tasks or assignments you have to complete, the appointment you have, or the places you have to visit. When we manage our time, we can easily become a successful and better people.

12. Trust yourself

If you are willing to compliment yourself that you can be a good person, that means you are trusting yourself. When we are trying to do things, there may be some sort of obstacles. But do not give up. Even if others try to destroy your path try to stay being yourself.

 No matter what bad things happen on your journey to success, learned a lesson from everything you face and move forward.

If you feel lonely, or become negative-minded, you will probably fail. But until you trust yourself / believe in your mind, no one can hurt you. Nobody can discourage you.

13. Practice forgiveness

A great attitude among good people is forgiving without thinking. They let go things whenever they are necessary Why do we need to practice forgiveness?

Forgiveness doesn’t mean we should let the people always hurt us. And also, it doesn’t mean we forgive them because they deserve it. It makes inner peace in a person’s mind. We must do it for the peace of our minds.

Practicing forgiveness beneficial in many ways.

  • Mainly, it makes easier our path to being good..
  • It helps to reduce stress
  • Make our minds more relaxed
  • Another best attitude among good people
  • Forgiving can tighten the relationship between people. 

14. Listen to others

It can be considered one of the best ways to show respect to others.

If you want to be heard, you must learn to listen first.

Listen to others
Listen to others

Listening to others helps you to understand people, and the way they express their emotions .it is a very important attitude built up as a person when it comes to interacting with society.

15. Find a role model for yourself

A role model can inspire you to become a successful person in your life. Having a role model for yourself is like you are learning about yourself, as it helps to understand the image you wanted to create for yourself. It helps to overcome the bad attitudes towards yourself and becoming a great person as always you want to be.

16. Try to become a role model

Are you willing to inspire others? Then try to become a role model, another best way we can use..

17. Be a better partner/friend or a good child

  When in every relationship, even if you are the child /the parent/the lover or a friend, try to do your best to develop that relationship. Sometimes you are the only child of your parents. Then try to be the best child.

 When you are with your partners or friends or others, try to make sure you can understand them and interact with them no matter what happens. Becoming a great partner means you have the power to build up your world peacefully and pleasurable.

18. Be positively minded

Positive thinking doesn’t exist, that you will live in a fantasy. It says just try to make yourself bring forward and also use the opportunities you have to make your life a successful one.

For more information- 8 facts about Why is Positive thinking important

19. Mindfulness

In practicing mindfulness, we are trying to focus our minds. Sometimes we are having trouble focusing, though, we have to practice mindfulness. Here we have to do only stay in a calm environment and focus on our breathing. A relaxing mind helps us to make our day-to-day life so easy.

It also helps you to choose what you should do and not to become great as, when our mind becomes more relaxed, and we can work properly, it will raise us up to more than we just imagine. It is very easy to learn mindfulness. If you love to learn and add mindfulness to your daily routine, here is a small guide for you. How to practice mindfulness

20. Treat everyone the same

a good person is someone who is more charitable and also they never tried to judge people by looking at their circumstances. they always tried to treat others so fairly. and also treat everyone the same without making differences between one another.

21. Be truthful

Why do you need to be truthful? It plays a very important role in your life. not only when you wanted to be becoming a good one, but it affects your life. if you are not truthful in your life, it could cause a lot of trouble. It will label you as a bad person in society, between your friends, loved ones, or even though between your family members.

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Most of the things in our lives depend on the willingness we have to work hard to achieve them. if you just look for the answer to a question on how to be a good person, hope this information helps you. But if you want to experience how to be a good person and work on it, you will surely become better than you expected.

Embracing positive thinking, practicing forgiveness, and letting go. And also, the habits of learning, knowing, loving and focusing yourself will probably improve yourself.


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